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  1. I don't know, I've been seeing tons more "TFTC" type logs on caches that generally get decent logs. Where is that lost art of logging thread? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...&hl=logging Another funny thing is that I have emailed various people that have a great hide, thanking them for taking me to such a beautiful place and I have NEVER gotten an reply. I had not thought about it until I read your post but it is odd, if someone thanked me for a good hide I would reply. Maybe it is because I am going on 69 and politeness was taught when I was in school. It doesn't seem to be all that important any more I guess. I have also had people log a reply to my cashes and occasionally I will sent them a message telling them that I am happy they enjoyed it. I have never gotten a reply from them either. I just quit doing it because I thought it might be the wrong thing to do. It does not really hurt to be polite but some are too busy trying to find a hundred on a weekend I guess
  2. Yup . . . I don't know how people remember the details of their caching adventures, or of individual caches, if all they log online is TFTC or TNLNSL. I have several caches along a remote, rural road that offers spectacular views. Recently someone logged TNLNSL on each of the uniquely-hidden and differently-cammoed caches. Fortunately, someone else found those same caches recently and wrote more interesting logs that were much more rewarding to read. Yes, all my cashes are in remote and scenic areas and I have gotten mostly good replies but there are some that just seem determined to be rude or lazy, I don't know which. I suggest it is both.
  3. The better the cache, the more wordy the logs seem to be. It's as simple as that. TFTC means THANKS..... What more do you want? Might as well herd cats if you expect more on an ordinary hide..... It's trial and error. When you DO own a cache that gets nice logs, tryyy to recreate that formula on your next cache... It seems you are ready to assume that when it happens it is the hiders fault. Why is that? Are you one that "Tffc's"? If you are I did not mean to insult you. It just suprises me, being new to the hobby and all, that some get rather defensive when they are only asked to do what seems to be right. If you are too busy to be bothered to put a little effort into the log, well you must be busy. It is sure a good thing that there are people that will go to the effort and time to hide a cashe or this would sure be a lousy hobby. The people that hide these things are the ones that make the hobby. Not the finders. All I ask for is a little deciency
  4. a person that only signs "TFTC" when registering a find on the web. Now it would be nice to see a little more of a response to a hide. It takes a bit of effort and time and a little cash to hide one and something more would be nice. I have caught myself doing about as bad but it is something that cashers should think about. Some, including myself, want to know that their efforts are appreciated. It is nice when the finder lets me know if the hide was a good one and well thought out or not. I have found 45 and have been told I have much to learn but if the old pros don't pass on their knowledge how are we to learn? If my hide is in a lousy area or not hidden well I would like to know. Now don't get the idea that I am all bent out of shape over this but as I was reading some of these posts I thought about it and though I would pass my thoughts on
  5. That sounds perfectly reasonable, and I agree with you. You are obviously VERY frustrated with the problem of cachers not putting your caches back the way you intended. I understand, and I sympathize. ... which is why I was sort of hoping to hear what you thought of my idea. Have you considered it? Here it is again: Do you think that would work for you, Royalott? I think it might be a good idea to make sure in my description that I would like it returned to the spot and hidden..Actually I am not all that bent out of shape over this but I thought it is a topic that should be addressed. There have been 50 posts so far so I guess it has been addressed. People have to be made aware that this is a bit of a problem and just cooperate. Like I said, I metal detect and there are people in that hobby that make it bad for all of us. People that trespass and don't refill their holes etc. Not many are like that but the few that are make it bad for all of us. Many parks are off limits to metal detectorist and it is our own fault. We must do all we can to protect this hobby too and make it fun for all of us. Thanks for all the helpful responses
  6. Please don't take this as an attack, I just want to point something out. I see that you really don't get out there much in the way of caching - 42 caches in 2 years? - thus haven't really seen what goes on. Have you taken into consideration that animals often expose caches or worse if they smell anything even remotely interesting to them? I've seen cases where birds, squirrels, raccoons, and even rats have moved a cache away from its hiding place. Heck, I even had a wood rat move an ammo can I placed BEFORE the first find. Perhaps you should get out there a little more and gain a bit more experience as a cacher before you judge other cachers and their actions site unseen. I don't know you and have never cached in your area but we have a cacher in our area who had assumed much in the way you have. In finding his caches, one often wonders 'Why the heck would anyone place it like that?' or 'How can anyone expect that to last?' and yes, he gets just as upset when his caches are muggled or damaged by critters - yet like you he blames other cachers for this without even considering that his cache may have been poorly placed, poorly hidden or a critter magnet in the first place. As for rehides, I would gamble to say that most of us will rehide exactly as hidden or more likely a little better if found too exposed. So before you get your shorts in a bind, get out there and cache a little! Have some fun! This is a game! not a career. No problem but since I am an old fart, 68 and scuba dive, kayak at least once or twice a week, am into photography, do a bit of hiking, metal detect and have a home to keep up, I cashe just as much as I want to. I only cashe in the spring and fall as our winters are rather nasty and cashing then doesn't interest me and my summers are full of my other interest. I have been an outdoors man all my life and I guess I don't have to be a feller that finds 30 or 40 finds a day to know the difference between a coon messing with my cashe and the thing being moved 10 ft and hidden under a log. I don't need to be a seasoned veteran to go out the day after the thing is found and be able to see the dang thing from the trail. These are not Urban cashes, they are hidden in the woods and I try to put them where mugglers will not see a person hunting them for the most part. This problem is not about my skill looking for a dang cashe. It is also not about my ability to tell the difference between an animal dragging the thing from a hide and some inconsiderate person not taking the time to re-hide the thing. I may not have the experience you or others have but I really don't care. I can use my GPS and that is good enough for me. I try to support the hobby that I like to enjoy when I feel like it and I like my cashes to be hidden in a careful manner.
  7. Well, geocachers are John Q. Public... most are good, some aren't. I have a mantra for geocaching that helps me from applying stereotypes: The best thing about geocaching is that it is open to everyone. The worst thing about geocaching is... that it is open to everyone! Enjoy the good and ignore the rest. There is NO obligation to hide caches. I suspect that hiding caches out of a sense of obligation will just lead to troubles. Hide caches if you think owning and maintaining caches is fun. In fact there is a prohibition on pod caches that require someone to hide a seed cache in order to log the pod, exactly because folks should not be obligated to hide caches. Play this game in the manner that is fun for you! This is just a obligation I put on myself. I don't need to I know but that is just me. Everyone should contribute in some way. I am not a joining type and have no interests in group hunts or clubs but there would not be a hobby if we did not help. I only put them in places that I want others to know about, some parking lot at Walmarts does not interest me but since I hike and kayak I see some interesting areas that I like to share. That is the thing I like about Geocashing. It has taken be to some mighty interesting spots withing a few miles of my home that I was not aware of. All I want is others to respect my cashes. Most do but my original post was for the few that need a reminder that the rest of us are not here to serve them. Respect is what is needed.
  8. I wish something could be done because I know me, if it happens and I am in the right mood I will just eliminate all my cashes. Right or wrong I can not stand rude people. That is what I consider these people. I know a lot of people cashe with youngsters and have wondered if they just give it to the kid and tell them to put them back. I don't know. I don't get a thrill out of hiding them, only finding them but I figured it was a sorta duty to the hobby to add cashes. I an going to make it a point to go out and check all my cashes in the next week or so and if they have been moved I will relocate them again. Your ideas of an addition to the discription is a good one too
  9. I don't think there is any excuse for that except the person that did it is rude and lazy. Just my opinion
  10. I like finding these so I can smash 'em in my coin press. I personally don't like seeing folding money in a cache. It's not good for geocaching if the misconception is that caches contain money. Get it? BTW: Where's George doesn't recognize geocaching as a proper movement of currency and has really P.O.'d some geocachers by deleting their accounts for putting WG dollars in caches. It has been my habit to place a silver half dollar in my newly placed cashes. These are old halves that I have found metal detecting. These are for the first to find.
  11. Frankly I don't care what is in the cashe, other than a pencil and a notebook to sign. I know this is just me but I just enjoy the hunt and never take anything or put anything in. That is for others I guess. I just love the new spots this hobby takes me to and I try to place my hides in areas that a person would enjoy visiting. It is amazing the places withing 10 miles of my home that I have been taken to, a beaver dam within my little town limits that I was not aware of and actually nobody I have talked to knew it was there either. Thank goodness for the lady that hid the cashe. I have been taken to many places like that and that is what I enjoy.
  12. I've missed something here. What kind of GPS is used for hunting egos? Does finding one get you a smiley? I don't know if I have the right kind of GPS, but if I find an ego I am taking it. I will leave a rock I find near the cache, that should be an even trade. Yes that would be an even trade
  13. After thinking about it I have just changed all my cashes to Premium and Charter members only. I didn't really want to do this but what the heck, I don't want to get upset and pull them all either, just because of a few lazy people. Most are great. This makes sense because we all know that there could NEVER be a Premium or Charter member that would be so careless. I do suspect the ego hunters of being too busy to do the right thing though but I could be wrong
  14. That is a good idea. I just might do that too. I only have 11 out and I have thought about just pulling them and being done with it but Premium Members only just might be the thing to try first. I make sure that I place my cashes in areas that mugglers would not be a problem. I don't hunt or hide in Urban areas.
  15. You make some good points but the latest one was found one day and I went out to check it the next day and it was totaly exposed. This was out in the woods and well hidden. That is the one that I had to replace today. I am sure it was muggled but was just found again and I fear not well hidden. A muggles would never have happened onto this cashe by chance, unless the cashe hunter was not careful. I would never search for a cashe where someone could see me find it. The thing is, I started hiding a few of the things for the hunters. I really appreciate the people that hide them for me, I would be fishing if they did not. I felt an obligation to do the same for others. I am just asking that some effort is put into rehiding them. I did have one moved too. What is up with that? I put the thing where I wanted it and it seems I was out voted. I love the hobby and just had to gripe a bit about what I consider rude people
  16. I have 11 cashes I have placed and something that I find really irritating is when a person finds them some people seem to think it is too much bother to take an extra three or four seconds to re-hide them. In the last few weeks I have found three of my cashes totally exposed after they had been found the day before. Are people letting their kids re-hide these things or what? I had one that was totally exposed the day after it was found, I was in the area and thought I would check on it and had to re-hide the thing. Recently I checked it again and it was gone. I had to replace it today. It seems that these few clowns that are too lazy to put in the effort to re-hide a cashe should find another hobby, something that they can do by themselves. There I have vented It takes the owner a heck of a lot longer to purchase the things in the cashe and to hide it than it takes someone to re-hide the cashe
  17. I think it was Jim Bridger that said he was never lost but was a mite confused for a year or so
  18. Is there anyone on this forum that has ever lost their vehicle while geocaching? I mean forgotten to mark the coordinates and had a heck of a time finding it? I have a couple times and every time I swear that I will never forget again and have to admit, I am consistent! I don't think I have EVER remembered to mark it. Am I unique in this or are there others that have lost their cars? There were two times it took me a couple HOURS to find it but I swear, I will remember to mark it the next time I go out. Any horror story's out there??
  19. I think they are exactly the same. The value of the find doesn't change the fact that we need permission. I do most of my detecting with scuba gear, been diving for 35 years so I am not bothered like the land hunters are but almost every one of the rules are made because of people that think they ought to be able to do anything they want, just because they exist. Not true. There are some land managers that are on an ego trip but sorry, I have met few. I have little use for clubs. Just a personal thing. I have no interest in organized hunts where they hide coins. Not for me. I believe in hunting places I have been given permission and live by the rules. Maybe you live in an area of bad managers but here in Michigan I have had great cooperation. One problem is that some of the rangers just have no idea what the rules are so they just say no. It has not happened to me but looking at the MIGO site I have seen where it has happened. That is where a club Like MIGO can be handy. They negotiated with the state for the right to hide cashes on state land but it is ONLY with permission. We have to let the rangers know where we were hiding the cashe in case it is in a protected area. Loon or Eagle nesting areas, etc. Native Indian sites are protected too. All I ask is that WE do not destroy this hobby. There are many parks that are now off limits to Detectorists and I can not see ever getting the rights back. This is because of a few.
  20. this is something that upsets me a bit. This is an addition to the post down below but it is getting too dang long. I decided to speak my mind up here This is a new hobby, less than ten years old and I would just hate to see it go the way of another hobby of mine, metal detecting. I have metal detected for about 15 years and because of lazy or thoughtless people there are many places that are off limits to us. I always ask permission and always fill my holes and groom the area. Always have and always will. There are places that are off limits to me and others with my attitude because of a few lazy clowns that ruin it for us. There are those that will not fill holes and think nothing of trespassing on others property to dig. I have seen people come to metal detecting forum and ASK us how to hunt a place that is off limits! Ask US how to trespass and destroy our hobby. There are some that told them ways to do it too!! What disgusting people. I told one clown that I would turn him in in a heartbeat and he was upset with me. Tough. I feel the same about people in this hobby that are too dang lazy to do it right. What is wrong with them when it is so easy to do it right! Lets not destroy this hobby and lets not allow other to do it for us. I would turn in a violator in this hobby as fast as a metal detectorist that showed so little respect to the vast majority that do it right. I get so sick and tired of the few that blame the land managers for their attitudes and it is usually not their fault. It is the lazy and arrogant in my view That is MY opinion
  21. Well I agree with him, sorry. That may be OUR land but HE is the one taking care of it for the rest of us. Some thoughtless clown could put a virtual cashe in the middle of an ancient treasure and anyone going to it could distroy it. That is distroying OUR property. He is there to protect it. Some may think that because it it government land that they can do anything they want to it. Wrong! I don't want some clown distroying my treasures because they own a part of it. There were even some that wanted to dam up the Grand Canyon for hydro electric power. If a person is too dang lazy to ask to put out a cashe then they ought to get another hobby. That is my view.
  22. I agree that cashers have themselves to blame for this. Arrogant people that think they can just hide indiscriminately. It hurts us all. I have only 8 hid but I went to the effort of finding those responsible for the area I wanted to hide them in and got permission. It was easy. I have no respect for those that are risking this fine hobby because they are just too lazy to get permission. If I was running a park or other area and clowns hid cashes any place they wanted and did not get permission I would pull them too. Lazy arrogant people are going to ruin it for all of us
  23. Thank you!! I have looked everywhere but there
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