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  1. Penning is kinda slow right now everywhere. When the weather warms up they will start happening again.


    To look up any caches in those areas...just search the zip code, and pick any of them, then use the map to pan around untill you find the area you are looking for, zoom in or out if there are too many or too few.


    Get one of those "helper stirrup" thingies.... there was a bunch of discussion of them on NJ-Horse forum,


    Hope this helps.


    Yes, I have downloaded GC waypoints a year or so ago, but there were so many for Lebanon and you couldn't see anything else so I deleted them. I will in the future just print a page and plug in the coordinates.


    The helper stirrup is a great idea, I will have to try one. Thanks. :D

  2. Hi, I am just replying to a few and have a question.


    Try GC in Lebanon State Forest/Brendan T. Byrne Forest between routes 70 & 72. Lots of caches there. I have found a few caches with my gps, but my new horse is too tall to mount unless I find a log or something. I horseback ride there quite a bit, also Carranza in Tabernacle. I also ride the NJ horsepark, but not sure if any are there.


    Question: Are there any places to team pen in Central Jersey? My horse is in Columbus and I would like to see if he has any natural ability with a herd. Buena is too far especially if my horse turns out to be any good.


    Thank you, Carolyn ;)

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