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  1. Great additions! Hope someone can help by adding those waymarks, Fi67!
  2. I'm amazed that those waymarks could be approved, but perhaps I don't understand the approval process well enough.
  3. Maybe I'm just a collector at heart, but I've come across a couple of local waymarks that have strong connections to another spot in another city which would make a good waymark for someone else to log. I guess it would just be easiest to give examples: Egg Money, Calgary - This is one of three sculptures by the same pair of artists on the same theme using mostly the same elements. I've waymarked one of the other sculptures, Cochrane Legacy . But there is little or no chance of me getting to Saskatoon to log the third and last in the set, Egg Money 2.0. Instructions on how to find it, should anyone be going to Saskatoon, are in the text for Egg Money. I would be really tickled if someone could add Egg Money 2.0 to Waymarking. It makes part of my brain itch to think that it's out there, un-waymarked. General Wolfe statue, Calgary - I just submitted this waymark for approval. It's one of four bronze statues of historic figures that were placed on the facade of New York City's Echange Court building in 1898. The other three sstatues, of Peter Stuyvesant, George Clinton (NY state governor), and Henry Hudson, are all in Academy Green Park in Kingston, NY. So if any New York-area waymarkers are wondering what to do next, I'd be thrilled if these three statues were added to the site. If anyone else has similar requests, perhaps this would be a good thread to post them on? Edited to add link to General Wolfe statue waymark - thanks very much for a speedy approval!
  4. Canada's Historic Places | Lieux patrimoniaux du Canada www.historicplaces.ca - listing of all national and provincial registered historic sites, along with lengthy descriptions giving location and reasons for historic status
  5. Canada has Communities in Bloom but the criteria goes beyond just how tidy things are. I guess it would be akin to Switzerland's Wakker Prize.
  6. There are a number of these in my city, as the result of the "Udderly Art" event about 10 years ago. So I would be able to make some contributions :-) Also, some of the Calgary cows apparently ended up in other cities. Udderly Art cows on the moove
  7. I haven't spent a full day waymerking yet - it's catch as catch can. So I keep a daypack handy with my GPS, camera, and notebook, and just keep my eyes open for interesting stuff when I'm out & about.
  8. For my waymark "visits", I take photos from a variety of angles and then post the angle that nobody else has posted yet. I figure that's nearly as good, and more private. :-)
  9. I never feel comfortable using someone else's images. But when I'm posting on the net, I'm quite happy to link to the source. I do something like this Charles Bird King's portrait of John Brant on eighteeentwelve.ca
  10. Could someone recommend the best place for an artistic monument (not a statue) commemorating immigrants from Hungary prior to WW2? Magyar Centennial Gateway
  11. Don't know if the opinion of a noob like me counts, but I like the idea; I can think of two in my local area just off the top of my head, both are very artistic.
  12. I've noticed the same problem with many of my visits; I've been assuming it was a known glitch and just ignoring it. For example, this is one of the very first waymarks that I visited, back in April: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMDFMZ When I look at the right hand column, I see "View Visits/Comments (0)" but when I click on that link, I can see my visit and comments; doesn't matter if I use Firefox or IE9.
  13. I've recently discovered Waymarking, and there has been a very active waymarker in my area for many years. So a ton of places are already waymarked. This doesn't bother me, because I can always log visits and then I don't have to go through the whole GPS thing, which I find to be a bit time-consuming; I can focus on taking photos instead, which is the part that I enjoy the most. Different strokes for different folks, of course, and I know lots of people come to Waymarking from geocaching, but for me, it's a way to get myself out the door and practice my photography.
  14. I'm quite new here myself, but I think one of Bpratt's points bears repeating, as it has just bit me IF you're going to record a new waymark, make sure to read the category description for the category you're planning to submit it for. For example, I just photographed a few lovely murals in my city, and recorded their GPS coordinates. However, upon reading the description for the mural category, I found out that you need to have a wide shot, to show the mural's scale, as well as a good close-in shot. With a few exceptions, I didn't do the wider view. Also, the GPS coordinates for murals need to be as close to the mural as you can get, not from where you took the photo. (Unless of course you can't get closer in.) Which makes great sense in hindsight, since you need to be quite a ways from a mural to get a good photo of the whole thing. So I'll have to revisit some of these murals later. Rats. In my (very limited) experience, the rules for visits are generally looser, so if someone had already waymarked these murals, I'd probably be okay to log the visits with the photos that I have.
  15. Thanks so much for the feedback, everyone! Sounds like a green light all around, then, as none of these are vacation photos; they are photos that I took in my city in the last 5 years or so. And if I want to submit a new waymark for any of them, well, to me that's just an excuse to go back with my (borrowed) GPS in hand :-)
  16. So I've just realized that I have some digital photos of various local waymarks that go back a few years. Would it be okay to post them now as visits, with the original visit date on them, or should I visit & photograph them again? Maybe going back 1 year would be okay, but going back further might be pushing it?
  17. Usually when something really weird like this happens, it's because there is something wonky with your web browser. Try deleting any Waymarking.com and geocaching.com cookies in your web browser, close the browser and then restart it again. It's surprising how often this works.
  18. I can second that. I'm very new to Waymarking. I first learned about the site because it kept coming up in my search for information on less-known local landmarks. Now I've started logging my visits to those waymarks, and it looks like I will be the first one to visit many of them. But I was impressed enough by the quantity and quality of the info to get started here on Waymarking myself, even though I don't own a GPS (yet).
  19. You don't need to do that. With the email through the site you have the choice of having your email sent with your email address or not. If you don't have it sent then the other person will have to send back to you through the site also... Thanks! That's reassuring, as it wasn't clear to a Waymarking noob like me exactly how that works. (Yes, I'm just a little bit paranoid. But that doesn't mean they're not out to get me!)
  20. And I gather that it's not. I'll have to set up a special email address to keep from revealing my secret identity. ;-)
  21. And your opinion is exactly the kind of info I was looking for :-) It looks like there is no private messaging on Waymarking, just email addresses? Or have I missed something?
  22. Thanks again for a great response! Actually, asking what I would want someone to do if our roles were reversed is probably a bad idea, because I'm very active on another website with a lot of wikis, and I always welcome constructive additions to the wikis that I have started or am a major contributor to. But even over there not everyone feels the same way as me, so I will take your advice and contact the original contributor.
  23. Because I don't currently have a GPS of my own, I'm very lucky to have a very active waymarker in my area. (In fact, his/her excellent waymark entries are the reason I'm starting to become active here myself.) I was about to log a visit to a waymark when I noticed that I also had a lot of information about this waymark that isn't already part of the main waymark entry. I see that I'm allowed to edit a waymark to add this information, but I wonder if it would be better to just put the information (historical background) in my visit log. Or should I contact the person who first posted the waymark so that they can edit it, if they wish? As a newby, I don't want to step on any toes, and I know that different websites have different etiquette rules for their wikis (user-editable content). Any feedback would be appreciated!
  24. Oops, too late - but I'll remember that for next time! (I'm sure there will be one.) Thanks again!
  25. Thanks very much for your prompt response -- I'll do that!
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