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  1. Sorry, but can only speak for West Virginia. Physically challenging is the key. Here's the three for me.


    #3. Rapid-Cache (GC1E44) Notable because I almost drowned. Catman and Jeepman made it more difficult as well..


    #2. Hatfield's View (GC1272) 0.35 miles, with a change in altitude of over 900 feet. This cache and it's replacement (GCGT98) have both been archived.


    #1. South Peak Summit (GC7A11) I don't know what "leading 3 pitches" means, so I'll leave this one alone. tmp went around, not up.


    #1 and #3 made more difficult because some of us are too stubborn to go the recommend routes (boating, climbing) and just choose to swim/climb around.

  2. WVDan and I were talking today about how the season is getting in gear, and how we'd like to get together and revisit old friends, and meet some of the new cachers out there. I'd like to get to meet some of the new players: Puter, Pinkbison, Sarge76, and Strider_Greybeard. I still haven't met Foxfire & Snoopy or One T and Biscuit yet. I'd like to see Eli, MITW, IWILLFIND, GPS-Hermit, jspiker, two-bit joe, Wizardmaster, catman, jeepman, cachepotato, and the rest again.


    So, as before, I am trying to organize a meet & greet like last year. Also as before, majority rules on time, date, and location.


    For those that haven't been, it's just an informal get together to swap stories, tell lies, see how late Eli get there, eat food, and put faces to the names we've read in all those logs. Some people may step up and hide some new caches just for this event. Maybe we can get the people from the state parks to come down and talk to us about the new cache rules.


    It has been my experience that the majority of WV cachers live in and around the Kanawha Valley. But there is a very vocal minority in the Elkins area that want to be seen as well.


    So get on here and nominate months and areas. After we get a majority we can decide on weekends and times.


    I'm thinking mid to end of May somewhere close to Charleston on I-79.

  3. Just wanted to clear something up. The ONLY objective of the rule "one year moved or removed" policy is all about maintenance. The state parks don't want you to bring out a cache, leave it there, and abandon it. Just leaves what would become trash on their site. woo2, I agree that it is helpful for cachers to let you know if something is amiss with your cache, but it is the hider ultimately responsible to maintain their own caches. I never did figure out how people could have 100's of hides and have time to maintain them all, but that's another story for another thread.


    The bottom line is that the parks are saying that if you want to leave caches on their sites, you should be courteous and do maintenance on them once a year. They originally had it once per month, but Geowhiz and I talked them into once a year. I don't think it's too much to ask.

  4. Well, the web page is up...


    The geocaching links are up on the state web page. I haven't heard about the implementation of the state parks permit sticker system, but you can read about their requirements on their web site:




    FYI: People who own caches in these parks, keep an ear out for when they implement the system. They can get your email off the cache pages though.


    I think the page looks GREAT! Will require maintenance on their part to keep up with the new/archived state parks caches. A big boost for our sport, if you ask me.

  5. Tony,


    Unsure about listing by individual caches on brochures. My guess it would just say there are x caches at this state park. You know how volatile caches are, would have to keep revising the brochures.



    Perhaps it is bueauracratic and take some extra amount of time to get the stickers in the mail, but I really couldn't think of a better way for the parks to ensure the caches are placed and maintained properly. If you can think of a better way, I'd be happy to pass it on.


    As for unregistered caches, nothing was said. IMHO, the parks would notify the owners through email via the cache page that their cache is unregistered, and give them an appropriate amount of time to take care of it. Afterwards they could confiscate it and keep it at the park for their retrieval.


    If no one claims it within so many months, then the state parks people have to start a new cache with the container & contents of the old one. Could call it the "Confiscated Kanawha State Forest Cache".


    Just kidding about that last part. Actually, I heard that a number of people that work at each of the parks have expressed interest in hiding their own caches.


    As for a fee, again, she at no time mentioned one. I share with you the feeling that nothing is ever free. But if they take the viewpoint that we get people (and therefore $) into their parks, then maybe we are paying our way that way. Or else we could bargain with another parks cleanup.


    Thanks for the comments and keep them coming.

  6. I just take a vacation from caching around hunting season. Well...from the WMA anyway.


    They have a rifle/shotgun and I have a GPS. Not very fair when they are armed better than me.


    On an aside, my girlfriends son and dad both are hunters. I declined to go with them. I don't trust a 9 year old with a gun, and I don't trust my soon to be father in law. I'm not that confident on how much he likes me...

  7. Hey everybody,


    Geowhiz and I met with Kim McHenry, who is over the WV State Parks, on the 23rd. She said that they really appreciate the caches, as it gets more of us out there. She called it a win-win situation for both the parks and the cachers. However, they wanted to set up some guidelines which involve common courtesy things that geocaching.com already requires, and in addition wanted to know where the caches are, ensure that they are maintained, etc.


    She said that they have gone to other state web pages and tried to take things from each in order for us to use.


    Now note that this is all PRELIMINARY. They are giving us the opportunity to work with them to help set up this system.


    I told her that Geowhiz and I don't officially represent anybody, that we cachers are anarchists at heart, and that I would post here when things happen and that perhaps we could have a cachers get together to talk about these issues.


    She said (in addition to things that geocaching.com already requires) they were THINKING about requiring a permit for any caches on WV State Park property (new and existing). Note that this would be an one page form that includes name, address, coordinates, etc. that you can fill out ONLINE on the WV State parks website. She didn't mention any fee involved. They would then mail you an offical WV state parks sticker to put on your cache container. The other thing is that they were thinking about having you renew these every year. This would ensure that you do maintenance on your cache. So maybe a different colored sticker each year.


    Anyway, as I said this is all PRELIMINARY. Geowhiz and I talked to her cuz they know each other. She and I will keep everybody informed during the whole process, and if you want to email me, I can give you Kim's email address so that you can talk to her directly with any issues/concerns/comments you may have.

    Kim plans on putting a DRAFT form on their website sometime around December for comments. THIS FORM IS NOT SET IN STONE.


    Remember, they are NOT trying to stop the fun for everyone. They want us there as much every bit as much as we want to put our caches there. All they are asking is a little common courtesy and awareness about our caches on their property. I think you guys would agree with me that we would all feel better knowing that the caches that are put out there are approved so that they don't reflect poorly on us as a group.


    Oh yeah, as a bonus, they are THINKING about updating their park brochures & sites to identify caches within. Wouldn't that be cool?


    That was the meat of our conversation. Let me know if you have any questions...



  8. Didn't I just post for MITW @ 300 some SHORT time ago?


    Anyway, I see (with no help from a defunct stats page) that MITW has hit the big 400 and Eli is 1 post away from #300. I don't know how you find the caches. Must be out of state. A big congrats to the 2 powerhouses in WV.


    I'm on a sabbatical after doing 30 around Elkins and climbing Hatfield mountain.


    Dan's happy that I'm dating again. But don't think I don't still have my eye on him. As for me caching out of state. Why? There are more popping up in WV than I can get to...



  9. When I started in July 2002, there were 88 WV caches. I have done all but 10 of those. I will feel an accomplishment to have done all 88. I mean, when a new cache pops up in Keyser or Wheeling or Lewisburg...Nobody will ever be able to get them all. Heck, I'm only at 80%. (Dan's at 64%)

    What gets me is that MITW and ELI have done almost twice as many caches as there are in the entire state of WV.


    GO HERD!!!

  10. Indy,


    I woke up this morning with a lot of pain. Puter, I'm sure Jeepman was just teasing everybody else that didn't share our pain. You have my respect for climbing up that mountain at all. Now if you want to show you are crazy, you can do it again when the new cache is posted.


    Hat's off to GeoWhiz and Eli. I knew Geo could do it, but Eli really surprised me. She did out stubborn me.


    I have some good pictures whenever the new cache is posted. Especially of tater finally getting to the top.


    Glad to see that 5 out of the 6 finders came back to reunite for this cache.


    Lets do it again....never.



  11. I want to know if Dan set bear traps out there to knock off the top cachers so he can get into first place...

    I will be there, rain or shine. God knows I'm stupid enough to do it again, what difference does it make how much harder we can make it?

    Tony, in all seriousness, I don't think that you would want to try this one. I have my doubts on Eli, but she may out stubborn me and surprise us all...

  12. According to logs (the stats page is down), GeoWhiz has hit the 100. I'm not happy with her log entry on #100 that she couldn't have been with anyone better than tinkerman, but I'll let that slide.


    Have enjoyed all the ones we've done together, and look forward for those we will do on your next 100. Especially Hatfield.




  13. Nutz? Me?


    I have to agree with Catman. Anyone who has already done this is insane to do it again. I swore coming down that mountain that I'd never do it again. When I came down, fireworks were going off (I went on the 4th of July). In tribute to me I thought.


    Listen to tater. It will kick your butt. This will be the hardest cache you've ever done. A third of a mile that you will tell your grandchildren about.


    Tater, I don't remember bushwacking all the way up. I do remember trying to find ways around rocks. I also remember being on all fours most of the way trying to keep from sliding down, and looking for trees to put my butt against to rest. I didn't see any rattlesnakes, I didn't think they could climb that high. May need oxygen, as the air seems thin on top. I'll never forget going from 0.14 to 0.13 miles from the cache. Toughest few feet I ever hiked.


    No one said exactly where we'd meet. For those with 4 wheel, you can get up to the cemetary. Those without need to park just off the road in the grass. It's not that much further up the hill to the cemetary.


    Are we meeting at Devil Anse's grave?


    Last one down has to roll the bodies of those that didn't make it to the cemetary.




    p.s. Anybody going to do Rich Creek afterwards? The oldest existing "cache" in WV. I know the best way to get there...

  14. Here's the response in full:


    After discussing this cache with about 10 other admins, I regret to inform you that I cannot approve it as an event cache. But let me say that all the admins felt that what you are doing is fantastic... you are replacing a cache that's very important to the history of geocaching in your area, and you're assembling a great group of adventurers to conquer the terrain. HAVE FUN! Many of the admins wished they could join you.


    Our reasoning for archiving your submission was that you are basically getting a group of people together to hunt for a cache. This happens all the time, although not usually for such a monumental hunt. If we approved this event, then everyone would want an event listing when they get a couple of friends together to go cache hunting. It's two smiley faces for basically the same cache.


    An event cache is meant to be an opportunity for geocachers to get together to talk about geocaching. Whether it's beer and pizza or a picnic shelter at a state park, the sine qua non of event caches is the getting together and talking part. There is something happening above and beyond hunting for a single cache. We didn't see that in your submission.


    We also believe that your existing forum posts, and the notes left on the existing cache page, are sufficient ways to publicize your cache hunt. You can also e-mail people to join up with you.


    I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goal and getting that cache replaced! That will be a well-earned find.


    Happy caching,

    Keystone Approver



    Basically they are afraid that if we open the lid on having an event for a single cache, that "We are indeed worried about the case of 5 people getting together to go find a 1/1 cache in the city park, and calling that an event"

    I respect their decision, not because I think this one shouldn't be approved, but because of what it would lead to down the road.



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