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  1. I'm around 3 miles from the Clent Hills and offered my help yesterday. I'll keep you updated on progress. RB KRO!
  2. Hi GerritS, In a word: Billy Twigger: This is a Billy Twigger Cache especially GCJ3TZ. Another on my To Do: GC1FHV5 RB KRO!
  3. Just a reminder that the annual 'Cache In Trash Out' (CITO) weekend is Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th April 2010. There are five events currently arranged for this weekend: GC25MP7 Oxford GC22R7M Edinburgh GC1R630 Sussex GC25VXE West Yorkshire GC25XY9 Lincoln plus another on Sunday 23rd May 2010: GC23C43 North West England If your in the area why not join in? RB KRO!
  4. Hi Villain, As previously suggested searching locally on your post code will bring up more than enough to keep you busy. Or you could try coming to my neck of the woods (south Birmingham!!) Plenty of good caches in the Clent Hills, along the canals around Bromsgrove, Lickey Hills or further south around Worcester and the Malverns. RB KRO!
  5. The GAGB is quiet enough even as a national portal. If you have enough drive and ideas why not try and get them moving in the right direction! RB KRO!
  6. I found it useful to supply a couple of location photos as well. RuberyBlue KRO!
  7. More good news to add.... Mr Ginger (TB) has turned up after nearly 18 months missing in Germany, placed in an old cache (but not logged in) and forgotten about until another cacher came upon him. I think most TB/ Geocoin that go AWOL in the hands of other cachers are genuinely misplaced, lost, forgotten or dropped in caches with low visitor numbers and not logged in. Why they don't respond to enquiries is probably down to embarassment more than anything else. My daughter will be pleased tonight when I tell her! RuberyBlue KRO!
  8. I'm looking for a bit of commitment, starting with your caching tomorrow, a pledge to start treating caches with the care and attention they require! I have read a number of posts both here and on GAGB.org.uk about the quality/ volume of cache contents dropping. I have also noticed this in the last 18 months and have decided to start making that extra effort to return both mine and the caches I visit to a more pleasurable experience. I have a collection of goodies which I am planning to place in my caches in the coming week and am pledging to carry swops for my future finds. I normally have nothing with me! Anyone else out there willing to join the mission 'Return of the quality cache'? RuberyBlue Keep right on!
  9. I'm on my third Colorado in just over 12 months. The second one went back to Garmin as it started suffering with accuracy problems after a firmware upgrade - its accuracy was a minimum 200 metres out! To be fair they did replace but the return was at my own expense. My advice send it back... I miss my 60CSX RuberyBlue Keep right on!
  10. Appreciate you are after official confirmation from recipients but I believe Six Little Spookies have received mine, or they have received the same coin from elsewhere. Happy to send again as and when they officially confirm. RB KRO!
  11. Second mission received today, 3 days from East Coast USA to UK. Way to go!! A big thanks to both our mystery sender from Eire and Thirsty Mick Mission #1 1. E-mail Sent 2. Name Received 3. Mission Sent: 06/12/08 4. Mission Received: Coin received from Ireland, sender?? Mission #2 1. E-mail Sent 2. Name Received 3. Mission Sent: 06/12/08 4. Mission Received:Coin (and some!!) received from ThirstyMick
  12. Apologies for the delay in posting to the discussion, didn't realise there was a receipting process in place Mission #1 1. E-mail Sent 2. Name Received 3. Mission Sent: 06/12/08 4. Mission Received: Coin received from Ireland, sender?? Mission #2 1. E-mail Sent 2. Name Received 3. Mission Sent: 06/12/08 4. Mission Received:
  13. Sold in 30 minutes, subject to funds clearing. Thank you! RB KRO!
  14. Hi All, Due to an upgrade in kit I have the folowing for sale: Garmin GPSMap 60 CX: The unit is in excellent condition (no scratches to screen) and comes with the USB cable and an additional 256Mb flash card. £140 plus postage. Pocket PC: Toshiba Pocket PC E310, with data cable and cachemate loaded (Ideal for paperless caching). User manuals included. £15 plus postage. Any questions please let me know. Regards RB KRO!
  15. Hi, I placed my first cache this weekend and, feeling it was in one of those obvious locations, didn't add a hint to the cache page (GCYG1R). It has received its FTF visit but also had an earlier DNF followed by a further two DNFs. I'd much prefer to have a challenging cache than the usual 'walk up and there it is' type but where do I draw the line? Do I: - Hold fire and leave it as it is (it can be found!) - Wait for a few more DNF's before adding a hint - Or do I (based on three DNF) break cover and add a hint now? Is caching meant to be simple or am i alienating local cachers? RuberyBlue Keep right on!
  16. Hi Bob, Had the same problem with mine. Resolved by using two 1Gb. Regards Paul
  17. Thanks for the responses. looking to stay around Ambleside but clock up some walking mileage all over the Lakes. I'll let you know how I go:-) RuberyBlue Keep right on!!
  18. I'm planning to spend a few days in the Lake District this Easter (first timer) and would like a little inside knowledge on what would be the best caches to go for and still get my walks with a view. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Keep right on! RuberyBlue
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