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  1. I think the quesiton is.... once you have paid for the package at the post office... do they just process it regardless, or do they do more checking once it is in the distribution center.... because otehrwise, I will find a PO that consider padded mailer large envelope and send all my packages through them.
  2. mailing to canada and international do not matter, I believe, since the only thing that really count is weight. It is the domestic mailing that is troublesome
  3. "Tonight on Nancy Grace... see what we found out about the safety arrival of YOUR packages. The inconsistencies across the country. And what the United States Parcel Services DIDN'T tell YOU!"
  4. they're not big enough length-wise but they are thick enough to qualify for large envelope. what annoys me is the inconsistency of all the POs. they need to find a uniform regulation. I don't care of they're considered all large envelopes or all packages. Just make is one way or the otehr!
  5. there's a difference in domesteic rate???
  6. you don't have to fulfill all the requirements as long as it fits one of the dimensions. for example, a #000 mailer is 4"X8", but if you fit 1 or 2 coins in, it will be between 1/4" to 3/4" in thickness, hence consdiered a large envelope.
  7. Yup - BUT you had a "mail on" date that was yesterday. This is the same as postmark, so I would think they would let it slide. Btw, I caught paypal in mid update. They were working on the pages yesterday and had a scary looking page that was live for a few minutes that asked that package dimension be included on EVERY shipment. Then then page reverted. Sad thing is, I'm pretty sure they had developers working on the updated code late on a Sunday night. Glad to see them on the ball. Yeah I saw that too as I was cramping all the shipping through... LOL I saw the area that they are asking for dimension and went "oh gosh" and refreshed the page.... LOL
  8. Packages mailed Sunday had to have the Monday rates. Yeah, they didn't bother to tell anyone! Hopefully they'll go through though! Oh isn't that nice.... I mean... PayPal didn't update their website yesterday, so who knows.... I guess I will find out when all my packages are sent back to me
  9. That's what I was told. But who knows, maybe they'll be relaxed a little for the first week. I honestly don't think the workers understand this rate structure any better than we do (no offense to any postal workers). Heck, they tried to tell me the two trades I mailed that DID GO at the large envelope rate (because they had no DC) might come back. I called BS on that one tho cause they meet the large envelope criteria 100% - based on that little 10 page rate booklet they passed out. I spoke with a couple of PO workers before my vacation and they both told me that this would be a "learn as it goes" type thing for them, and both of them are very capble workers. I don't think the PO was ever planning on training them on the new system until it was actually implemented today
  10. That's cheaper than I paid today for a coin w/delivery confirmation. Mine went from $1.23 to $2.05. See my post above, but the postal computers wouldn't allow delivery confirmation to be added to large envelope rate like paypal and stamps.com seem to be allowing. so.... USPS will reject any packages with DC sent out as large envelopes? thank god I sent out all my packages last night
  11. If the bubble mailer is more than 1/4" (and less than 3/4"), it will be considered as large envelope. I would imagine the PO will be pretty forgiving in the first few days as they have created a fairly confusing system (I mean.... it made headline on cnn.com for crying out loud).
  12. OK. Just got back from my vacation! can't wait to go back to work on Monday! LOL Thanks for eveyrone who had purchased coins when I was away. They will be shipped out by the end of today. Feel free to order these coins! dwprods
  13. These coins are currently in production and they shall arrive around 5/21. I will probably send out an update email with the link for sales the weekend before. estimate shipping date will be around 5/23-34. So don't worry, I'll keep you in the loop!
  14. Wow... that is really cool!!! and I love your phone!!! LOL
  15. is it me or has there been a HUGE lag on geocaching.com for the last few months?
  16. No, those mailers are about 1/4" thick, with a coin they stay the same to 1/2", depending on the coin. When you bubble wrap a non-micro coin it takes it to exactly 3/4" thickness --- at least based on my experience. intersting.... well I guess I never had to pay attention to that since I bubble wrap my coins... and THEN put them in bubble mailer.... now seems like I need to find a better alternative.... *GRUNT*
  17. It should go as a flat. I was told if I keep my mailers at 3/4" or less, they'll ship as a flat. Isn't a #000 mailer automatically considered thicker than 3/4"? also, if you put a coin in bubble mailer, they would certinaly be thicker than 3/4"
  18. Bringing this back to the topic... has anyone figued out what the PO will charge for #000 bubble mailer? Would they be considered as large envelop or package? last I spoke with some wonderful reps in PO, they still have the "learn as it goes" mentaity (and these guys are very good at what they do...) I have had a couple of conversations with individuals on this dicusssion and wonder what everyone thinks. The date is approaching and it would be nice to find out!
  19. Howdy from Hong Kong!!! Hope everyone's doing well!!! It has been very busy few days for me... a lot of family stuff so I have yet to go caching in Hong Kong... but I'm crossing fingers that I will be able to... given we have decent weather.... Anyways, as promised, I have created an English version of the Hong Kong Map, so you can do a side by side comparison.... It is quite interesting really... and Ap Lei Chau, the little island south west of Hong Kong Island, is where I am staying in right now.... And for those who have purchased my hong kong geocoin to be dropped here.... I will drop them off in the next few days. Don't worry.... I brought like 8 pounds of coins with me and I am NOT bringing them back to the States! LOL.
  20. OK... this has been requested by a couple of cachers so I'll just post here to remind myself.... I will create a picture of the back of the Hong Kong geocoin with English translation, and put them side by side with the English version. Kind of a fun project really... not sure if I would have time to do so before I leave for Hong Kong... but will defintely have this up in a few days!
  21. ya know... if I didn't have this topic on email notification... I would have completely forgotten to set missions to my "set free" coins. Thanks for the reminder! Tallship! I used to live in Boston and enjoyed the occasional tallship visit
  22. I was just in Hong Kong airport yesterday on my way home from Beijing You should try to have some of your coins visit 2008 Olympic venues in Beijing, for example there is a cache right next ot the Laoshan Vellodrome, GCWMKD. GC caches are rather few and far between in mainland China, but they are slowly spreading & there is also a fairly active Chinese language geocaching site. There is a virtual in the Forbidden City that would fit well with the theme of your coins, and the Dragon Armillaries at the Beijing Ancient Observatory would also fit well, even though there is no cache there, just a waymark. That's a good idea. thanks!!! Yeah, i figured it would be safe to put them in a ziplock bag... take them out and have them scan the coins separately. And thanks for the tips on the commercial invoice, that's a good point.
  23. Yeap! You can buy them here: http://dwprods.com/Geocoins.htm thx!
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