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  1. I agree completely. I can defintely see both sides of the argument though. On the one hand, if the seller did everything right and USPS lost the mail. Should the seller be "penalitzed" and have to pay out of pocket to resend new coins? Or give a refund and take the loss? On the other hand, if the buyer paid for the coins and USPS lost the mail, it is not his fault either. How about, if a coin set of $50 geocoins, or 8 coins that worth $80 althougher, got lost in the mail. Do you thik the seller would be more or less likely to resend the coins or refund the money? but yes, I would agree that most buyers will probably take the loss, depends on the cost
  2. If geocoins are lost in the mail during transit, and USPS delivery confirmations were unable to track the package, who is responsible for the lost? The buyer or the seller? Do buyers generally request new coins to be sent or a refund? Do sellers just say 'tough luck'? I am curious of everyone's experience dealing with this.
  3. OK. This is the icon for the Double Dragon Geocoins.... If you're wondering, that's "Dragon" in chinese. Also, number of coins minted: 200 Two-tones 100 Antique Gold 100 Antique Silver 100 Antique Copper Estimate Shipping date: Mid-July Please email me at derek@dwprods.com if you have any quesitons. Thanks! d
  4. I know.... just venting personal problem in the forum Anyways, time to drive! thanks to those who have already purchased my coin!!!! Will be checking my email periodically. d
  5. yeah... it's just one of those things you know.... I WAS going to back up all my files last night. but I told myself.... it;s 3am.... I'll do it tomorrow. I guess tomorrow is too late
  6. I am interested in trading, however, I am concentrating on selling them right now. I will certainly give you a shout when the time comes! On another note.... the hard drive on my laptop crashed and I think I have lost all my data I'm also going on vacation in an hour too so I just don't have time to deal with this..... ugh.... Good thing I emailed myself the list of reseveratoins so I'm all set in that.... but I think I might have lost the rest of my files relating to the coins.... juts one of those days...
  7. Were you traveling by plane? Did you have problems going through security?
  8. I know this is not exactly what you're expecting.... but I'm just really excited that my project is coming along well! Got my supplies today. The coins should arrive in a month or so... still have a few more minor details to take acare off.... but the days of mass producing the double dragon geocoins are near!!!! YAY!!!!
  9. A little bit of bad news.... contrary to as mentioend in my previous posts, I will NOT be sandblasting the 2-tones and antique gold coins. The coin mint told me that they would have to completely recreate a different mold just for the sandblasting effect. It doersn't make sense to me. However, the coin still look good in my opinion! A happier note (to myself), I got all my bubble mailers today!!! My supplies are here.... hehe... one thing at a time right Thank you!
  10. Thanks for all the comments! Sounds like PayPal is the way to go since I'm not a power user.... cheers! d
  11. Thanks for all the great tips! I checked out delivery confirmation for international packages and they are expensive. any of you guys actually use that?
  12. Thank you thank you thank you and thank you
  13. I am looking at different options to mail my coins and wondering what type of services other seller use... Since I am not selling merchandice on a regular basis.... it will not be cost efficient to pay monthly fee for internet postage for some of the postage providers. So far, these are the ones I have seen: stamps.com pitney bowes endicia usps via paypal A couple of quesitons: As far as PayPal, how easy/realible to use the PayPal shipping feature? Can you scotch tape over the postage barcode? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! thx d
  14. Ok... I'm dumb... what does U2 have to do with JT? Joshua Tree and U2 link. hehe... you can tell I'm a big fan of U2 huh very neat.
  15. Ok... I'm dumb... what does U2 have to do with JT?
  16. since this is a night cache geocoin... it'll be cool if it glows in the dark!
  17. No, most likely, I'll mint 500 coins with 4 versions (unless someone come to me in the next few days begging me to sell them 500 coins ). Numbers are not final but it's looking like this: 2-tones: 250 Antique Gold: 100 Antique Copper: 75 Antique Silver: 75 I'll probbaly keep about 100 of them for trades and personal use.
  18. Well said! Don't be afraid to be as specific as possible. Use arrows and text to indicate what area should be raised and which part should be colored. That will certainly eliminate a lot of aggavations and confusions. It is also wise to ask what type of digital formats work best with the mint. Avoid recreating artowkr if possible. I submitted a jpeg to the coint mint and they actually coverted it to a vertor file (illustrator/coreldraw). This is the reason she provided: For production need, we sometimes have to adjust the artwork, that’s why it’s always good to have a vector file. Then we print it out, develop a film for etching a 200% carving board, trace the artwork from the carving board onto the mold by hand, then finally we hand carve the 3D part on the mold. They did a GREAT job converting the jpeg to a vector file. I received the samples from them yesterday. My coin design is extremely complex and they did a fairly good job. I can see certain small details missing but there're only so much you can do on a 1.75" coin. I might have them fix a thing or two here and there, but overall, I am happy with the outcome. this is the jpeg drawing Drawing this is the samples Samples Contact me directly if you need additinoal info
  19. Got my coin samples yesterday!!!!!! Double Dragon Geocoins
  20. Thank you very much for the kind words I'll try and see if I can do a better job at scanning the 2-tones. d
  21. OK. I have scanned in the sample coins. They are the first round of sample coins: Antique Copper Antique Silver Antique Gold * Background will be sandblast. Pic do not reflect finaly products Two-Tones I have a hard time scanning or photographing the 2-tones coin because of the reflection (very shiny) * Background will be sandblast. Pic do not reflect finaly products Two-Tones Front Two-Tones Back More pics I am still taking reservations on my website. Will put up an corder page in a couple of weeks. Those who have reservations will be able to pre-order before they go on sale publicly. An e-mail confirmation will be sent out once the order is completed.. dwprods Thanks for checking it out!
  22. Do you have a copy of the Samples? I just got the first round samples today. They look great, but I will have the coin mint to fix some minor stuff and round 2 should be the final round! I will scan in the coins by tonight or tomrrow and post them here. It seems that the shipping date would be pushed back, but I want the coins to be as close to perfect as possible! Thanks for asking! d
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