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  1. So what's the big deal about this? It's a photo contest, essentially, right? And the chance of winning a real jeep is going to be pretty difficult with all those submissions. So what is the big deal? I've been reading about these white jeeps from last year and can't really figure out why everyone get's so excited about them.
  2. Puzzles? Somebody else likes puzzles? Oh yeah, baby. I like puzzles. Geocache puzzles or otherwise. For geocache puzzles I like 'em easy and I 'em tough. I prefer ones where when you get the answer, you know it is right immediately, either because it is obvious, or because you have a checksum. I prefer ones where the hide isn't cammoed to death, because my enjoyment is in the solving, and the journey, not a 45 minute search in some bushes. But that's just me. I think its great that people put so much time into making the puzzles for so few people that actually find them. I just found Devhead's "You Will Wish You Had Wings" and it looks like it gets visited only 6 times/year. I found five TT puzzles in one day last weekend, which I was pretty pleased with, but there are still some that elude me. Of about 19 of his that I know of that are around here, I think I've cracked 10 of them. (By the way, Duncan's "TT's San Diego Puzzle Caches" bookmark list is missing "Yada Yada" and "Somewhere in San Diego") I'm starting to make progress on your puzzles now, Team Adelos! Five found so far. Another 10+ solved and waiting for my 1st puzzle valley trip. Good stuff! I've found a lot of Duncan's puzzles, also good stuff! The last few should fall shortly! International Dog and Bone was fun. I've had a good time solving Dr. Boggis's puzzles, Devhead's puzzles, Look Over There's puzzles, Polar Bear's puzzles, and most everyone elses. Given that this is essentially a self-regulated venture it's a little surprising that more of the puzzles aren't dumb or poorly designed. Not everyone likes puzzles, though. That's fine. It's cool that geocaching has enough elements to appeal to different types of people.
  3. Whatever they are--I like 'em! The work of solving the puzzle makes the quest that much sweeter. Or whatever mystery it is hiding. It's interesting how there are even combinations of types, so the cache has to be labeled something. Like the Jenny's Two toned cache is a multi and a puzzle combined. Just wait, I'm planning to place a few puzzles myself.
  4. OK, San Diegans, this is my plan: I intend to hit 400 caches at the same time I hit 100 puzzle caches. That would be cool, no? A puzzle percentage of 25% would be sweet. I just learned of puzzle canyon so it should be possible. I think I'll make a push to solve some more local ones (I live in Clairemont) and the DAK girl semi-puzzles. Wish me luck! That does remind me of a question, though. If I have logged something labeled Traditional ("Code Name: Floppy") that is clearly a puzzle, and I convince the owner to change it to be a puzzle, do my stats update immediately, or is the stat based on the moment you log it?
  5. Well, "paperless" geocaching is great. Its really the way to go. I bought a Tungsten E2 and Cachemate and its all very easy. I also use GSAK to export to the PDA. I still bring along print outs from Google Earth to show me the best paths to take to places, and I bring along paper for my (hopefully) solved puzzles, so I'm not completely paperless. But its great preloading your GPS 60CSX and your Palm with all the local caches, deciding to hit one on your way somewhere, and when you get stuck, pulling out the Palm to read the hints or past logs.
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