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  1. A fellow cacher mentioned this to me in an email and I thoguht it was an awesome idea. He suggested that I should copy what HogWildStuff did when he went on a trip to Rome.... So.... This is how it's going to work.... If anyone would like to have a Hong Kong geocoin (or triple dragon geocoin if you prefer) travel and drop in Hong Kong... you can purchase a coin from me. In return, I will send you the tracking number + activation code before I leave, so you can put the coin in your inventory.... and I will bring the coin to Hong Kong and drop it in a cache in there. Please IM or send me an email if you're interested. Also, I have read a recent thread about carrying geocoins on a plane... but I am planning on traveling with about 50-60 geocoins.... has anyone travelled with large amount of coins to anotehr country before? I wonder if they would give me a hard time because the large quantity.... thx! d
  2. Thank you very much for your kind words!!
  3. Well, I have always been a big dragon fan, hence the dragon design. As fas as the asian landscape background on both the double and triple dragon geocoin.... Being born in Hong Kong, I remember seeing a lot of chinese watercolor paintings with those awesome mountains.... and rivers... and temples and hosuees and trees and leaves.... and I wanted to put them on the back of the coin to give the dragon coins a n Asian theme
  4. I got it!!!! I got it!!!!! This is awesome!!!! Thanks much guys!
  5. What about adding a gem to it? Right now the icon is showing the back (the outside) of the shell... in order to include the gemstone, I'll have to draw the insdie of the shell, and lose the grove. I thoguht about it but think it'll look too simply... whats your thought?
  6. Gotcha... so.. I need to upload the img file to mapsource.... and then sync the GPSr?
  7. Hi there, I have a Garmin eTrex Legend CX GPSr. I just downloaded a HK map from a website (a img file) to a microSD card and put into my GPSr... It doesn't seem like the map is loaded to the receiver... can someone give me some guidance on how to upload the map to my unit? Thanks much! d
  8. so what do you guys think of this icon? This is not the final version.... I don't know if Ih'm completely in love with it.... just soemthing I have in mind...
  9. The FLIGHT ATTENDANTS asked you to open the backpack???? did you initated the conversation about coins or did they pick you our in random to search your bag? oh, btw, the hk geocoins are activated and sent out this morning! please let me know if you receive them
  10. oops... was trying to edit the post
  11. heya Tom, Discovered your coin already! As I said, I'm very glad they got to you so fast... I dropped these coins at the post office in the middle of Sunday night... I guess dropping them off at a postal distribution helps the process Whew... I spent 30min at the PO today sending the international packages out.... that was painful.... and I spoke with 2 postal workers about the rate hike and how they would categorize the #000 mailers... and both of them do it differently.... one of them said it would large envelop and the other one said it would be considered a package.... they told me that they would "learn as they go"... which really don't give jme much confirence... well, I guess we'll see.... anyways... all the inital sales packages have gone out!!!!!! YAY!
  12. That is a COOL dragon picture!!! Thank you very much!!!! I had fun taking pics of them
  13. These puppies are offically in mass production. Estimate shipping date: Mid-late May!
  14. Yeap! got them last night and I am having tons of fun matching those little pieces of paper to their respective coins. I should be able to shipp the coins out on Monday!
  15. Heya, Sent you the info on email but to anyone who wants to know, the dragon is from an antique/gift store in Long beach california
  16. The Great Wall and surrounding mountains are absolutely beautiful there! My only wish is that I could have seen it in the winter time, with snow on the ground/wall. I would love to go to the great wall some day
  17. Hmmm... maybe I can send you a few coins and you can drop them off in Beijing. I'll set their missions to travel to HK or something.... interested???? Absolutely. Great!!! Can you email me your info. I am tons of stuff to get done in the next couple of weeks and will set up everything and send the coins to you! Thank you veyr much!
  18. Hmmm... maybe I can send you a few coins and you can drop them off in Beijing. I'll set their missions to travel to HK or something.... interested????
  19. I very much like the idea of visiting temples and historical places and take pictures with them! Very neat! I'm not so sure about bringing it back to the States though.... it'll be kind of weird to set mission of a hong kong gecoin to come back to the US
  20. Hi All, I will be going to Hong Kong for 2.5 week at the end of April and planning on doing a bit of caching over there with my family. I will be releasing 25 Hong Kong geocoins in the wild. Before I had decided to go back, I was planning on releasing them in the States and set their missions to travel to Hong Kong. Well, since they will now be released in Hong Kong, that kind of changes things... LOL. I am thinking of some interesting mission of these coins. Any suggestions? There are now 60 caches in Hong Kong. There were 51 I checked a few months back. For anyone traveling to HK in the near future, I found this GSP map. I have not had a chance to upload it yet, but hey, it's free.
  21. FINALLY! The Triple Dragon Geocoins are now in mass productions and they should arrive in a couple of weeks! The estimated shipping date is April 16. Here’s the picture [/url]Buy your Triple Dragon Geocoins today! Thank you very much for your patient and support! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Have a great day! And have fun caching! d
  22. Thank you! Yeah, I thought about using pearl.... but that would be rather... ordinary. I wanted to do something a bit more interesting. Also, for 5mm diameter stones, they only have a few selections.... and pearl is actually not one of them, which is somewhat surprising to me.
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