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  1. If the compass calibration is off, it should be off consistently (ex. 20 degrees). I wouldn't expect it to cause erratic behavior unless the unit is faulty. Calibrating the compass shouldn't necessarily correct the erratic behavior (my opinion). The GPS60CSX manual states: "The compass ring is an electronic compass that functions like a magnetic compass when your are stationary. When you are moving and reach a pre-set speed, it uses data from the GPS receiver to maintain your heading. When you stop (after a pre-set time), it again operates like a magnetic compass." You can change the pre-set time delay anywhere from 5 to 180 seconds. You can also change the speed at which the compass begins to time the delay. The default is 90 seconds and 10 mph. There is an icon that shows up in the status bar when the electronic compass is on. Also, with the Garmins the GPSr should be held flat (level) to work appropriately. In comparison, the Magellan compass three-axis electronic compass can be held in any direction. If you hold a Garmin upright (mounted on a bike or car dash or in your hand) the electronic compass will act very erratically. I wonder if some of the erratic behavior reported isn't due to the GPSr switching from GPS to electronic compass mode and then back again and/or the unit being held the wrong way. Check your pre-set time delay and speed settings and how you are holding the unit. Garmin appears to have provided alot of flexibility in terms of configuring the compass. You should be able to configure the GPSr to behave in a way appropriate for the way you use it. Again, I haven't been having any problems with mine.
  2. You can interface directly with GSAK (GSAK actually uses GPSBabel behind the scenes for GPSr integration) if you use the appropriate Garmin serial cable. I picked one up for under $35. I do it all the time and it works great.
  3. Had my 60CSX for several weeks now. Never had a compass problem, works great. Loving it, wouldn't trade for anything.
  4. The 60CSX has the new SIRF III chip set that improves satellite reception, and therefore accuracy. Depending on satellite visibility, the 60CSX may often have better accuracy.
  5. Cool site, but the performance was poor. The coordinates I entered brought me north of the actual waypoint. Rough around the edges but looks to have great potential. I wish Google Maps had Topos.
  6. I am in Mpls and saw 35 last week with D's across the board. I have seen 35 most of this week, but no error correction. I think they are testing them (whoever they are). Apparently they are playing musical satelites up there (where ever that is).
  7. Remember the price of maps. It costs ~$130 for City Select.
  8. That is normal. One is the firware version, the 2.4 is something else, I don't recall, but there is another discussion on this topic in the forum.
  9. Kind of. I have to depress the power button on my 60CX (not a 60CSX but virtually identical) with some authority, a lot more so than my 60C, but it doesn't seem to be a problem. I figured it was meant to avoid an accidental powering on if it got bumped. Pretty unlikely I know in any event. I am having a similar experience. Thanks.
  10. Anyone having problems with the power button on the 60csx?
  11. Is an "arc filter" just a list of waypoints along a track?
  12. That is a possibility. Someone would need to manage the aggregation of the data. I suppose Groundspeak could make the state files (snapshots at a particular point in time) available for download from the web. Again, if I were them I would charge extra for this service, another source of revenue. Make it affordable of course. I bet taking this approach would lighten the load on the servers. People would be willing to work with a little older data and would query less. Much more of the processing would happen local using tools like GSAK or mapping programs. How big does your state file get? I was just reading information about the Microsoft MapPoint API. They have exposed methods within their object model that query for "places" or waypoints within a certain radius of an entire route. This would accomplish exactly what I stated in my earlier post. I am going to take a crack at uploading caches as a unique type of Microsoft MapPoint "place". I am then going to create a route and write some code that uses the methods to query for the caches along the route. Theoretically I should be able to get a list of caches within the radius of a route. This list could then be used to select the cache waypoints to load from GSAK using a macro. All this in my spare time of course Not sure if this could then be used with Streets and Trips. I hope so, the maps in MapPoint 4.x are outdated.
  13. Look at the GSAK help. http://gsak.net/help/hs10300.htm
  14. I have been using the Google Earth approach to identify caches close to the highway for a trip I am planning. It is working, but is tedious work, and not at all satisfying for an engineering type. Also, I am running out of "available views" very quickly. This will likely be a several day process. I have to believe (I know) that it is very possible to write some code that would identify waypoints within a corridor of a route. This would require some processor and i/o and wouldn't be suited for a central service like geocaching.com. The issue here is getting the cache waypoint data into the mapping program that would create the routes and run the query. My suggestion would be for geocaching.com to have a subscription service where you could get a DVD with all the cache data for a given area (probably state by state). This would obviously be a point in time and would get quickly outdated, but would allow people to bring a full data set in for planning trips. This could also be another source of revenue for Groundspeak. The threat here for Groundspeak would be losing control of the data, as this would lower the barrier to competing services. A license agreement would likely be necessary only allowing personal use of the data. I am not a lawyer, so I am not sure how this would all work. The next step would be to work with a mapping program that creates routes and stores waypoints. Using exposed APIs a program could be written to query all waypoints along let's say a one mile corridor of a route. The resulting list of waypoints could then be extracted and loaded into a GPSr. Maybe geocaching.com could support the upload of bookmark lists (limit of 500 bookmarks) for people who wanted updated information for their "route waypoints". It would be easy to chunk these if one hit the 500 bookmark limit. An opensource project could be created to develop the "route query" using one of the popular mapping programs. I am going to think about this a bit more. Architecturally geocaching.com is not suited for doing the type of queries necessary to automate the identification of caches along a route. Making the data available to the software that can do this is the current constraint. Groundspeak providing a subscription service and uploadable bookmark lists would elminate the constraint and allow for the development the desired capabilities.
  15. When the program is running what do you see in the Task Manager under programs and processes?
  16. I got 35 this afternoon for the first time. Also the first time I saw D's in my bars. Maybe the satellite is now in place?
  17. Wow. They added auto-routing and geocaching capabilities to the Venture Cx. Darn good price too. Probably will be able to get one for about $200. Hard to tell what the differences are. I know the regular Venture has a serial interface.
  18. Was out with a friend in a highly wooded area today. He has a Legend C. His reception was down to 2 to 3 satellites, while I had 8 at 20 ft. Makes a huge difference.
  19. Started with a Garmin Venture. Sold it two weeks after I bought it. I now have a GPSMAP 600 csx. Love it!
  20. GSAK works fine with a serial cable. I have been using it with my 60csx.
  21. Congrats! Got mine last week. Awesome GPS.
  22. Wow! These maps are old. For urban and suburban walking and hiking, particularly in the area I live, they are not going to add much beyond what I have with City Select v7. I imagine they might be handy for trips to the North Shore of Lake Superior. I'll have to think about that one. I will probably buy the 24K for my trip out west this summer, but hold off on the TopoUSA, and wait for an update. I know, don't hold my breath. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
  23. I have been considering buying the Garmin TOPO USA Maps for my 60csx. After reading the reviews on Amazon I am having second thoughts. What options are there for topographic maps on the Garmin GPS? In your opinion, what is the best approach? I am looking for topo maps to compliment my geocaching, camping and hiking. I will be on vacation this summer to western national parks, but also will be doing hiking in Minnesota parks. I know that Garmin has the US Topo 24k maps for national parks. I was hoping to have decent topo maps for the whole US, and in particular the state of Minnesota.
  24. I bought my at chumbo for $409. They were excellent. Would buy there again.
  25. I have the GPSMAP 60csx. I bought the Automotive Navigation Kit. I am loving it in the car. I can move it between my work car and the family van. The bean bag mount let's me place it strategically. You can also mount permanently which I haven't tried yet. The routing / autorouting is fast and accurate. The screen is smallish but of adequate size for me and quite bright. On the downside it may be difficult to put on your dash depending on the configuration of your car. You need to be careful about airbags also. Your going to have similar problems with a dedicated car unit. The way I look at it, for a little cheaper than good car unit, I have a GPS that has 512Mb, that has the US and Canada maps, that routes me to anywhere very effectively, that is portable between cars, and that can be disconnected and used as a portable device for geocaching, hiking, or city exploring. The things compromised are voice and a larger screen. I am happy with the tradeoffs. My next step is to load the topo maps that I can bounce to when I am hiking.
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