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  1. I'm in need for some help on the route searching for the Quest II unit. Got to check out my new GPSr this weekend and I am pretty disappointed with it. Does anyone know how to search a place without using street address? For example. I live in LA. I was trying to search the best route goitng to the Grove (a shopping area/theatre complex). However, every search options are for "Find near me" and I'm nowhere near The Grove; or I would have to punch in the street address for search, which I don't have. Anyone knows how to get around this problem??? I got to say... the interface design is just poor...
  2. You can find everything about Quest and Quest II (well, almost) here: http://www.gpsinformation.us/quest/questrev.html If you need info on GPS.... this is a very useful link: http://gpsinformation.net/ As far as map loading, Quest II is relatively slow. It can be a pain to calculate route while driving side streets. However, I think the additional 140MB is usefulfor additional map upload, which is more important in my opinion. I read somewhere that you can speed up Quest II if you uncheck states/area you don't use often
  3. I went through the same thing last week. I was looking for somewhat of a hybrid unit that has voice-prompt mobile navigation ability (good on the road), that also does well for outdoor usage (geocaching). I did quite a bit of research and the common voice for such hybrid just simple, does not exist, at least to the level I want. However, I believe the Garmin Quest II (which is what I got) is the cloest thing on the market right now. So far, I have only been using it in my car and I'm mildly impressed (after getting used to my friend's navi in his Acura, my level of expectation is extremely high). It does take a bit of time to aquire satellite signals. I have not been able to test the unit outdoor yet. If you need further info on the Quest I/II unit. let me know
  4. That is exactly what I'm doing... the lower left corner of the windshield. But it's a pain since the mount needs to charged in for voice prompt. I don't leave my unit on the mount when I leave either. BUT, if the mount is visible on the windshield, don't you think that's a pretty big "steal me" sign as well?
  5. Thanks for all the responses guys! Now I shall buy a whole bunch of stuff to mount on my windshield and dashboard! Oh, and make sure thye're all placed in front of my airbags!
  6. I read somewhere that it is illegal to mount anything on windshield of a car in California State. That includes GPS units. Is it true? What is the penality?
  7. Is there a search on this website to find local geocaching groups? I can't seem to locate them...
  8. Actually, I would recommend creating a cache of your own and put a few of those in the cache as reward. Name it appropriately so peolpe know what they expect to find. If you want, give the history on how you located these coins and put a disclaimer. That case, they are warned.
  9. The Quest2 does not come with an AC charger. It has an internal battery with a 20/30 hour charge. It charges automatically when you plug your windshield mount into the cig lighter. I've nver had a need for the AC charger. They are available for about $40.00 or so, but I don't think you'll have a need to buy one. Go for it!! You won't be sorry. Thanks. I probably will I just hate having to charge it in the car.
  10. Quick question: For Quest II, it doesn't seem like it comes with A/C adapter. How does it charge???? Do I need to buy a charger separately???
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. What version of the software does it come with?
  12. I see. I live in SoCa so that is a good thing to know! I still want to have all the maps loaded onto the unit though if I do decide to purchase a Quest I
  13. Very interesting. Thank you! I reiad an article saying that the delayed in mapping is caused by the extra memory. Yeah, I'm not sure if Quest I have a compass or not... I guess it does show Lat/Lon since people have used it for caching.... Why would they send you the software for free? Because it is preloaded onto the unit? I also wonder if Quest I comes with an earlier version of City Select...
  14. I have been looking to purchase a GPS unit that is fantastic in voice-prompt command in mobile navigation, also does a good job in geocaching. After some researching, I realized that such hybrid simple don't exist (at least not at the level I want). My favorite mobile navi is still the NuVi 350 though... LOVE the screen and the interface. Very user friendly. Too bad it's not waterproofed, nor give out lal/lon positioning, and short battery life. I have come to terms that th Garmin Quests and Quest2 would be my best choice for such expeditions. The price difference bewteen the 2 units is about $250. Questions: 1. Quest has 115MB internal memory, while Quest2 has 140MB. BUT, Quest comes with City Select DVD, while Quest2 has it preloaded to the unit. My assumption is that the 140MB is included with the preloaded software? 2. How much memory do the maps take? I read an article that one of the users downloaded 4-5 states of data and it was about 100MB? I thoguht the entire north america map was uploaded. 3. I know Quest2 shows Lat/Lon and otehr positioning format. Does Quest do the same thing? 4. Feedback on eitehr units on the road and for geocaching? Thanks!
  15. I have the same question as well. Looking for a good GPS auto navi unit is just not easy, especially one that gives longitude and latitude. I much rather only carry one unit around. The NuVi seems like a GREAT unit for mobile navi but it's not suitable for geocaching... This is rather frustrating... Also, how realiable is PDA GPS? I found minimal info on how good that works out. Suggestions from anyone in terms of choices, cost, capabiility and usability? Thanks in advanced from a newbie
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