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  1. Forgive this novice, but I don't see the problem, except that your favorite retailer is going to stop carrying the line. If I understand correctly, Magellan isn't going bust. I bought mine on ebay, and mom got hers from Amazon, so I don't see the reason for panic, except you have to find another store.
  2. Crusso, I got my coins Saturday. The coins look GREAT! I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into this. You did good! Mikedx
  3. Dan, Thanks so much! I had two that didn't show up. I think it was because I originally posted them as no finds, then posted again later as finds. I used the missing logs id's and they came right up! I wasn't going to mention it cuz I figured you were hounded, and 2 wouldn't be worth mentioning. Thanks!
  4. Best: A civil war bullet (I've always wanted one) Lamest: A micro with waterlogged sports cards stickers, a state quarter, and a broken keychain.
  5. I forgot that I could convert the GPS to magnetic north. But I really wasn't concerned over the minor differences. I found a remedy to the arm waving for the nonmagetic compass GPS's. I just get the bearing off the GPS and line up my compass and follow it. It saves from walking back and forth when you are on the side of a mountain.
  6. Are they in yet? Thanks, Mike
  7. I pulled up my "view state" when I was logged in, and the 4 caches I did on July 4 aren't shown with a checkmark. On "My Cache Page" and on the individual cache pages are marked with a smiley face. The ones on this day are the only ones I did that are not checked. I was wondering if anyone else had this Independence Day problem? It's nothing big, as I use a big cork board with my 100 mile radius map with white push pins for those I've been to, red push pins for new caches, and other colors for the caches I haven't been to in my 100 mile radius. Thanks, Geograsshopper
  8. I used the DeLorme and have really gotten my moneys worth. However, I also have a big 1" = 1mile "General Highway Map" by the WV Department of Transportation that shows more detail. Don't know if your state has it, but this one is in conjunction with the US DOT "Federal Highway Administration". Our state Department of Environmental Protection also offers aerial maps that really get in close and let you spot dirt trails, gas line paths, etc.
  9. Anybody else having problems with his page? http://www.insidecorner.com/geocaching I REALLY like it and haven't been able to get in the states leaderboard page for a couple of days. Thanks, Geograsshopper
  10. I use 1600 mAH NiMh Powerex batteries in my Magellan. I turn the GPS on from the time I leave the house until I get home. This lets me know how many miles I've made for the trip, as well as being able to look at the path screen to see if it matches the back roads I take. They last 6-8 hours. I just about drained two sets on my last 14hr trip. When fully recharged, the battery readers says about 85% capacity. I also have a car adapter with my recharger, so that I can recharge the first set after I put in the 2nd. Big Lots currently have Panasonic NiMh 1600 mAH 4 for $5. I also keep two Duracells just in case.
  11. I mailed you a check for my 30 on Monday. I'd just as well you mail them to me as cache them to me. I think/hope he was joking.
  12. Since there are only 115 in my 100 mile radius, I have to consider them all. My brother who lives in Riverside, CA has over 1,000 in his 100 mile radius, so he might have a different answer. I try to plan out and hit at least 4 or 5 in the same general area. The only thought I give to difficulty is: A. I do the hardest ones first while it's cooler and I have more energy. B. If I need a boat/canoe or other specialized equipment.
  13. 1. 25 Caches in first 5 weeks. 2. Been to 14 parks/WMA 10 of them for the first time. 3. Try to hit 5 caches on Saturday (hey, I'm limited by distance) 4. Spend Sunday planning for the next Saturday (planning routes, printing out cache descriptions, topo maps, aerial photos) 5. Drive a Cavalier to places I never thought it would make it and putting on loads of miles. 6. Spent $150 on a GPS and $100/year for cell phone service and still think it's a cheap hobby. But not considering buying an ATV. 7. Went to 5 last Saturday and drove back bugged because I didn't find the last one due to darkness. 8. Placed my first cache. 9. Spend way too much time on the web site. I love this game!
  14. I just posted a similar topic and agreeded that my being in the exact spot of a missing cache was a no find but in your situation you did the honorable thing by not going to the cache to keep noncachers from finding it. I think that in this instance you could count it as a find since you did the right thing (unless of K2's suggestion that finding it alone is part of it which I doubt). If people knew in advance that they couldn't count it as a find, they might be tempted to dig it out in front of prying eyes. If you and the hider are happy with it, then do it.
  15. If you decide to take a trip up north near Charleston email me and I'd be happy to give you a breakdown of caches "up here". Mike p.s. Notice how in WV we have to tell people what County we're from?
  16. I loved the pictures of "Vern". Especially the cop car!
  17. If anyone is going to do any WV caches, and likes to spend time planning their trip in advance, I love using aerial photos (and check with topo maps to find the elevation change) to try to find a better route to the cache than what is listed by the placer. WV aerial photos are available on the WV Department of Environmental Protection website: http://www.dep.state.wv.us/ Point your mouse over Mappings, GIS, and GPS, Click on Aerial Photography Browser. Of couse if there is something scenic that I would miss by going my own route (like the gristmill at Babcock) I'll use the placers method.
  18. I think half the fun is planning your own route and trail in advance. I try to hit several caches per trip (due to distance) on the weekend, so to fill the time during the week I use the Gazetteer to find the shortest roads between caches and I use topo maps and aerial photos (available in WV on the DEP web site) to find my own best trail to the cache. Unless of course there is something scenic I'd be missing by going by the placers route. Of course I once tried a route where the road WAS the creekbed, so I had to go around, but that was fun it itself.
  19. Hi! Mom wants me to get a cell phone in case of emergency. Since I don't have one and never intend on using it (except for emergency), I've been looking for a prepaid plan with no monthly fees. The best I've found is: http://www.tracfone-orders.com/tr/phonelist.jsp?tech=CO which is a tracfone with 100 minutes that are good for a year. What I like about this plan is that there are: 1. No hidden fees 2. The minutes are good for a year (only have to renew once/year) 3. The phone comes with the package. 4. It's the cheapest method I've found at $95/year. Now with the criteria that you NEVER will use it except for emergency: Does anyone know of a cheaper plan? Has anyone used this service and like it/dislike it? The only problem I have with their claim that they have 99% nationwide coverage is wondering where that 1% isn't. Thanks for your time, GPS Grasshopper
  20. You guys are right, I shouldn't get to count it as a find since it wasn't there. However, I like the idea of niskibum to change it to a note and have done so. Since the owner has already archived it, it doesn't make a difference. Jamie, I don't like seeing a frowny face on my cache page because it makes me think I failed or did something wrong. I didn't fail because it wasn't there, so I don't want to see a frowny. You said it doesn't bother you because you can go back later. If it was one close to where I live I would agree with you, but the one in question is 4 hours away and I'm not going back later. Thanks for everbody's input.
  21. In the spirit of Partial Find On Multi Stage - Partial Credit, I want to ask about the following situation. If you go on a cache hunt out of state where the cache was stolen, should you get full credit? Normally I would wait IF they replaced the cache and do it again, but this cache I did while on vacation: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=7733 and it is 4 hours away and I won't be going back there. I KNOW that I was in the right spot as the spoiler says look under the "Red Christmas Tree" and there is only one tree that fits the bill (there is even a plaque that reads "Red Pine Tree"). My daughter and I got scratched while getting underneath the tree, and went as far as to spread around the needles underneath in case the cache owner buried it. After several people posted a no find, the owner left a note that they would check on it. They have since archived it. My question is should we get to count it as a find since we were in the EXACT location and that it is out of state and that it would be unduly burdensome to have to go back? Thanks for your time, GPS Grasshopper
  22. Man, do I relate to that wedge it in the corner and watch it fall whenever you get to a curve or else hold it one hand. I know I have to do something as holding it keeping it from falling is just an accident waiting to happen. However, I'm not keen on the $40 suction cup model. I think I'll go to Lowe's and invest in some suction cups and velcro. I don't really want it on the vents as it gets it reception better under the windshield as well as the fact I don't have to glance as far down to see the GPS. I just hope the cops don't see the unit in the windshield with suction cups and think it is a radar detector. As for needing it instead of maps... I agree that in WV I see no point in needing GPS mapping software for streets, but when you want to drive around and scope out the best place to pull off the road or check back roads, the GPS saves you a lot of walking.
  23. Where's the best place to get them? Army surplus? Thanks, GPS Grasshopper
  24. I am just a beginner but had found the following: I have used a Garmin Etrex and it had problems with satellite reception under moderately dense trees. It kept bouncing around saying here, no 200 feet there, no 50 feet over there, etc. I have used a Magellan 315 for about 12 hunts, and have had NO problems getting a good reception under the same conditions.
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