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  1. I have a new Garmin 600 and I am looking for a way to organize the caches into lists. I know I can store lots of caches on it and I already have a bunch. however if, for example, I am going on a multi city trip and want to be able to find the favorite caches in those cities only, is there a way to sort the list by favorites and by city? The only way I can think to do this is to delete all the caches and only load the city I am in. I still have not been able to use the "Awesomeness" filter... I hope Im missing something in the organizing/sorting.

    Currently I have been loading the caches from GSAK and it has been working well, just not the sorting.


    Side note - is there a way to view the list from a map perspective? For example nearest cache is only 500 yards away, but on the other side of the river. really easy to determine with a map - frustrating when you run into those roadblocks and the bridge is a mile or two upstream. :\

  2. Bear... I have only been using the Groundspeak app. Haven't tried one that imports GPX files and it wont import files... to my knowledge. :/


    Atlas... I'll try looking at that one. thanks.

  3. Related Question...


    I don't use a GPS. Is there a way to export from GSAK to my iPhone?


    Also, Is there a way to sort the caches in a way that they can be most efficiently found? (least amount of driving say in a 10 mile circumference. Starting point and end point being the same)



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