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  1. what I have done with some of mine is a take a small post it note usually orange or pink and just write do not keep then laminate it and attach it to the ones with a chain cant say it works or not but I Shure it helps some

  2. ok so I was out for a walk late at night and decided to check on a munzee as it was really windy out on top I saw a metal light witch cover on top of the item so I lifted it off and there was a band aid with what looked like logs so first I thought it was a new cache and it wasn't then I thought maybe it was a munzee and no luck so does any idea what it could have ben there where no geocaching markings or logos

  3. ] 20131209_181853

    sent u a email with all my info MysticCache would love to do it but i am new this this mission thing :)


    1. Participating Date - 10 November 2013

    2. Received Name Date - December 9 2013

    3. Mission Complete Date - December 9 2013

    4. Mission Received Date - not shure


    ty u very much geoturtlelover love them it was a great surprise on a cold day :)

  4. ok so i just bought 4 of the NEW Geocaching QR Travel Bug® - Black and i cant activate any of them i couldnt the site but thought i might try here it keeps telling me •The activation code does not match for this Trackable. and i have tryed 2 of them is any one eles having this problem with these new ones

  5. i keep hearing this tream used alot and i dont know what it is? i know the kind that are in your nose but does that mean its near something green or on something small and slimy sorry i still new to geocashing and dont know all the terms yet thanks for the help

  6. my question is i just got some travel bugs i would like to see free but i want to to them in one i have all ready found so do i need to sing the paper log again or what?

  7. i have tryed every thing here i know what a micro looks like i have seen the pic and i am preaty shure its just a peace of paper i have loooked every where near and far around the spot when i asked some they they sayed look high about arms length near a wall i have look behind all the things on top of them and cant find it i know it was last found on may 30th i think so i am figuring its still there but might not be i dont know where eles to look also evey know it sayes its a easy find other have sayed it was a hard find

  8. secound time didnt find it have looked every where in the aley at night


    went back again today 6/3/12 have ben there 5 or more times still cant find it i think it may be missing i have looked every where from the street to the army store i have look in thing on top of thing under thing behind thing evey where posable and it is no where to be found unless its on top of a building or in one


    if some one can show me where it is or tell me please send a message i realy want to find this one


    i have tryed contacting the owner with no responce i tryed again today i have looked every where and spent at least 10 30 mins looking please help i am new i have only found about 8 or so but cant find this one the link is below to the one i am talking about



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