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  1. Sorry for the horrible glam metal reference, but congrats on another kid, Tomaski. You guys (girls?) coming to the Xmas party? Hope so. We're not going to even try for another - it would be a 4th boy for sure! Randy
  2. Put us down for 4 1/2. Randy PS. Thanks Mary for the cache suggestion. We wound up not having any time unfortunately!
  3. I meant Magic Mountain. Where I work we have competitions at both places, and I'm not dyslexic in ANY OTHER way, but I always mix those up. It's Magic Mountain, and it's definitely NORTH. I mean SOUTH. LOL. I KNOW it's South, really!
  4. Anyone know of some good caches South down 99? We're going to Marine World tomorrow and I have a couple bugs we need to drop off. Easy ones at a rest stop, stuff like that... Thanks all! Randy
  5. 500. Pretty crazy. We're getting excited about approaching 100. Randy
  6. Just last night I said, "where's that Kurt guy with the Jeeps?" lol Good to see you back! Hey, what's up with the next get-together? it's been quiet.. Randy
  7. Definitely not a problem if Brute Force wants to go. I want to find those 2, and another person along increases the odds I think! There's a lot around there we haven't got yet either, so mabye we can go after a few there when we do. Randy
  8. Hey, you better be careful. Your sub-200 dollar gps screen looks a lot like the Magellan map screens. About the same resolution anyway. You might have a copyright infringement problem. No, wait a minute... Yours is definitely higher resolution. You're safe. Randy
  9. I don't know, umc, the resolution on that color map pic on that link is pretty bad, I think. I'd much rather have my GPSMAP76 resolution and not have color. If your V ISN'T bad, what makes you think a Magellan unit will work any better? Just curious, because they use the same antenna design. For what it's worth, my old V, my SPIII, my GPSMAP76 and my son's Legend have NEVER said I was a few feet off and then jumped to 100 feet off. EVER. So I think you may have a bad unit afterall.
  10. Hope I didn't get Pat in trouble! I know he got some dog food! Randy
  11. Got out of our caching drought (sp?) last night and went after a couple. Just missed Pat by about a half hour at one of them (Hilmar #1). I expected to see a post from Carolyn after the "roll overs" to the effect of "Now we can start over, fresh!" lol. BTW, Fallen, we need to set a date to go after T4 and SBH. After this weekend my work gets much less crazy... Randy
  12. quote:Originally posted by C&MMorris:Has everyone heard of a game called the WHITE ELEPHANT. It's like a fun exchange X-MAS game. I think we should have a CVC X-MAS party and play this game. What does everyone think? Let me know. Mike If it's got wing's, I can fly it!! Sounds good to us, but only if there is plenty of meat for us carnivores. Guess I'm back to caching? I'll think of a place to go. Unless Mike is thinking of that Mexican place on McHenry that sounds good. But we better reserve now, places will be filling up. Tammi
  13. Thought I would check up on the forum and I see people are back in the sandbox. What would you do if your kids acted like this? I sure am glad my kids don't read this forum it would be hard to explain to them why adults are acting like this, and probably need a freaking time out! Come on people, IT'S A GAME!!!!!! Well I am out of this, maybe we will just quit caching or not read the forums anymore, it isn't worth this mindless dribble. Tammi
  14. Just became charter members. About time, huh? Now I just need to check out those Members Only caches.... lol Randy
  15. We had a great time at the pizza party! Someone needs to plan another one before too long. Randy
  16. quote:Originally posted by LuvOzzy: Not sure what you were trying to say there, but I don't appreciate being called "rude" when that wasn't the case at all. Jaimee Before criticizing others, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you do the criticizing, you will have their shoes AND be a mile away! Jamie, You were not rude! It was very obviously a joke. I guess on the internet it can be hard to decipher tone and that is why we use these..... So don't worry you were fine. Tammi
  17. So much goes on when you're gone for a few days! Been a little inactive (as far as geocaching - not other things!) but we should start back up here real soon. Gongrats to G&M on 500. Amazing.
  18. There's no way I could get my sons to NOT bring their GPSrs to the party. So we'll have a few Garmin examples there. I'll try to remember my 76map and the SPIII is always in the car. We'll have it covered I'm sure! Randy
  19. [[[[Connsider a person who is on vacation in your area and decides to do a cache. They get to the cache coordinates, spend an hour looking, and then give up and decode the hint, only to find an offer to email them a hint if they can prove they were at the site. Of course, being on vacation, they have no access to email, so they are screwed]]]]] << Well then maybe they should figure out what cache's they plan to get on vacation and dl the pages so they have the hint. Not to hard to figure that out. I think it all boils down to certain people who can't find a cache want to blame someone else, which completely baffles me. If I can't find a cache, besides it maybe being destroyed or moved, it's my dumb luck hint or not. Which by the way I use and embrace with love! I guess if that makes me less of a cacher then so be it. Tammi
  20. Due to a SMTP problem at work it's hard for me to send email. Anyway, there's a few of you I haven't written back to and I wanted you to know this was why - I'm not ignoring anyone! Pat, I'll drop off the bug soon. Sorry! Ron, thanks for the email a while back. We loved the story also. And the beginning with Liam asking you for a hint was great! The Mick, I'll check on Ace O Sob again soon. It should be there, but you never know! I'm proud of the fact that I finally placed a difficult one! Anyone else, I'll have our email system back up tomorrow theorhetically.... Randy
  21. Are we adults here? I honesly can't believe people are complaining about DNF's. To me geocaching is a fun game. You win some, you lose some. It's not my life, it's a wonderful pastime where I have met some really great people. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Can't we all just get along??? Tammi
  22. Zach is jealous. He wants to go to Italy more than anything!
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