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  1. Just got find #100. Only took 8 years off and on!
  2. Hi everyone. We've been gone for a while, but have the bug once again. Amazing when I logged in and saw my profile picture, etc. Eight years ago! I'm not sure who we'd know on here anymore, but I noticed Ron is back at it. Using the Android app "GeOrg" and it makes it SOOOOOO easy. Long gone are the days of punching in coordinates or even looking at the site much! It's all there! Hope to get in contact with friends from the past as well as new ones! One advantage is all the caches around me are new to us!!!!
  3. Hi everyone. Well, I think we're going to get back into all this. I hid a cache yesterday near where I now work, and I noticed it just got published. I'm not sure who's still doing this from when we were (about 4 years back!) and who's new! Our pictures are horribly outdated on our profile, but I'll fix that soon!
  4. Sorry we've been away so long. If anyone has tried to email us, I don't work where I did and only now changed my email address to a valid one. Hope to be caching more very soon.... Randy
  5. Hi to everyone! Wanted to let everyone know we're still around. We just got a Jeep, so I think some serious caching will be coming up for us here soon Hope we see everyone soon! Randy PS. Pat, everything kewl with the computer? Bill, thanks for inquiring about us a while back!
  6. I just archived Warrio #1. I'm amazed it was there that long for such a big cache. Thanks to elmo for taking it and letting me know it was destroyed! We've been crazy busy recently, but we should begin caching again soon! Hi to everyone! Randy
  7. Just letting everyone know we're still around. Met Fattuhr last night for some non-geocache related business. Looked for 2 of the Turlock caches last night with no luck (we must be rusty at this now). We should be caching again soon! Hope everyone is doing well! Randy
  8. [ In my Oppinion these little film canisters that are everywhere are pretty lame. Thats just my oppinion!! Well here's my opinion. The next time you see a micro pop up, don't go find it! Tammi
  9. quote:Originally posted by JaimeeG: quote:Originally posted by Camelot Cache Hunters:Did you mean Sunday night? Or is there something else going on Saturday night? Haven't you heard the news???? Tammi is doing her first public belly-dance at a local Middle Eastern restaurant Saturday night!! WOOOHOOOOO Jaimee ******************************************** Shhhh, you're gonna spoil the Strings surprise I have planned. Get a couple glasses of wine down me and you just never know! hehehe Tammi Too bad closed minds didn't come with closed mouths.
  10. quote:Originally posted by fizzymagic:I wonder how many geocachers you two have induced to quit after viewing your continual squabbles. Take it to email, OK? The rest of the world isn't particularly interested. Bravo, Fizzy! Tammi P.S. See everyone Saturday night...and lets all play nice.
  11. quote:Originally posted by TeamJiffy:...was trying to get us to page 55 in the thread. The trouble is - it's not the vertical amount of text that forces a page change, it's the total number of messages. Therefore, you'd have to send lots of little ones to force the change. My question is, WHY???????????????????? Tammi
  12. Someone needs to plan something! Zach and Liam were both looking SOOOO forward to seeing George and Mary's kids again. They'll be bummed! I'd plan something if I wasn't so busy this next month! Randy
  13. Where I work there are 2 very 'strong' personalities. Both these people are really great people and do a great service for the company. BUT, they cannot work together or be left alone during stressful times of the year. We've learned this - they KNOW it - and they know what to say and WHAT NOT TO SAY to each other. That's the only way they can continue to work here. I've talked quite a bit with both parties on this forum, and respect both in different ways. They both know this. I will NOT share my feelings here, on this PUBLIC forum. Don't START anything. Just play this game, and use this thread for what it's designed for. My $0.02. Randy
  14. Just put out Liam's cache from georgeandmary's Makin' Babies cache. I think this one will be a little difficult, but we'll have to see what the logs say... Here it is (when it's approved): http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=52215&Nocache=0.7055475 I didn't make this one Subscriber Only, and I'm going to change Zach's later this week. I just wanted to see the audit feature everyone has talked about. Interesting. Randy
  15. Great job, Jaimee. Sorry I didn't say that sooner! Got 3 of 4 this morning, just before the superbowl and hid one of georgeandmary's babies that we got this morning. It's a Members Only for now, but I'll probably change it later. It's very close to where we live, and we haven't tried that yet, so we'll see how it goes! Go Raiders! Randy PS. Here's the cache page, when it finally gets approved: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=51945
  16. We're interested! Just depends on what the date is. We're tied up at the beginning of February. Randy
  17. Gone for a week and all kinds of craziness ensues. Matt gets T4! and someone quits??? That's odd. I'm surprised there's not more discussion about it. Hope there's no hard feelings. Maybe I shouldn't bring it up?? R
  18. Well, Matt and I went after T4 today. Some thoughts: *It was VERY wet. I posted a couple pics on the T4 page if you want to see - we think we know where it is but we couldn't get to it because of the water. *Matt may NEVER have kids now. Zach and Liam might have removed any desire he had for them! *It was so pretty with all the water that it wasn't really a disappointment. It was a lot of fun anyway. We'll be back. When it dries up a little! Thanks Matt! Even though the kids didn't seem to enjoy it all that much, that's all they can talk about today! Randy
  19. [!! Carolyn..are we partying tomorrow night??? My mom will be here..she can be our designated driver!! Jaimee ************************************************ I wanna party!!!! Take me away from this baby..pleasssee!!!!! We should plan a CVC girls night out!! Tammi
  20. We had a great time. Shane made us leave a little earlier than we would have liked! Great seeing everybody again! Hid one of Marky's micros that he gave us. It's here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=46754&Nocache=0.7055475 See you all at the next one! Randy
  21. When we play the game is it a gift per couple or person? I have bought and bought this week..gonna break the bank! Thanks! Tammi
  22. I just wanted to tell you our two kids will exchange gifts. I tried to email you but got it back saying, no such address. I used the one off of your profile. Who knows what went wrong. Anyway, what is the price limit? And is it a generic gift that goes for either sex...or do they buy gender specific? Thanks so much! Tammi
  23. This is the farthest down the topic list I think I've ever seen this thread! Is everybody just busy?? Or caching??
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