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  1. is it not as easy to un-subscribe to one of these posts as it is to subscribe to one. I don't do it much and it always seems to be harder than necessary. Why not a bloody button or a link in the email to the page? This is a pain
  2. It can certainly get frustrating to search and search for a cache that has actually been missing for some time. As you mentioned, this is a problem with caches of all sizes. What I have taken to doing is using GSAK to not send those caches that have multiple recent DNFS to my GPSr and pda. This way, I won't waste my time on caches that are likely not to be there. Gas is just too expensive to waste a trip on these caches, in my opinion. If later PQs show a find or an owner's visit, I'll then go after those caches. That is a good idea! I use GSAK too. I have to figure out how to ignore those cashes. It will save me a bit of time I am sure. I am ignoring the micro's right now but that is mainly because of the snow cover, everything is just so much harder. I don't get much of a kick out of a micro in a Walmart parking lot where everyone can see the dang old fool wandering around with his cell phone in his hand either. Figure they will be sending the man with the net out for me.
  3. I posted this in a reply to another post down below and thought it might be an interesting topic. Maybe it has been gone over before but I thought I would post it here. I realize I am a newbie complaired to most enjoying this hobby but just why the heck don't some people maintain their cashes?? I hunted a cashe recently that I had already located. I was trying out my new Garmin Map60 and wanted to see how close I could get to it. It took me right to it so the numbers were great. I looked and it was not there. I spent 20 minutes hunting to make sure. I thought it had been moved a little bit but no luck. This was in the middle of November. I just checked and there has been no comment that our observations have even been seen by the owner. I went to the web page and saw that the previous poster had found it scattered all over the place. It was reported and nobody tended it. Does this show respect for the hunter? Does the person that hides them and posts the locations responsibility end at that moment? By far, most take care of their cashes but this is just one of my pet peeves. I don't mind not finding them, I just go back but when I find that I have wasted a lot of time looking for a cashe in an uninteresting place that is not there, I get tight jawed I am learning though to read the comments of the previous hunters. I didn't do it at first but I am finding it rather important. Am I the only one that feels this is rude?
  4. My problem with Micros it that I am never sure if they are really there. Since I rarely swap anything and only sign the book is that I am just never sure that they are even there. I have hunted and hunted and never found squat and then go to the web site and see that three or four others have had the same experience. That makes me wonder if it is even there, which brings me to another pet peeve. I realize I am a newbie complaied to most enjoying this hobby but just why the heck don't some people maintain their cashes?? I hunted a cashe recently that I had already located. I was trying out my new Garmin Map60 and wanted to see how close I could get to it. It took me right to it so the numbers were great. I looked and it was not there. I spent 20 minutes hunting to make sure. I thought it had been moved a little bit but no luck. I went to the web page and saw that the previous poster had found it scattered all over the place. It was reported and nobody tended it. Does this show respect for the hunter? Does the person that hides them and posts the locations responsibility end at that moment? By far the most take care of them but this is just one of my pet peeves
  5. A good non-micro is any cache that isn't covered with thirteen broken sticks for cammo. When I hunt for a cashe I usually go to the area and get as close as I can with the GPS. I then just stand there and turn around and look for something that doesn't look right. Usually it is a pile of sticks looking strange. Usually all stacked running the same way. A few weeks ago I was hunting one and did the same thing. It was in a beautiful area along a river. I stood where the numbers zeroed out and looked around. There it was, easy as heck. A pile of sticks that looked like tinder for a campfire. I moved them aside and no cashe. I thought that was odd so I looked a bit more and there was another one back under a small pine. I checked there and no cashe. What the person that placed the cashe had done is put these dummy hides out for fools like me that look for the easy stuff. I finally found the cashe down by a small spring, well hidden. That was a fun cashe.
  6. I am new to the Casheing but it is a bit confusing to me. Why is it important who finds the most? Who the heck cares except the finder. I just don't get it I guess. It seems everything has to be a contest. Can it not be done just for fun? Just for the experience of being outside and enjoying the world? It seems to be the same in other hobbies I enjoy. Metal Detecting for one. The adventure of being outside and enjoying a hobby seems to take back seat to "Who found the mostest and biggest?" Geeesh, who cares. I see where some find 30 in a day or so and it doesn't make me in awe of them. I just shake my head as I don't see the adventure there. How much of nature and beauty could these people be taking in? I don't know. I guess we are all different and that is good but numbers don't mean squat to me and never did. I always avoid people that have to be the biggestest and bestest. Something seems to be lacking... That is just my opinion
  7. I agree! LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! What is in them does not interest me, other than a pencil and paper. But that is just me
  8. I have just started myself and have 8 out on state land. I went to the land manager, one was at a big park, and asked the head ranger and got my permission. It is only reasonable it seems. I got permission to place them and then too the coordinates to him in case there was a problems. That could be too much traffic or a protected area. They were very friendly and appreciated my efforts toward them. The others were in a wildlife and recreation area where I kayak and I contacted the head of it and went through the same procedure with great results. I want to put some on some federal land but am having problems with that right now but am working on it. I also metal detect and feel it is much better to ask permission and have a good relationship with the authorities. Bad metal detectorists have made it tough on the rest of us and I sure don't want anything I do to hurt this hobby.
  9. I have only had two and they were both in the last week or so. One was on private property with no tresspassing signs. I checked the listing and it said it was ok but I just ain'ta gonna tresspass and the other was near an overpass and a real hog pen. It looked like a hobo jungle back there and I could not imagine ever wanting a find that bad
  10. Back in 1939 my mother had a little boy and nemed it Royal. My last name starts with Ott and I did not want to use my full name so I decided to be sneaky and use Royalott. Clever huh?
  11. It looks like we are much the same. I have only 8 hid at this point but I only started a couple months ago. I put there in places that I want to share with like minded people. Those that like nature and don't mind a little hike to find them. I hide them but do not feel my aim should be to make a hunter ever to go away without finding it. I want them to enjoy the cashe. Personally I never swap items. I really have no interest in it. I am new and that might change but when I hide them I throw in a silver half dollar I have found metal detecting and a few trinkets. That is just me though. Since I have been hunting I have gone to a few cashes that made me wonder what in the world made the people hide them where they did. Maybe just because they are easy. I have a real problem with cashes that are not maintained. I mean when several people leave messages on the web site, over several months time that the dang cashe is missing it seems that the owner would deal with it. I don't know. Seems rude to me. It takes effort to hunt these things and then to find you were hunting something that isn't there is irritating. I especially do not like hunting for a cashe that makes you sneak around like a thief. I looked for one reciently that was on private land. The property was posted NO TRESSPASSING. There was no way I was gonna hunt that cashe and when I looked again at the listing it said it was on private property. Makes no difference to me if permission was given or not. I ain't tresspassing for a cashe. Too many open pleces to hide them around here. I was down state reciently and did a little casheing . I went to one that looked like it was a hobo village. What a filthy place. I didn't even bother with that one. I like to hide them in special places. Places that I have run onto in my hikes that I would like to share with people. That is just MY opinion though
  12. While geocaching might be about the goodies and swag now, hopefully over time you'll come to realize that the container and its contents aren't really what this hobby is about. Sure they add to the fun, but the real treasure in geocaching is the journey. Arriving at a scenic vista tucked way out in the woods, or a waterfall so far off the beaten path that few ever see it will make you forget all about the cache. As with any cache (micros or otherwise) if they're placed in dumpy locations, the experience is diminished. You're just starting the hobby, so try all sorts of caches in all sorts of places and figure out what you like. Then hunt the stuff that makes you happy. AMEN!! My thoughts exactly. I am happy with finding it and signing the book IF it is put in an interesting place. So much to see out there
  13. I guess I am a newbie too. I have 40 or 45 I guess. I think everyone has their own reasons to take up this hobby. I find it interesting because it draws me to interesting places. I live in northern Michigan and I spend a lot of time out of doors. Since taking up this hobby I have been taken to places that I never dreamed existed. Heck I found a dang beaver dam right in my town limits that I did not know was there. That is what interests me. I have absolutely no interest in swapping trinkets. I am sorry but I like to get out and find the cashe and sign the book. That is plenty for me. At least right now. I see people with thousands of finds and I can imagine that they have to work to keep the hobby interesting for them but right now just getting out is plenty for me. I have eight out right now and I have tried to place them in areas that I think are interesting. I don't hide them just to hide them. If it is not an interesting site, a hiking trail or an eagles nest or some thing that caught my eye I will not put one there. I have gone to a few lately that were just a bust, it looks like no thought was put into the placement. I don't mind Micro's if I am smart enough to read the dang description before I head out. I have wasted time looking for a big box and then find it is a dang film can. Lately I have gone to a couple that I would not hunt. One was in and area that looked like a hobo jungle and the other was plastered with no trespassing signs. Later I looked on the web and it said that it was private property and they had permission but I am sorry, I am not gonna trespass where there are signs. I have found a few micros in interesting spots and I enjoyed them. Another thing I hate is looking for a cashe that is in plane sight of mugglers. I just will not do it. Why would anyone hide a cashe were we have to sneak around so we are not seen. I just don't understand it. Hey, I got a chance to get some griping done myself
  14. Looks like it could be a Pine Martin to me. Do a Google on them and it looks much the same. It is not a Badger
  15. I just bought a 60CSx and love it. It does much more than I expected and I am still learning its tricks. You can get it for 270 or 280 with the 50 dollar rebate
  16. If it comes up with your old profile name already filled in, you can try this technique. Be aware that this is very tricky, and for advanced users only! Ok, here it is: clear it, and type in the new one Hope that helped! I did that. I am not all that stupid.
  17. I have the present account that I am using Royalott and an old account that I let lapse. I do not use it and never will but when I try to get on the forums from my old computer it asks for the old lusername and password. I have asked for help by email but can not get the old one deleted. What is the magic word that is used to dump this old account?
  18. Yes, they're all fine recreational activities. By the way, you don't happen to write famous novels, do you? Novel??? You got me there. No but why would you ask? Am I missing something? Oh the Hemingway thing I got it now.
  19. Yeah, you said that. That is fine but you were asking for our opinion and I gave mine. I sure the heck don't feel like an athlete, following a GPS to a cashe. I don't think it makes any difference what we call it. I scuba dive, kayak, metal detect, fish, hike, etc but they are all just hobbies to me. I do most of them alone and that works for me
  20. Well I am a bit of a newbie but I guess I can have an opinion. I think of it as a hobby. I will NEVER do anything if it is to be competitive. To me that takes much of the fun out of an activity. I also metal detect and stay away from those competitions too. It seems to sorta ruin it for me. I am retired and have a lot of time to chase these things and am enjoying it. I think in most hobbies egos get wrapped up in it and that is when I just go my own way. I don't feel I have to prove I am the best at anything to enjoy it and am sorta put off by those that do. That is just me though. To call this a sport is a bit of a stretch though in my view. Just my opinion.
  21. I want to thank everyone for their help. My problems was that I had the wrong icon for the unfound cashes. I changed it and everything is fine. At least with that problem. You are a very helpful bunch. Thanks again
  22. Nope, with this GPS you can load them into Waypoints or geocache. They should go into geocache but I can not find a way to designate this. I am also asking on the Garmin forums but knew this gps was used by posters to these forums. With mine I hit the Find button and it takes you to a page with 7 options. One is Waypoints- that is where they are going and the other is geocache- which I am told they should be going.
  23. I have a new Garmin GPSMap 60 CSx and have a problem. I try t load my cashes on it and they always go to the waypoints folder and not the GPS folder. I am told there is a way to get them in the right folder but I don't see the option. I am using GSAK for loading them. I also have GEOBUddy and it puts them the same place. What is the trick??
  24. That did it!! I would like to thank everyone for their imput. I have teh GSAK program and it looks like what I need. I also have the Cashmate so I finally transfered the information to the Palm. I also bought the Geobuddy but don't know if I wasted my money on that or now yet. Thanks again for all the imput Royal
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