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  1. Looks like the coins will be here in the next couple of days.... WOOHOO!!!! FINALLY!
  2. You photoshop the labels??!?! dadgum that's a lot of work... not hard... but time consuming and tedious... well, I guess it's easier than writing the addresses by hand...
  3. Interesting. Did you get a full refund for the entire amount? Or just a percentage. I faxed over my dispute last week. I'll see what happen in 4-6 weeks. The customer service reps on the phone were quite helpful though.
  4. OK. These are the pictures of the final version of the Hong Kong geocoins. What Has Changed? The back of the coin is finally done right! The topolines are gone and now you can clearly see the lanscape of Hong Kong! I have also revised the two-tones version. The back now has silver (nickel) water, and gold landscape/text, instead of the other way around. Two-tones and Chromium Antique Copper and Black Nickel Matte Silver I am expecting the coins to be delivered to the US betwen Dec 8-13. I will do my best to send all purchased coins out within 48 hours. Buy your Hong Kong Geocoins today! Thanks again for everyone's patience! d
  5. heh, you misspelt "Massachusetts" Great coin. Thank you!!!!!
  6. Yes, that was I was referring to. I guest I should have phrased my questions a little better... ok here we go. Has anyone used PayPal's print shipping label feature for internaitonal shipping? I have printed domestic shippping labels before but not internaitonal. Wondering if anyone has any luck with that
  7. According to the USPS web site, it should be $5.25, which is a bit high, but about what I'd expect. PayPal only has an option for the LARGE Flat rate GPM mailer, not the small GPM mailer which is better used for small quantities of coins. (I've shipped 6 frequently in them without any concern for it being too many) has anyone created shipping labels for international orders via PayPal? I have done plenty of domestic shipping via paypal but not sure how reliable they are with internaitonal shipping...
  8. Hey... we're on to something here... if it speeds up the mail maybe I can get folks in the 48 states to slap one of those green things on the packages they're sending me! With the notable exception of the major geocoin club vendors (such as those ones who'll be at the 2007 Geocoin Fest in Temecula! Good job, fellahs!) many outfits in the 'lower 48' act as if Alaska's a foreign country! A recent large boxed item that was to be $160 in US Postal Charges if purchased direct from the manufacturer ("because it costs more to ship overseas" their shipping department informed me - I told them Canada was a country, not an ocean...) cost me just $1 extra from Amazon.com, because they've figured out how to use a 'premium' service (in this case if was FedEx) to ship efficiently. I know your pain, fellow citizens of the world outside the lower contiguous forty-eight states of America... you need a custom form to ship to AK and HI???
  9. ahh Ok. thank you mike. good luck with your dispute! (and mine)
  10. no worries. funny you mentioned that... I have yet to see the bill. I'm almost afraid to ask. Each revision took 7 days, then there was a chinese holiday so then coint min was closed for a few days as well.
  11. hmmmm NO. I announced it 2 months ago and actually started pre-selling 2 days ago for those who had RESERVED the coins. Today is the 1st day I start selling to the general public. As for the problems, I had to go through *4* mold changes. As you can see from the pictures above, there are topolines on the coins. I have given very clear direction to the coin mint that those topolines (it's very visible on the antique copper geocoin) are for guides only and should not be on the coin itself, instead it should display the landscape of Hong Kong (hence the last picture shows how the back of the coin will be -- FINAL VERSION). They kept coming back with samples with minimal revision and hoping to get away with it. Hence the long wait! *grunt* I appreciate your concern. Trust me. I wanted to sell this coin last month and I couldn't because I wasn't sure when the coin mint would actually get it right. Besides, paypal won't let you presale that far ahead anyways. The title should have said "presale" instead of "sale" though... and I'm going through the same thing with thr triple dragon geocoins too. That's why I'm only putting out reservations for that coin
  12. OK. Reservation for these puppies is now open! Reserve your Triple Dragon Geocoins today!
  13. Hi there, Hope you’re doing well! Finally, after a couple of months of battling with the coin mint, and going through a couple of mold changes... Good news! These coins are going into mass productions! To get your 2007 Hong Kong Geocoin, click HERE. 2007 Hong Kong Geocoin Diameter: 2" Thickness: 4mm Metal: Two-tones (FRONT: Nickel Junkboat, Gold background; BACK: Nickel mountains/land/text, Gold water) Antique Copper Black Nickel Chromium Matte Silver (This coin will only be sold in a set) Other features: Trackable on geocaching.com Custom prefix tracking code (DWXXXX) Custom icon Beautiful topo map of Hong Kong landscape at the back of the coin Icon: These images above do not represent the final version of the back of the coins (I have not received the final samples from the coin mint, but have approved by pictures). The picture below is what you will get. You can see the topolines are now gone and replaced by the landscape of Hong Kong (mountain vs. urban area) Estimate shipping date is Early-Mid December. Reserve your 2007 Hong Kong Geocoins today!!! Thank you very much for your patient and support! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at derek@dwprods.com Have a great day! And have a fun caching holiday! d
  14. wow... I might actually get to go to this one. COOL!!!
  15. Nero, your last information is correct. Anything that is not printed materials needs a customs form. You can probably get away without it (as I doubt they check that closely if it's really printed material) but you are running the risk of losing it or having it delayed in customs by not spending the time to fill one out. Also, another FYI I can share based on my experience with international shipping is that if you are sending by FedEx or another carrier which requires a customs import tariff code, I was informed this by FedEx: "It has been determined that if the coins are of a non-precious base metal (something other than gold, silver, or platinum) the correct tariff number would be 8306.29.0000 which is duty free. " That's *into* the US and is the US Customs tariff code - doubt it applies to outgoing mail. Unless you are paying $$$$$$ for your coins - they are not precious metal base metal. Also, if you receive a substantial order of coins (let's say they are drop-shipped to you from the mint overseas) and are charged tariff - you can usually dispute it. Customs only accepts disputes for up to 180 days after processing so don't sit on it too long. And make sure you pay your carrier the invoiced amount in the meantime as they *will* still take collections actions even if it's under dispute. Once the dispute is settled, you will get a refund check. If the package to you is encoded wrong, you will be slapped with an 11% tariff on the reported value of the coins. It can get pretty steep. It's usually worth disputing. Wow.... I'm glad I read this thread. I DID get slapped with the custom tax on the reported value of the coins coming from the coin mint. Oh and I was MAD! Do you have the website or information as to where to dispute the claim? dadgum... I think my 18days is approaching fast
  16. so my local post office is no use.... I guess I'll do some research online and it figure out.
  17. not at all! I should start pre-sale in the next day or two but reservations is still open! just to let you know, there ar 5 metal finishing, even though the reservations page only has 2 finishing on it, so make sure you put down on the comment field is you are looking for somtnemthing otehr than antique and tow-tones: Two-tones (FRONT: Nickel junkboat, gold background; BACK: Nickel mountain, land and text, gold water) Antique Copper Black Nickel Chromium Matte Silver (will only be sold in set) thx! d
  18. Yeah I always label them as collectable token and have not had any problems yet. *knock on wood*. I just want to make sure both the buyer and myself understand there might be additional cost to the coins and S/H. No surprises.
  19. oops. yes. club Thanks for pointing it out!
  20. I need some advice! One of the dutch geocoin club have reserved about $200 of coins. I have shipped quite a few packages interationally but have not at that amount. In the past, I have always delcare a much lower value on the custom form so the receivers don't get hit with custom tax. But with $200 worth of coins, I will probably put down the real value. Anyone knows how much custom tax would be for 200 bucks of collectable token??? Or any suggestieions? Thank you very much!! d
  21. Forgot to mention, the graphic is slightly revised and the fire ball in the middle is no longer a fireball (it'll just be a ball, ie, a circle) I should have pics in the coming days.
  22. Ordered the ferrari, nowI can't afford any coins! You beat me to it! Is it the first of April? A good friend of mine bought an Aston Martin a few months back. They went to his office with a portfolio so he would pick out the color scheme. crazy
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