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  1. Do you mean "Bamageek's GeoCoin"? It is listed as "unknown location", like it should it you marked it as missing.
  2. What objects (vehicles, animals, etc) do you like? If you could travel anywhere (hmmm, mainly in the US), where would you go? Send one of those to one of those, or just have it roam. Look through some bugs that are out there. The gallery is one place to start. Keep in mind that most things have been done and keep it simple.
  3. TB8845 http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=34885 The distance can be recalculated from the drop-down list, but the origin is a bigger problem. The starting point can't be edited by the owner. Sounds like a question / problem to submit to contact@Groundspeak.com. Explain your problem and what you would like done. Sorry can't help with a solution.
  4. Should the race web page still be available? I can't reach it today.
  5. Ok. Let's do it. I worked up a strawman for those who would like to comment on the race and its web page. (The web page was modeled on the CircumConUS race web page.) Don't start submitting designs or bugs just yet... Quoting the web page: "First step is a logo contest to put something better across the top of this page. The contest will end 18 Apr. The entries will be posted here for voting after the submissions are in. Voting will end the day before the race begins (30 Apr). The winning designer will receive 2 TB tags and a certificate as the award." "A large number of travel bugs have the goal of traveling the 48 or 50 states of the United States of America, so this is a race to see who can do it fastest, etc, well, get closest, in about a year. The racers in this race are travel bugs that started from where ever they are at the beginning of the race (1 May 2004) and are moving from geocache to geocache visiting each of the United States. The race will end 4 July 2005." The full page can be found at: http://users.rcn.com/brad.32/geocaching/rta.htm I'll make an "official announcement" thread for the race in a few days, so now's your chance to comment before it gets launched. Please do.
  6. Right, you're the first one that officially/digitally logged the bug. Neither the owner nor your friend logged their handling this bug in the system. You could contact them and explain what to do to get the logging correct: you delete your log, the owner drops the TB into the original cache, your friend logs his find, you grab it from your friend (or a cache?), then you re-log your cache drop.
  7. You could have waited a bit or contacted the person who placed it and asked them to complete their log so you could do yours. Now, if you want to straighten it out, you will have to delete your log and let them do their drop log, then you create a new log for your find. If you do a quick TB find like that, it just takes a little patience and communication, but usually TBs are picked up the following weekend or later.
  8. All I wanna do is log one little cache...
  9. You haven't "officially" placed the TB in the cache yet, but posted a note saying you put it in there. When you go to make a log (post a note) for the cache, the bug should be in your inventory. Select "Write note" and select the bug from the drop down list of bugs at the bottom, like any other bug.
  10. ... or remember Carly Simon singing it from her 1971 VINYL album by the same name?
  11. brad.32


    The TBxxxx code is the TB reference number which is basically useless and confuses the issue. It can be used to search for a bug. The 6-digit number is the TB tracking number, and it will make you happy and is a most wonderful number because it's the one used for logging and noting a TB. It can be found where WH said.
  12. You must to talking about "Be Mine, Great Grandma!" (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=45892) because that's the only one in that you're holding. If they don't have further plans for it, then they could (post a note on it and) mark it as missing (move to "unknown location") or grab it back from you. Have you asked the owner what they want to do with it? Have it mailed back to them? Have it work its way somewhere else?
  13. brad.32

    Gallery Image

    The pictures in the TB gallery come from the TB description page, but I don't know what determines whether a bug gets into the gallery. Pictures in the user profile gallery come from the cache logs as WH wrote. (They are all pictures and not photographs, of course )
  14. rusty_da_dog took it from that cache 15 Dec. You might contact him and ask what he did with it after that.
  15. Yet another post, now that I've read over this entire thread... regoarrarr's original idea seemed to be more of a tracking system for TBs with the goal of traveling the (48 or) 50 states and not so much a race. It seems that a beginning and an end are needed to make it a race and to have awards. In addition, if a bug starts in after the others have been going for 6 months, do we freeze the rest at some point and wait 6 months to see how the new one faired in an equivalent amount of time? Otherwise we could just add all the active 50-state bugs (old and new) at the time the tracking system is ready and go until one finishes the states, because there's not much difference. Are people interested in a tracking system or a race for 50-state bugs? As a race: 1. All bugs start from where ever they are on xxx 2. Race is over on yyy (one year from xxx?) Some of the awards regoarrarr outlined at the beginning could be determined at the end based on what has happened between xxx and yyy: - Fastest and slowest times to visit all states (or just most states visited if none hit all 50) - Most distance - Least distance - Most caches visited - Least caches visited ... and a most creative award, of course. I'll be quiet now.
  16. Snoogans and Cannonball Run are two of them. At least one other person apparently liked Snoogans' idea to watch them all. I looked at them all, but didn't watch any. I get enough email from GC already, but have a few favorites and will check the progress on the Cannonball Run website.
  17. Ok, now that Snoogan's has made his race announcement... I'll ask again: how many people are interested in a 48 or 50-state race? Which one would be preferred? Egnix: how far did you and regoarrarr get with this race? Are you going to go forward with it?
  18. I remember when I was starting the CircumConUS, there was at least one person who said something about one cross-country race was enough for them considering they take so long. I had the impression that a number of people didn't enter the CircumConUS because the Cannonball Run was upcoming. The point of my earlier post: Snoogans is a TB celebrity would make his race a potentially popular one and people wouldn't want to commit another bug to another long race. There is a relatively small pool of cachers who follow the TB thread and who race bugs. I don't care, I just start another racer bug No problem. I even entered the 2004 Cannonball Run (didn't know about the 2003). Some of the smaller races I know of have had on the order of 30 racers (CircumConUS has only 26), while both Cannonball Runs have nearly 80. While having a smaller number makes the race tracking easier, I would like to see at least 20-30 to make it interesting. If there's sufficient interest in it, I have no problem setting up or helping with another race.
  19. With Snoogans announcement of an announcement in the concurrent "TB races" thread, http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=67143, this race still may not happen. It sounds like his is going to be an all states race.
  20. On the plastic pouch that the tags came in, there was a sticker with the activation code and the tracking number. When you are ready to use the bug the activation code is used to, well, activate it. If you lose the code before the bug is activated, then you'll need to write an email to contact@Groundspeak.com and explain the problem and provide the tracking number for the bug and They will take care of it.
  21. Hmmm. Does that mean you could potentially have an OGC (i.e., open source) map server running on the web server? There's still the problem of updating their positions when placed, but the dynamic, per-bug map display would be a nice feature.
  22. There are a number of TBs that have 48 or 50 states as their goals. Might as well make a race out of it? I'm running the CircumConUS race now, but I could do a 48-state race too. What's another ConUS race. Alaska and Hawai'i add a whole lot of extra travel. (What about Puerto Rico? Guam? Etc.) Any Hawai'i or Alaska cachers want to chime in? How many people would be interested in a 48-state race? Would it be more interesting as a 50-state, but much longer, race?
  23. According to your profile, you have only found one cache. Before you place any caches, especially the TB hotel, you might want to find a few more to get a better idea of how people hide them, what makes for a suitable location, etc. It needs to be well hidden everyone has said already. A TB hotel could potentially hold a lot of bugs and we would like such a cache to be easily reached but not easily found so it can survive.
  24. brad.32

    Tb Idea

    Here's one with two TB keys in NE: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...18-833cd2448f52
  25. Did you mean symbolic or symbiotic? The practice seems to be pretty common. I don't do it. I know of virtual caches that have travel bug histories. At least one of which has a mileage TB in its history. If you drop off and then pick up the TB again, then it will only be checked into the cache a short time, 10 sec (?), then, practically, it's not going to show up as in the cache. It will go into the cache's TB history.
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