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  1. Here is the ad on Craigslist http://houston.craigslist.org/ele/1361927845.html


    Garmin Vista HCx GPS $150


    Hard case


    Screen in great shape; no scratches (has had cover most of life)


    2 gig SD Card


    Garmin Waypoint Manager Software


    Includes original box, manual and USB cable


    Great for geocaching and other outdoor activities.


    This unit does not come with Garmin street maps (it comes with the Garmin base map which shows hwys)


    For more info see: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=145...D=8703#specsTab

  2. My son and I have been caching for approx 3 months - we are using a combination of vista HCx & i5. Since we are looking for a single unit that will do paperless caching, turn by turn directions and off road line of site navigation this one might work for us. Can't wait see a few more reviews.


    It cracks me up that Garmin has released 3 different paperless caching options in less than 8 months. Having more choices is good I guess.

  3. Thank you all for posting comments (good and things that need to improve) - I follow the Colorado threads and your posts are much appreciated. I think Garmin is listening to you guys based on the .54 release. Maybe one more firmware release and I'll be comfortable enough to replace my Vista HCx with the Colorado 300. I really want one but I don't want to adopt too early.


    If you Export a .gpx file from a GSAK database and then send the waypoints to the Vista HCx using Garmin's POI loader, you can get more information on the POIs using the GSAK "smart name" codes.



    Is the Garmin's POI loader separate software install than Mapsend?

  5. ... but I thought i was supposed to get an e mail in a few minutes that I could open in GSAK and transfer to Colorado.


    Isn't this the way it is supposed to work? Anyone have ideas on what I am doing wrong, or anything that i could check?? TIF..................


    When I set it up the files did not get emailed to me until the next day I scheduled it for. It was not immediate.

  6. I have a older i5 for the car and I'm considering purchasing a Colorado 300. Can I purchase 1 set of maps on SD for use in both units? (I can move the SD card between the units when necessary).


    The maps do come on miniSD with a full size adapter so they will physically fit in both units but I'm wondering if there is a licensing issue? Does Garmin allow this? Will it work? Do the maps on SD require unlocking for a specific unit?


    Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

  7. I purchased an Explorest 1 month ago and I really like it. The large screen is the best. I'm not using Topo maps so I can not speak to that issue.


    If your purchase one check out the firmware upgrage 1.05 - it is quick and easy.

  8. I reckon he's just copied and pasted all the info off the yahoo sites, and made a PowerPoint presentation, because people like bell, whistles and pretty blinking lights!! :D


    You want to make large maps on your SD card????


    ...... just edit the Mapsend.ini file in the installation directory.


    Look under the the [DEVICE_DEFAULTS] section.


    Find the line that begins with Conv_Memory_Size=......... (with the 16384..... or whatever value is there)


    Change the number to anything you like, but be warned that, a number too large can slow down or crash the GPSr!!


    A good practical limit, is 64Megabytes or the number 65536 :huh:


    This gives you the ability to load region files of 64Meg, which add up to 256 Meg for each imag(.img) file.


    You can then load 9 image files onto a 2 gig SD card, and you're right to go!!! :huh:


    There!!!........... just saved you $6!! :P


    Great tip. Thanks! I want all of TX in one map on my 2 GIG SD card and now I can have it. Thanks for posting.

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