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  1. Yes, I have downloaded GC waypoints a year or so ago, but there were so many for Lebanon and you couldn't see anything else so I deleted them. I will in the future just print a page and plug in the coordinates. The helper stirrup is a great idea, I will have to try one. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am just replying to a few and have a question. Try GC in Lebanon State Forest/Brendan T. Byrne Forest between routes 70 & 72. Lots of caches there. I have found a few caches with my gps, but my new horse is too tall to mount unless I find a log or something. I horseback ride there quite a bit, also Carranza in Tabernacle. I also ride the NJ horsepark, but not sure if any are there. Question: Are there any places to team pen in Central Jersey? My horse is in Columbus and I would like to see if he has any natural ability with a herd. Buena is too far especially if my horse turns out to be any good. Thank you, Carolyn
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