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  1. I have a wacom intuos3 at work and going to get a graphite4 for home. I used my mouse so much that I have tendonitis and the tablet helps out a lot!
  2. *signs* My 2 coins in the race are crawling SO SLOW...
  3. Since I have yahoo pro and gmail for web-based services + outlook for server-based email client, I neevr delete emails anymore (except for spam and junk mail)
  4. Neat Idea. My personal opinion as follow: 1. I think it will be very cool to see your coin earning thousands and millions of points. However, it will get complicated, becqause it LOOKS complicated... "100+250+500+1+25=waaaaat?". I would suggest that we limit the point system to 1-10 point. Anyting above 5pt should not be easy to get. At all. 2. I would probably eliminate the point reward for crossing a time zone. Points awarded for each country visited should be enough 3. I would probbaly reword "newly placed caches" as FTF caches. (What is considered to be newly placed?) 4. Wheelchair Accessable caches. I think it is a great concept, but isn't a lot of urban caches are wheelchair accessible (50%+)? I can be wrong. 5. I think the further E/W/N/S might be stretching it a little... 6. LOVE the passport idea! good call! 7. Most important point. Who will have time to manage all the stats? The more complicated we make the game, the more time it will take to update the playfield. I can see it becoming extremely time consuming to update on a weekly bases.... Now your turn.
  5. I don't have it right on hand. I'm on my to work and will look again when I get home. Don't send them to me. I'm leaving for a week on sunday myself. Yeap. No problem. Just shoot me an email when you have a chance. Thanks again! d
  6. Heya Shilo. I supposed to send res2100 a few coins to enter the race but I can't find his address. Can you PM me and let me know? Or would I be able to send them to you and you can take care of them for me? Thanks!!! d
  7. I minted 500 of the double dragon geocoins with 200 Two-tones, and 100 of each antique metal plating (antique copper, antique silver and antique gold). I am keeping out 15 of each for personal use/trade/etc. I have sold out (85) of each of the antique plating coins. I think I have about 20 more (I think) two-tones coins to sell? My Coins! I did buy 1000 tracking codes so that I could get a custom prefix... Another factor is the custom icon, which is $150.
  8. I'm a geek too, but a Lord of the Rings geek. I was thinking a "One Coin" was needed...one coin to rule them all...ok I'm returning to my little corner now. heheh... I can see it now.... "The One Ring Geocoin" now available in the skymall magazine.... LOL but, I am a LOTR geek too!
  9. In our local group we have a cacher's wife who opines that cachers are worse (wierder) than Trekkies! Maybe she is correct...?... CF30 So, I guess I'm the worst of them all? LOL
  10. Oh yeah, absolutely. Even if ST OKed it, can you imagine the royalty on the coin itself....
  11. . . . if there is a Star Trek geocoin... yes. I know. It's not geocaching related. It is not a personal coin. It is not a state/organization coin. Just a hypothetical question. A little fantasy you can say.... And to be able to say.. "Computer. Beam Star Trek 5973.25 geocoin to cache GC0000. Coordinate, blah blah blah..... ENERGIZE!" okay I am a geek....
  12. Maybe the cache was muggled? They could have took the 2 coins because they look cool? Just a thought.... but yes, it sucks
  13. It is a great coin! You have all the cool equipments!!! I'm jealous!
  14. Have you thought about options for the 7 feats yet? Yeah I begun thinking about the feats but if you have any suggestions post them here! They would be things like: 1) move thru 7 caches 2) cross a time zone 3) be placed in an event, puzzle, multi, regular cache (the first three being easier with more and more difficult challenges...) we could actually have 15 challenges that are harder and harder to accomplish (and build on one another) I don't see why someone can't enter more than once. Depends on how complicated the feats are... 80 days might not be enough (god knows some people keep TBs for weeks, myself included, guilt as charged). Maybe we can do somehting like the premier geocoin race... but give out more specific missions... let's say...to visit 15 specific countries, etc. And maybe there can be more winning categories? Just a thought
  15. Glad you guys like them! I am actually very surprised of how fast they got to the UK and the Netherlands. I was told that it generally takes about 2 weeks to get to the other wide of the world. I sent them out on Monday and Thursday! (well, I assume it was the Monday packages that got delivered)
  16. Have you thought about options for the 7 feats yet?
  17. OK.... Antique Gold Double Dragon geocoins are now offically SOLD OUT!! I still have a few Two-tones coins left!!
  18. Where are you moving to if you don't mind me asking? And thanks for ordering!
  19. WOW.... Thank you for the compliment!!! Glad you like them!
  20. Yeap! GlennK, your coins went out today priority mail. I actually had to drop it off at the post office because it's over 16oz. Do you want your CD #?
  21. is there a picture of these wooden coins?
  22. It is kind of funny but I like the coin design so much better though...
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