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  1. The confusion seems to be caused by the lack of clear instructions and the TB's goal with the bug. People don't read TBs' web pages before grabbing them, but Bexy Bear is right, we have to let them go. I put the travel preference on their instruction tags and the web pages, but don't put the goal on there, to keep it flexible. I figure that if people move it by ground from cache to cache, the movement is a ... directed ... random walk and the bug will get there eventually. The destination is just to give that guidance, it's not a ... command.
  2. Yes, a note. Not a note added to a previously found bug, but a note for a bug not found. As I said, bthomas, a well-known bug finder here, also said it would happen. Maybe a note doesn't cause find but adding a picture does, but why add a note without a picture?
  3. Yes, I've seen a thread that talked about that, but didn't talk that long for it. A travel bug can be used as the owner would like, but logging it into and out of caches that the owner visits seems like an odd usage for a bug. It wouldn't need a hitchhiker for that, on the other hand... "Yeah, my bug is a railroad spike. I take it with me when I go caching." "You logged it into and out of a micro?" "Um, yeah." "Did it fit?" "Well, no."
  4. That's odd, because the point is to let other people move them. The owner usually places a TB in a cache once, then it's on its own and the owner only keeps a watchful eye. I wouldn't do it. ... but a related thread is virtual mileage.
  5. Yes. I assume you're talking about the TB goal. You could make its destination a cache close to him and he could retrieve it when it arrives, but the problem is how to get it to him if he's not a cacher? The other meaning you might have is sending it to him in the mail, where, again, if he's not a cacher, what is he going to do with it if he doesn't know where a cache is to place it?
  6. brad.32

    Lost TB

    Yes. Grab it then log it into the new cache: "Dropped off any TBs?"
  7. brad.32

    Lost TB

    I've done that with most of my TBs, because they have gone missing. Just enter the bug's number like you picked it up from a cache and grab it. You already own it, so it doesn't become a new find. Before or after I grab it, I buy a replacement and contact the last person, or so, who sucessfully placed it and mail it to them. I've started to buy two of things so I have a replacement on hand
  8. In the New and trying to come up with a cool sig item thread, Treasure Hunters Inc. wrote that they recently started leaving a recoder as their sig item.
  9. quote:Originally posted by ChurchCampDave:We have to double the error because both hider and seeker use cheap gpsr's. No. Each GPS unit has a random position error due to the effects listed in fizzymagic's link above. The placer's error was 5-10m and your error is 5-10m as well, they may add constructively (10-20m error, yeah right) or destructively (0m error, yeah right) or anywhere in between. Take a look at my avatar, it's a global cluster, but it could also be a plot of GPS positions taken at a fixed location. If you add two of those together, so to speak, you get another one that looks just it. ... and thank you fizzymagic for clearing up the haze.
  10. We've never found anything useful (only 51 reg caches). Our daugther thinks all the crap ... um, trade items are nice, from a balloon or marble to the McToys. We try to get her to recycle some of it into other caches, the rest ends up in the trash. The only cool stuff has been TBs, and those get moved ASAP.
  11. An upcoming TB of mine is going to be Surly the SR-71, who wants to FLY and rack up some kilometers. All my other ones want to stay on the ground. ... there are several other SR-71s out there, but oh well.
  12. No. You're obviously one of those evil cachers who sercetly steal TBs, because you don't know the difference between plural and possessive acronyms. TBs: plural TB's: possessive
  13. quote:Originally posted by Wetrackride:what purpose do they serve? WHAT PURPOSE? To travel. What other purpose is there? TBs travel, it's their raison d'etre. As Chipper3 wrote, TBs have goals ... or not. If you look at the "Track Travel Bugs" page, then you can look at some of them and see their stories. Some have colorful histories. Some TBs have no pictures but each TB's story is unique.
  14. quote:Originally posted by WalruZ:have an essence that begins when they are born and that is nurtured - or neglected - as people visit them and leave bits of their own spirits there. If you can't feel that a cache is much more than an object then you're missing something... That was a good one.
  15. What about the ability to filter out or list an icon for micro (mini, no-trade-item) caches on the geocaching.com listing pages? The size is in the database. I know a micro technically refers to the size, not the type, but as others have pointed out, it is a different type because of finding skills and contents, etc.
  16. I did this, but the first one increased my counter, so I stopped. bthomas and I talked about it at the picnic and he said it would do this...
  17. Another use is to use the COPY tag when the other tag gets lost. I don't do it because I use the COPY tag for my reference and just send the bug's instruction tag (with the serial number listed) without a metal tag when the original is lost. TBs get lost? NOOOOoooo.
  18. Is this thread from last week the same problem? http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=6016058331&m=99360509
  19. You can bet the new instruction tags do, and I'll update the old ones so they do too. Actually, all my other bugs (4) are lost, so I'm replacing them entirely so they can continue their journeys. The one I'm talking about is <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=27463">Raspberry the ladybug</a>, who was picked up in S CA, flown to NY, and will be placed soon in FL, her destination state. She's the only one that people have been moving around. Too much. Hopefully the journey home will be interesting.
  20. You know, I'm not MAD about it, just disappointed. No one else has had travel bugs that are supposed to make their way SLOWLY across country suddenly get a transcontinental boost and be ... DONE??? Of course there is the return trip, but still.
  21. If I was going to be on TV doing caching, I would look for a cache I had ALREADY found, but the TV people don't need to know that.
  22. The Gainesville Travel Bug Teleport Safe House
  23. HELLO! It's not the destination, it's the journey.
  24. This Enterprise TB's goal to get a picture with Wil: http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=17153 ... similar.
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