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  1. I doubt it is possible to price a coin (even a micro) at 2.75. the tracking code alone is 1.50
  2. Note that this behavior did not occur originally. Some update to the code since 2:06pm (eastern) caused this shrinking behavior. -- Scott This shrinking issue seems to be fixed now. hmmm it's still doing it, at least for me. I have even refreshed a few times to make sure it wasn't "caching"
  3. Bryan, Thanks for the trackable page. Looks AWESOME! Page problem I have encountered: On the trackable item page, when you click on a link (eg, geocoin home, or travel bug FAQ), that particular frame will shrink ( i don;t thkn this was done intentionally?). You have to click on the link one more time to get to the page you want. in case you need tech info, I'm on a PC using firefox browser. let me know if you need to know the version. Thanks again! d
  4. Well, it seems like I MIGHT be able to start selling this coin set in the next couple of days *cross fingers*. Those who have reserved my coins, as well as on the mailing list, would have the chance to pre-order before sales go onto general public. Stay tune!
  5. Thanks. I have not decided on the metal finishing yet. I'll make a decision when I see the correct samples. As far as medallion goes, that is an interesting idea but I'm not quite sure
  6. Similiar problem with the 2007 Hong Kong geocoin, the coin mint will now recreate the mold for this coin since it looks like you know what the first time around. They are working very hard to push this coin out the same time as the hong Kong geocoins but I really am not sure the likelihood of that.... The projected timeline for shipping is still mid-December, I will let you know if it is beocming impossible.. thx.. d
  7. This coin is yet being delay on mass production *sighs*. Once again, they have to revise the mold for the 4th time. The projecting timline for shipping is still mid-december. I should have more info in the next few days. Thanks everyone again for their patients.
  8. OK. This is the icon for triple dragon.
  9. OK. There will be a second revsion of the back side of the coin. I guess they created the mold and was dissatisfied with the result as it did not represent my vision of the coin. so.... they are going to redo the mold. again. The sample hould arrive by Nov 3, Friday, if not the following Monday the latest. I should still be able to receive the coins in the timeframe of Dec 3-8. Thanks again for your patient!
  10. Front Back Diameter: 1.75” Thickness: 3mm Trackable on Geocaching.com Custom icon Custom Prefix: DWXXXX Coming to you in mid December
  11. Survey: I received an interesting metal finshing sample from the coin mint yesterday (the ones that they did wrong). The finshing is "Matte Silver", which I would have expected that to be silver. But when I look at it s, the coin is actually almost white, with a hint of metallic look to it. It is actually quite interesting. I'm still in the process of figuring out different finishing for the Hong Kong geocoin and wondering if anyone would be interested in buying this version. The scans are not very good, and way too bright, but you get the idea. Again, the back side is wrong and does not represent the final version. I will take better pics and post them here in the near future, but for now, I just want to find out if anyone likes the "white metallic" look of a coin. thx d Front Back
  12. Anyone knows where I can retrive activation codes for the following coins? Prowlers's panther coin Team Sand Dollar (v2)? GONE Caching 2 event coin thx! d
  13. Well, I was hoping I would be able to see samples by the end of the week. That is not the case anymore. The coin mint screwed up the back design. I gave crystal clear instruction on what I want on the back MANY times so I could avoid mistakes like these.... They ended up molding the topo lines as supposed to using them as GUIDES. The coin looks like a MESS. My rep told me she was shock to see the samples because she knew exactly what I wanted (well, so much for that). I called her up while she is on business trip and gave her a good screaming. Seems like it will take anotehr week to get the mold revised.. then 3-5 days for shipping.... I'm waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and thank you everyone for their patience....
  14. Whats' wrong with them? and mind if I ask which company you used?
  15. Interesting.... do you remember what both the round and the square coins look like? Do they have identical design? (besides the obvious shape difference)
  16. My recommednation is to set a date, set a time, and set a location and stick to them. It is much easier to organize an event with a clear idea of such criteria. I can see benefits of opening up discussion to the forum, but as we have learned from other threads regarding other geocoins events, there will be tons of ideas flying around and we just simply can't make everyone happy. Rather than to create problems and confusions in the long run, it is much easier to provide people with a set date and locaiton and have them RSVP 2-3 months in advanced. It is hard enough to get together with a group of friends to just do something... You can image the difficulties of organizaing an international event (more national, but I'm sure some international cachers will join in). If they can make it, great. If not, there will be the next one. But at least you would have a head count on the RSVP. Also, talking about it 9 months to a year before it happens will problem burn people out. just my 2 cents edit: spelling
  17. I don;t think trackability is a must criteria to be a geocoin. There are few individuals in this forum who have non-trackable personal geocoins and they're the same as any otehr geocoins out there (except for the trackability). Many people (including myself) have traded coins with these non-trackable coins and happy with them.
  18. A large state like Texas??? What about : That is an awesome picture!
  19. UPDATE: Looks like I will be able to see some samples on the week of the 16th!! Can't wait!!!
  20. I think this goes back to the same question being asked over and over agian. What is a geocoin? would you considered a non-trackable coin a geocoin?
  21. Buffalo Wings V2 2006 Copper (black buffalo) Team Sand Dollar V2 2006 (black nickel) and.... and... and.... A GREEN JEEP!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!
  22. Hi all! After a few weeks of perfecting the design on the Hong Kong Geocoin, I am now ready to take RESERVATIONS on this 2007 geocoin! The design has just been sent to the coin mint and I should be able to see some samples in 2-3 weeks or so! A little history lesson about Hong Kong (as I have posted in an earlier thread): The name "Hong Kong", literally meaning "fragrant harbor", was a British colony from 1842, until its sovereignty was transferred to China in 1997. Hong Kong is on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta on the southeastern coast of China, facing the South China Sea in the south, and bordering Guangdong Province in the north. Hong Kong consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. The entire city has 236 islands in the South China Sea, of which Lantau is the largest. Hong Kong Island itself is the second largest and also the most populated. Ap Lei Chau “鴨脷洲” (which is where I used to live) is the most densely populated island in the world. There are currently 51 active caches in Hong Kong. A bunch of these Hong Kong geocoins will be set out in the wild, depending on the number of coins minted. Most likely, 30 will be set free for 500 coins minted, and 60 for 1,000. Still in the process of deciding if I would set them free in the US with missions going back to the Far East…. or if I would bring them back to Hong Kong to put them in caches. RESERVE your 2007 Hong Kong Geocoin today! The coins have not been ordered from the coin mint so this reservation process will give me a rough idea of the quantity. I anticipate receiving samples in 2-3 weeks, then roughly another 6 weeks of coin production, so estimate shipping date would be around early December, 2006 Coin Images: FRONT "香港" means "Hong Kong" in Chinese. There will be 4 different layers... the sky and the water would be the lowest level... then the mountains in the background…. then the buildings (3D) and then the junkboat (also 3D) would be raised. The water area will be sandblasted. BACK Direct translation for “在於“地理藏寶”追查” is "At “geocaching.com” track(investigate)" A geographic map of Hong Kong. The colored lines are topographical lines, which represent the landscape of Hong Kong. ie, mountain areas would be raised accordingly... urban area would be relatively flat, etc. The little Chinese characters represent the name of the area. The larger and bold font types present the name of the county (or island). The water area will be sandblasted. The coin LOOKS busy, but keep in mind that there will be no actual lines on the actual coin! Those are just elevation guides to display landscape for the coin mint. ICON A Bauhinia blakeana, the floral emblem of Hong Kong. Coin stats: Diameter: 2" Thickness: 3.5mm Weight: 67g = ~2.4oz Metal: I have not decided on metal yet and waiting for samples, but the options are tow-tones (Front: Gold Background / Nickel Junkboat; Back: Gold Water / Nickel Land) and various antique finishing. I am also considering Matte finishing as well. We’ll see how they come out for the samples. If you have a strong preference, make sure you put it in the comment field! Trackable on geocaching.com Custom prefix tracking code (DWXXXX) Custom icon Estimate Shipping Date: Early December, 2006 Coin Sales and Shipping Information: The price structure will be slightly different from what I had done before with the Double Dragon Geocoin. Shipping and handling will be separate. This is especially important for me as I might have another set of geocoins coming out soon *wink* Stay tune for info!! Prices 1 coin: $9.40 2-5 coins: $9.05 ea 6-10 coins: $8.70 ea 11+ coins: $8.40 ea Shipping and Handling: Info will be posted upon receive of samples from manufacturer. Delivery Confirmation included (Domestic only) Residents in State of CA adds 8.25% sales tax. All sales in USD. PayPal (credit card accepted) strongly preferred. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: derek@dwprods.com!
  23. It's funny that everyone in the whole world seems to be able to take better pictures for the two-tones coin than I do.... checked out some of the doubl dragon geocoin listings on ebay and they all have nice clear pictures of the coin.... I should invest on a better camera... or photography class
  24. Oh, they are not totally gone...we still have some left Well, good news for me! I would love to trade with you with the Hong Kong geocoin when it comes out. If you're interested! d
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