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  1. Hi all We (team Trackinfind) have not been very active over the last few years yet have tried to keep most of our hides active. There is now a strong likelihood that we'll be emigrating in the not too distant future and have therefore decided to put our active cache hides up for adoption. Any of them left by the time of departure will be archived to make way for new caches. Anyone wanting me to archive any of them in order to place a nearby new cache may also contact me. You can contact me at greg.webb@actom.co.za Thanks & happy caching
  2. Compliments of Martin&Carolyn from a biking forum, enjoy;
  3. We're keen! One big bike & a scooter but kids might ride with so no space for extras.
  4. I see aloes, looks like south cape, is it Map of Africa in Wilderness?
  5. Aaah, too easy. Off you go.
  6. Then it's about 7km West at "Old George Knysna Road".
  7. Looks like Touws River bridge.
  8. I think in my school days it used to be refered to as the CND sign (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), but don't know where it origionated.
  9. Has anyone noticed that cachers who encounter snakes are normally alone i.e. No kids??? THATS RIGHT, TAKE THE KIDS WITH, THEY MAKE SO MUCH NOISE THEY SCARE THE POOR SNAKES AWAY.
  10. Nobody noticed!!!! Bear & Fox hit 500, a massive CONGRATS to you!!
  11. I think I saw something somewhere suggesting New York?? Not too sure, but that leaves the last 2 for SA, I hope they are in the Cape!
  12. Just interested to know: How many of the people who retrieved Cape Union Mart Reindeer are GeoCachers, & Russel, why didn't you get the one in London?
  13. Greetings Andy. The next time you come down you better make time for a visit! I will then escourt you to the cache & maybe give you a slight hint
  14. Trackinfind

    I spy

    SURPRISE!! it's actually your brother, Ronel's gone shopping (or maybe caching). Anyway, HELLO, we're coming to visit soon.
  15. Firstly, thanks CapeDoc for keeping an eye on this one after so many DNF's. Secondly, I would like suggestions, some say leave as is (although I have upped the difficulty rating to 4 stars), or should the clue be more desciptive/helpful? What say you??
  17. Trackinfind


    As mentioned, get a unit with a Si-RF chipset. With that as a prerequisite, look for a unit that suites your budget. I've yet to see a unit where the electronic compass works consistently and without hiccups. They tend to freeze up and often send you in the wrong direction. I got fed up and switched mine off, at least now I only take two steps in the wrong direction instead of a 100m or more. Wasted too much precious caching time recalibrating it or walking in the wrong direction. If you google, you'll find enough links where folks aren't too happy with the electronic compass functionality, so I wouldn't have that as a pre-req. Stand to be corrected, but I would think that all units that have one, you are able to switch it off. Hi everybody We also had alot of trouble with the electronic compass on our Garmin. What I found is that if I re-calibrate it (doing the 720 degree turn) every time I replaced the batteries, it worked fine.
  18. Hi everybody The following week this same cacher logged one of our caches, TF12 Boyes Falls. I quote "Passed it with the bus. The five minute stop wasn´t enough to find the box. Thanks from Germany." Does he think all SA caches are virtuals? Do I delete it? Or do we just ignore it, he`s only fooling himself.
  19. Well done to Discombob & Colinaly with thier milestones!! Many more happy caching experiences from us.
  20. Hi All! Please see updated Event Cache WC GC14FF4 - Feeling the winter chills? Due to urgent work commitments and travelling, we need to move the “Feeling The Winter Chills” Event that would have taken place tomorrow evening 4 August 2007 to Saturday 25 August 2007. At such a late stage we did not want to dump the arrangements of the event and sorting out a new venue on someone else. We apologise for any inconvenience of this late notification. Kind regards Trackinfind Greg & Ronel
  21. It looks like the latest casualty is "Are we there yet?" muggled from its last stop-over. RIP. Good luck to rest of you.
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