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  1. Do you have a yurt for the May 31st campout? Do you need a ride?

    And by the way, how dare you refer to this great nation as ours when at the same time asking us citizens to help you take it down. I have, as we speak, unleashed my number 1 to go forth and buy, buy, buy. According to title IX, girls need basketball shoes too. Oh yeah, could you stop by and iradiate my honey baked ham? The microwave is on the fritz.


    But I want an Oompa Loompa NOW!


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  2. I finally got rid of that evil tape. I transfered ownership to T.J. and I'm just now getting the smell out of the house. Remember Time Bandits and that charred piece of pure evil in the toaster oven? It's something like that, only different. I can finally sleep at night and the dog has stopped barking. It's awfully quiet, almost too quiet. Voss are you listening?



    SHH...Listen....Do you smell that?

  3. I'll try to be there. I have to be in at 7 so if I do show up it will be between 6:50 and 7. Thanks. See ya Wednesday.



    Someone I knew said their mother made them a whore. So I said if I give her some yarn would she make me one too.

  4. I'm glad everyone settled on a Wednesday. I can't do Wednesdays. I like beer too. And I still have to get rid of this dadgum Dr.Isotope tape. The thing is glowing. Not all the time mind you, but some of the time. As if it's some kind of homing beacon or something. Anyway it's making me nervous. I work nearby so maybe if I get the right break I can drive by and fling it out the window. Have fun.

  5. you could pick a post WWI airplane name like sparrowhawk did. The sparrowhawk was a scout plane that would be lowered from the huge, lighter than air zepplin style ships. There are alot of cool aircraft names.








    or right from WWII itself, ZERO


    The History channel is fun, isn't it?

  6. And I found it both illuminating and alarming at the same time. Dr. I is indeed an enigma wrapped in a riddle. If anyone wants to view the evidence let me know and perhaps we could arrange a drop-off. I fear we are dealing with a madman for which there is no reasoning. I have to shower now, that tape left me feeling dirty.



    Be kind, please rewind.

  7. no kudos. That was common knowledge. Me and my misguided Yeti's were rollin spliffs with Big Bamboo back in 77. Not proud, just tellin the facts mam. We've gotten off topic here. I have the TAPE, I repeat, I have the TAPE. I will review it and contact you later. God willing.

  8. The tale I tell will give you goose bumps. (Or you may just have a nasty rash in which case you should really have that looked at.) Last night after cruising the web I clicked the X to go offline and watch the game on the tube. Not two seconds had passed when I received an instant message. As I already had clicked off I was unable to post a reply. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up and I can't help but keep looking over my shoulder every ten seconds. The message read, " Quantum Mechanic sure seems interested in finding me." The address said dr_isotope2003. WE ARE NOT SAFE!! The doctor has infiltrated my house where my family sleeps and my dog pees. By the way, the IM was through YAHOO. I repeat the IM was through YAHOO. Lock your doors. Good luck

  9. If that is your real name...HMM I wonder.

    Isotope, sounds like, Pope?

    Don't think you have me fooled your Holiness.

    We have long been aware of your goal to infiltrate the world with your mind control. And that funny little car. Tell me your Eminence, what are those glass walls really made of?



    Ruminations pondered while in the shower with my Pope on a rope.

  10. If you seek it, I am there.

    If you don't seek it, I am there.

    Welcome to my home.

    It spans from California to Canada.

    Drop a hint and I will hear it fall

    Attempt stealth and and I can assure you,

    I heard your datsun b-210 door slam from

    three miles away.


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  11. I guess I'll just have to settle with celebrating my 100th find when I was in Texas, when after finding # 100 I just went back to my hotel room and cried myself to sleep. If these things keep happening on Wednesdays I may get the hint or I may not.



    I hate wednsdays

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