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  1. Im trying to upload the 2.03 firmware to my ex500 and everything goes good till it gets to the part where its suspose to auto shut down and it dosent, does anyone have any ideas what my problem is?
  2. How do I back up internal memory, Im a little rusty at this. Since me and my wife had our daughter my gps has been put on a shelf except for the odd cache hunt.
  3. Does anyone know if when you up-grade the FW you have to erase everything on the sd card to make it work, or can I just remove it before hand and do the re-set/download? I havent been on here in a while, and the last firmware upgrade for the 500 I tried to do for the last version wouldnt work. I was wondering if it was because I didnt erase the sd card? Lee
  4. Is there a way to use mapsend without putting in the disc every time, I have version 1.00 topo for Canada. I thought I seen a thread about this but mabe I was wrong?
  5. I just wish Magellan could help me download the 2.03 firmware for my 500 Ive had it since last feb. or march and havent gotten any help that has worked yet. I just bought my father in-law a 500 and it has the newer firmware and I think it seemed better. Magellans tec support is the worst thing Ive ever dealt with.
  6. or you could get the lit-ion batterie seperate and uce batterie clip with le for back-up, just a thought.
  7. The topo Map for Canada sucks compared to magellans.
  8. Gillson neoprene case,look on their website I just ordered 2 and I got a batterie clip off e-bay for about 15.00$
  9. The batterie clip for the magellan explorist model is the same size as the li-ion rechargeable batterie and the three aaa's fit right inside its not bulky at all. But magellan also has the rechargeable li-ions on sale right now with the power cord so I think they are trying to get rid of em, seeing how they discontinued the regular 500 with this type of batterie.The 500le is still on their web site.I would go with the eX600 or if you are into garmin and want to shell out a few extra bucks get the 60 csx.
  10. The LE is still listed on the Magellan site as of 10 minutes ago, and I couldn't find any information about it being discontinued. But I could have missed it. The 500LE is still listed, but the LiIon battery-equipped 500 is not. Same model with the exception of the battery pack. The apparent discontinuation of the 500 is news to me. Go to magellans legacy models on the web site, It shows the 500 being discontinued as of November 2006.Its in the support section of their site.
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    Jeezzz! I'm dumb.
  12. munro290


    I might be stupid asking this but what does it mean when people sign the log for a cache and put TFTH at the end?
  13. get the 500 while they last cause they are discontinued on magellans website, this is why you can find em so cheap now.
  14. If you go to the legacy models it shows the 500 is discontinued and they have the charger/batterie combo for 19 bucks but just the batterie is 39.99, figure that out?
  15. That's helpful information: I think you are looking at the .rgn files (that define the region you specified...they should be about 3KB in size) in the Docs folder. The .imi files should be in the export folder, and should be much larger. You may need to go to Tools/Folder Options/View tab in Windows Explorer to uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" in order to see the file extension. Thanks alot you really helped, these forums are the best.
  16. I am seeing the progress bars but they zip by real quick, and its saving them in DOCS on the computer.
  17. Its a eXplorist500 and Im sure the serial # is entered corectly but its like when I save it to the computer and go to run it through the conversion manager the saved file is there with nothing in it.
  18. I just got a mapsend direct route , downloaded it and selected a reigon then saved it to comp. and went to conversion manager to load onto gps and it dosent work. 8 months ago I dwnloaded the topo map with no problems,does anyone have any sugestions?
  19. Because there is no reason to turn off WAAS on a Magellan unit. I dont want to turn off waas off but I thought that there might be something on the "secret menu" that could help me be able to download the newer firmware onto my 500. I havent been sucessful in getting any help from magellan either.
  20. AR-15, I'm not sure how a Sportrak works, but on the explorist if you press the "menu" button then move the joystick left and right about 4 times it opens the "secret menu" enter "03" to open the WAAS screen. The only thing you can do on the explorist using this is to turn WAAS on or off. Here's where you go for more info: http://rhamphorinkx.newmail.ru/sf.htm TD Does anyone know what this website is for or why magellan dosent mention anything about it in the owner manual,instructions?
  21. You should have been looking last week london drugs had the 500 for 199.99$ Ive had mine for just about a year and love it. The 60csx might be great but so is the ex 500 for a couple hundred cheaper.
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