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  1. By that tme, chances are that there will be a new version of City Select available. That's what happened to me. It was easier to just buy a fresh copy and get 2 more unlocks, than to try to figure out how to "upgrade" and buy extra unlocks. On that note, after you have purchased one full version, is there a price break for upgrades or are you stuck paying full price each time a new version comes out.
  2. I know the basemaps are not able to be altered in any way by the end user, but are they ever updated via download from garmin at all similar to a firmware update? The reason I'm asking is that there are several major state highway changes where I live that have happened in the last few years that do not show up on the basemap. I'm assuming you are stuck with the basemap purchased with the unit for the life of the unit and new basemaps, when available, are only applied to new units.
  3. Seay me

    Gsak & 60c Issue

    I got ya stund... I just didn't read the pattern out. I assumed (that bad work, assumed) that it just rounded the half difficulties up... Thanks for the info.
  4. Seay me

    Gsak & 60c Issue

    I just got my 60c. Using GSAK and my GPX files I was uploading the cache information. In the name fields of GSAK I put %drop2 %dif1/%ter1 . If I understand right this should put the Geocaching.com waypoint name minus the "GC" at the begnning, a space, and the single digit difficulty/terrain rating. I get the screenshot below on my gps using this configuration. Some of the ratings are 7 when it shouldn't go over 5. The highlighted cache in question is rated at a 4/5. Any clue what I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions on how to build my variable fo hte name area to get what I want?
  5. If I don't have alot of time or if the weather is bad I'll do virtuals. Some places that are virtuals are truly interesting and I would have never heard about or visited otherwise.... I can see where alot of things would be too commonplace or bland to be a virtual but a really interesting one is nice to find.
  6. I too wear the BDU pants. There are two types, summer and winter. The winter weight BDU's are like a light denim, where as the summer weight BDU's are like a very light breathable fabric I beleve it's rip/tear resistant as well. I don't think they'd be too expensive at the local military surplus store. I was active duty air force so I still have all my old uniforms that I use...
  7. Seay me

    My Geko Died

    I've only dealt with garmin Customer service through email but they were very thourough(sp) and fast. I've always heard they were good customer service.
  8. Seay me

    Can't Init Com1

    Are you familiar with the bios at all? Sometimes there are options to enable/disable serial port and or com ports.
  9. Someone failed to see my bad humor I think.... No, I understood. You didn't get a warning, did you? Allowing it to continue would have been as bad as the original actions that prompted the duplicate post though. I though merging was the best solution. Next time I'll just close it an warn you... JUST KIDDING (well, maybe). Either way would have been cool . I knew I was pushing the limits when I posted it, hence the 'bad' humor comment. I was truly bored however so before I could stop I had already hit the submit button.
  10. The stages would have no trade items or the final cache would have no trade items. To me, for a multi, the final cache should be something special to warrant the complexity of the hide (having to accomplish multiple stages or tasks). Just my opinion, but the end result of a multi should be something cool, either some great scenery or nice trade items, etc.... It's not all about the trade, but I think many would want to feel like they had a better 'payoff' than just signing the book. On that note there are those who just like the feeling of accomplishment. As far as the stages go, makes no difference to me. If they are just 'stepping stones' to get info for the final do those how you want. However you decide to do it is cool though, it's your cache, make it how you want. If you hide it, they will come. Others opinions may, and probably will differ.
  11. The browser security could be it. Is it a supported browser?
  12. I'm still waiting for my 60c to get here, but mrking is correct, the pdf downloaded from the garmin website makes no mention of a belt clip plug... It only says to remove it when not disired, but to keep it incase you need to use it with other accessories.
  13. Someone failed to see my bad humor I think....
  14. Seay me

    Owner Visit

    OK, so there may be one or two exceptions to an owner finding his own cache. Cache maintenance or a visit to verify if it is still in place should not be one of them.
  15. What do the batteries or unit do differently that the setting in the GPSr itself has to be changed?
  16. I logged in and got a free password. Clicked 'view map' and put in my hometown. The picture is below. It's customizable and you can save or print the pciture...
  17. Does anyone have the ximage installed that can whip up a screenshot of a 60c(s) topo screen?
  18. Seay me

    Owner Visit

    There is bound to be a way for the site to disallow an owner to log a cache they own as a find.... That's just not right IMO.
  19. It's easy to accidently change the font size on a webpage. If you hold down teh control key on the keyboard while spinning the wheel on your mouse the font size will change. It won't do it on the forum here, but if you go the GC.com main page it will, most pages it will. It's like the shortcut to the 'view', 'text size'. If you hold shift while spinning the wheel, it'll do a back or forward to the previous/next webpage....
  20. Like sbell111, I just follow the arrow til it gets me as close as it's going to then looke for where I'd hide a chach, look for mysterious piles of rocks or wood, treestumps or fallen trees.... The cache is usually found pretty quick....
  21. Pretty simple philosophy on travel bugs for me. If I can't help it to accomplish it's goal then I leave it.
  22. I have ppc 2003se, but despise mobipocket. I use the gpx file with gpxsonar. The gpx files look just like the webpages using gpxsonar minus the pictures. Just load the sonar program the put the gpx file directly into your ppc. Don't take my word for it, give it a look for yourself. You can always uninstall if you don't like it.
  23. We've been pretty much inactive for about a year or so, but continued to pay the $3.00/mo. We knew we'd be back and to be honest I probably lose more that that in change a month in the cushins of the couch. The fact is is that we like the activity and the people that do it. We continued to support it because it's fun, keeps the parks clean and the website here keeps me occupied during the boring times at work.
  24. Seay me

    Pocket Pc Usage?

    I have an e800 and love it.
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