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  1. But Leatherman


    How far can Pepper spray?


    And if anyone wants to comment on my comment?


    I would have to be pretty high and mighty to say," This is what I think, and if you don't think like me, I forbid you from saying anything. But if you get a wild hair and do say something, I will call you names to prove to all your stupidity.




    But seriously, you guys are hilarious. Keep up the good work.


    Way to go on that D+ Tommy Boy

  2. I didn't do it the few weeks before Broken Arrow because I didn't want to take away from that.


    I didn't do it the first week after B.A. to give people time to catch their breath.


    I've already started setting something up but I have camping this weekend and both of my girls are in summer B-Ball tournaments on weekends. I wouldn't be able to do it till Tuesday July 24th. But it would appear that a lot of you folks can't wait that long.


    So, get together, have a pint, and have fun. Decide who wants the spike and I'll drop it off to whoever the lucky person is.

  3. I thought I told you I'm no good at puzzles!


    dadgum you Dr. Isotope and your Evil puzzle making!


    I will twart you with the only weapon at my disposal.


    The GEO GOURD!!

  4. I must admit....


    I'm feeling a bit excited about this......but


    Remember in the Posideon Adventure when they showed all the people partying , yet miles away in the open ocean you could hear this deafening roar of something big coming their way? Wasn't that cool? If I hear voices coming out of the sink drain like in Stephen Kings IT, I am gonna freak out.


    Now if I could just find those KISS concert flame cannons. Or maybe I'll just bring lights.

  5. Yes....


    The ones I have stayed in at the coast had electricity, heater, small table w2 chairs, bunk bed, and a fold down futon. Roughing it at it's finest. And although we can't get there friday because of work, Quantum Mechanic, Mardis Gras Man and I plan on getting there around 1600 on Saturday. I think we're in Yurt E right next to Dr. I.

  6. How old are the scouts? The lower caves are a nice even terrain stroll. The upper caves are a mile and a quarter rockfall that can be very challenging. My kids came out of the upper with some pretty bloody shins. Both are pitch black but the slow progress in the upper can make one wonder if your ever getting out. I'd do it again though but without the little ones. Be sure to turn off your flashlight and make scarey noises. The kids love that one.

  7. No flames from me. Way too many angry people geocaching I've noticed. I kinda think It seems like a cheap way to get numbers myself. But it also sounds like a lot of fun. For those who wish to join, go for it, wish I could check it out once. For those who don't want to go, be quiet and please don't project your anger on everyone else.

  8. I like a little cheese with my whine.


    But I know what yer saying. Personally I find myself unable to do most of the puzzle caches. But that's my problem not anyone else's fault. My half years resolution is to not freak out as much. Caches are different and thanks for that or we would all be experiencing deja vu at an alarming rate.

  9. Very awesome work soup....


    I just wish Q.M., Mardi Gras Man and Myself could join you guys for the whole day. I haven't played disc golf since my stint in San Dog years ago. But alas we are of the nocturnal shift at the coal mine the night before and have to get some sleep before tackling Dr. I and/or Voss to the ground later that night. Which we all have to take off from work to do. I still want to do those caches there though. This is exactly what floating holidays are for. See everyone around 1600 in yurtville.

  10. A bit of a preemtive strike.


    I would like to formally apologize for my behaviour at the camp out. I plan on drinking heavily and eating more brauts than any human should.


    If there were to be an apperatus, I won't tell and nor should anyone else.


    It's easier to ask for forgivness than ask for permision.


    I'm drunk

  11. Q.M., Mardis Gras Man, and I don't plan on being there till 1600, Sat. afternoon which is check in time for our yurt. We work Sat. morn till 0730 and need some rest to wrestle control of the free world from the evil clutches of Dr. I. And to give our beer a chance to cool down. If anyone is planning anything before this please let me know. I wasn't at the last one and I don't want to miss a dadgum thing.

  12. Okay, first of all I am PC challenged so I have no links for you. Just go to seek a cache and look up Angels7, View by the bay, and Enchanted Seas. With angels7 you can have a world class bowl of chowder (and a pint) and an awesome walk on the beach. This is one of my favorites all time. View by the bay is cool, if you visit the nearby *free* aquarium they had a octopus that could open a jar, and you can touch it. Enchanted seas takes you to the awsome Oregon coast aquarium, make sure you spend some of those tourism dollars while your here please. Oh yea, the Enchanted seas cache is sponsored by the Oregon Coast Aquarium so don't worry about them, and don't go too far back, that window above your head is the womens bathroom, don't ask please. Head into Newport and check out the historic waterfront, rent a crab ring and throw it off the pier to catch your own crabs. And don't forget Depoe Bay with all the shops and fishing tours. Good hunting and have fun.

  13. ATTENTION from one of the co-founders of the Tuesday night cache crew.


    Been a little busy lately. Went to Dallas for training (scaring campers, whooping wildly, ect...) Managed to go over 200 finds while I was down there. Oh, hey oregone, the girls at Hooters say hi. And now, you know how everyone you talk to gets dismissed from jury duty? Well, I'm on the jury. A young Yeti left some scat where humans could find it and he must be dealt with. Anyway, yes, I do have the real spike. I might try to think of something spike worthy or maybe we could just go bowling

  14. I'm not sure when we can get something set up. I leave for TX. sun the 30th for a week. Gotta start lookin for those Bazzle coins though.

  15. AND I'LL SAY IT HERE. I completely freaked out before. Partly because of the severity of the times. (i've been there) and my flag on the house keeps getting wound up. You guys are both DA MAN although I've never met either of you. Maybe we can get together sometime and go by height. Who is going to whats turned out to be the DR. Isotope campout May 31st? It's where I'll unleash THE HAT. Well I've got to get back to Wild On with Jules and Brook. The Hawaiian Tropic girls and Power bar girls are battling in a water park. Indeed Bless America. Take care you guys, I hope everything works out.



    " but sir, no one worry's about upseting a droid "

    " Thats cause a droid don't pull peoples arms out of their sockets when they lose" LET THE WOOKIE WIN


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