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  1. S/H is based on weight and automatically calculated at checkout
  2. At this point, I’m sure most of you have heard about my adventure on creating the triple dragon geocoins. Problems after problems, and months after months of work spent and wasted. Finally, I got in touch with another coin manufacturer and started from scratch. So far, the results have been fruitful. I am happy to say that the Triple Dragon Geocoins sampling is now in process and I should be able to see some nice coins in a couple of weeks! Finally! Very exciting stuff! I have always revised the artwork for both front and back of the coin. Here are the images: Click here for a bigger image Sales should start in 3-4 weeks, but if you have not Reserve Your Triple Dragon Geocoin, do so and don't miss out! (I know there are only two-tones and antique finishing available on the reservations site as I have not made a final decision on plating) Coin stats: Diameter: 1.75" Thickness: 3mm Weight: ~1.7oz Metal: (I have not made a final decision on finishing, but 5 plating would likely be available) Two-tones Antique Copper Antique Silver Antique Gold Black Nickel (This coin will only be sold in a set) Other features: Trackable on geocaching.com Custom prefix tracking code (DWXXXX) Custom icon Estimate Shipping Date: Early March, 2007 Please contact me at derek@dwprods.com if you have any questions. Thanks!!!! d
  3. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Just want to say that all orders received this past weekend has been sent out this moring. thx! d
  4. Thanks! Still working on the triple dragon coins, but should have something to see soon!
  5. Hi All, Just want to let you know that I will be out of town from Fri till next Monday. All orders received during this time will be shipped out next Tub. Thanks and have a great weekend! d
  6. You're very welcome. Glad you like the coins!
  7. you're very welcome! Fly coin.. Fly! hmmm.... I wonder if there are any caches around Repton, Derbyshire.... I went to boarding school there!
  8. Hey Tracy, Thank you very much for the kind words and glad you like the coins!!! I like the black nickel too (well, i'm partial to black coins so I'm a bit biased on that one...) But the matte silver is also very interesting! Thanks again and have a great day! d
  9. The post office is closed today so I will send out all packages tomorrow. thx! d
  10. Hey there, Hope everyone had a great holiday! I am now back from vacation. All coins ordered during the holiday will be sent out tomorrow! Thanks again! d
  11. Hey all, Just want to let you know that I'll be on vacation for the next few days (Vegas baby!). I'll be back on the 27th. All received orders during break would be sent out on the 28th. Have a great holiday everyone and happy caching!!! d
  12. I hit yet another road block... I spoke with the coin mint yesterday and they told me that since changing the size from 1.75" to 2" would be considered "a new project", they would have to charge me a NEW mold fee. Of course, they conveniently forgot to mention that they were unable to deliver high quality products and the hurdles I have jumped through. You cannot believe how mad I was! Well, since my rep will be on vacation till mid-Jan next year (and of course she neevr replied my email before leaving), it is safe to say that this project will be on hold till then, or until I decide it I will go with another coin mint. I will update when there are news
  13. Sorry for the late reply... been wicked busy with the year end stuff and all.... No worries on double dragon non-trackable coins. I'll be sure to reseve a few of them for you so order them whenever you want! I have actually been sending them out to friends and family as x'mas presents. Cool gifts!
  14. Unfortunately I hit a roadblock on this one.... I got a package from Fedex last night with a letter notifcying me that they need additional information from me (which I thought I have provided everything) + a $75 processing fee. $75!! My dadgum refund was $78! the FeDEx was very nice but that doesn't solve my problem.... she did suggest that I should file the claim directly to US Customs for reclaisfication andf to get the refund. UGH!!!
  15. Heya Diane, Thanks for the msg. You've reserved the coins so don't worry! Unfortunately, this coin is on hold at the moment. After 3-4 different revisions of the mold, I am still extremely unhappy with the results. The back of the coin looks GREAT and I loved it... but the dragon side is just.... horrible. This is how I would describe it: cartoon dragons. The dragon heads look like cartoon dragon and I just cannot stand it. Even the bodies and the tails of the dragons took a few revision to make them look right. This is the same coin mint I used for the double dragon geocoins as well as the hong kong geocoins. I have never had so much problem with them with the double dragon but it has been quite an experience with the hong kong geocoin and now the triple dragon geocoins. I even had the mold artist to complete the first round of revisions and it still comes out like dirt. You have no idea how annoyed I am at this point. So after several rounds of revisions, these are the options I have right now: 1) increase the coin size from 1.75" to 2" 2) decrease some of the details on the coin Number 2 is just simply not an option to me.... so I think I might have to suck it up and make the coin bigger.... and have them completely recreate the mold, by the same mold artist that created the double dragon coin the first time around.... My rep is also going to be on vacation as well so I think I might touch base with her early next year... I would imagine the coin would come out by next mid Feb? Maybe? What do you guys think ijn terms of what I should do?
  16. Hey, glad you guys have recievd the coins. I am actually quite surprised at how fast they were delivered especially during the busiest time of the year. Kudos to USPS!!! Well, maybe it helps that I drop most of the packages off to the USPS distribution center (which conveniently located a little over a mile from my house) Yeah, the coins are HEAVY! Imagine carrying all those packages to the post office. Its like a workout!
  17. All righty, all domestic and internaitonal packages have been sent out and most of you should have received the coins already. International mail may take a bit longer.... There are still some left and you can order them here: Hong Kong Geocoins Thanks again and please let me knogwo if you have any questions! Happy holidays! d
  18. Actually. I don;'t think it matters where the form goes, as long as it's clearly visible. I put all my customs forms on the bottom left corner
  19. Rather than try to figure out what needs to be weighed and what I can get away with.... I put custom forms on ALL canada and internaitonal packages. Rather safe than sorry. It is more of a pain to do but will have less frustrations down the line.
  20. All righty.... I have shipped out ALL orders from yesterday backwards (or onwards, however you see it). I stood in line at the post office waiting for 20min and another 25min to go through all the international packages. Oh let me tell ya... Me and this other guy practically owned the post office for 20min... people were MAD. Kinda funny actually.... A fellow cacher emailed me that he has already received my coins and those were sent out on Sat morning! That was fast!!!
  21. OK. first batch of coins has been shipped. Still have quite a few to package and they'll all go out on Monday, if not Tue thoe latest. it's gonna be a loooong weekend....
  22. UPDATE: OK... the coins were delivered today. WOOHOO!!! now i have to insert all the tracking code info to the PVC sleeves..... *fun times* I'll try to send out all tle paykages in the next coupleof days! Thanks for waiting! d
  23. signs.... seems like the coins are being delayed again... this time by customs... the shipment has been randomly picked for checking and seems th at there arecmissing information.... it'll be a couple of days late.... sorry everyone and thanks again for your continuous patience... d
  24. You photoshop the labels??!?! dadgum that's a lot of work... not hard... but time consuming and tedious... well, I guess it's easier than writing the addresses by hand... reducing in photoshop is just a few clicks and a bit of typing. Best of all, you can make it an automatic script so the process is reduced to a couple clicks.The default Canadian label size from Paypal is 5.5" x 8.5" which is way too big for a lot of boxes. I assume it's similar for the US label. It is easier than writing the address by hand as the label contains the customs information as well, so it's not just a label, it's an official form. You are right. Once you have recorded the action, it should be smooth sail. I actually bought a label printer. The idea came from Crake. After purchasing a bunch of coins from him and seeing the type of labels he uses (comparing to the 5.5X8.5 labels), I realize how much of a time saver that is! hmm... speaking of crake... I need some coins before the holiday!
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