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  1. What's with the dadgum Wednesday night thing still. Tonight, I'll be at Casa De Pico in Bazzar Del Mundo drinking the best dadgum margaritas north of the border. Fractal, you've never tasted the real thing. Oh, did I mention it's in old town San Diego. I think I'll go for a hunt in Presidio Park across the street while the gang is waiting for a table. Armando and Co. have an old cache there I could use to build up a thirst. Let's say 8'ish. Who's coming? Anyone, anyone, Beuller?

  2. Good point dasein. I'll still go after some easy ones but after doing The Opal Creek cache and The Pipeline* I'm looking for a little more adventure. Even Quarry View was a good combo of easy hike with spectacular views. As long as you stay away from the cliff.

  3. Thanks for the reply Parsa. I will admit I was hoping for a warmer reception than 1 reply. If you head to Oregon, the birthplace of geocaching we customarily give everything from hotels to pubs to caches. As well as a welcome to Oregon geocaching webpage. Are there really caches in Seaworld? Don't think I'll do any night caching in Balboa Park though. Anyway I guess I'll do some searching on my own. Thanks again Parsa

  4. Noticed you guys have a pretty active group so I thought I would give this a try.


    I'm going to be headed your way on July 26 to about the 10th of Aug. and was wondering if some of you had any ideas about some good caches in the area. I'll be staying in Mira Mesa on Flanders just west of Camino Ruiz. Looking to hit some between margaritas at Bazzar Del Mundo. Any suggestions? Not looking for 5 terrain or difficulty. 1's and 2's but not multi waypoints. Am I sounding picky yet? Just would like to hear some of your favorites and any dangers involved. That snake in Dallas freaked me out pretty good.


    Thanks in advance and be on the lookout because you may be visited by Sassquatch.

  5. Your never alone with a sassquatch.


    Come to life, come to sassquatch.


    Hungry? why wait? grab a sassquatch.


    The incredible, edible sassquatch.


    Go on get your sassquatch out.


    Sassquatch, the other white meat.


    Alright, I made up that last one but I bet it would have shown up sooner or later. And remember


    Sassquatch, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

  6. Man-o-man


    Didn't mean to cause a riot. I download all this stuff, at least I think I did. Then I download, at least I think I did, The teaser and it asks me to open it with what file? Then I can't find the name of the file that I downloaded, at least I think I did. It's not McDonalds vs BurgerKing. Please remain calm. The only reason I started geocaching is because the Quantum Mechanic sent me a link that all I had to do was click on it. If I had to jump through hoops then I wouldn't be here now which is what you're all thinking right now.

  7. Marathon Man you slay me. That's where i've been all month. The 19th of july is best for me and here's why. On the 5th I will be recovering, nuff said. On the 12th I work sat night so I have to sleep. The 26th I will be on my way to San Dog for some visiting, caching, swimming, and world class margaritas at casa de pico located in bazzar del mundo. Priceless?

  8. The Tusday night cache crew just hit this one last Tues. I already recycled the cache page that had the numbers your looking for and I placed the cd in Cheaper by the Dozen. Sorry, that's a great cache.

  9. The results........


    After employing some new-fangled math and some shady accounting practices, the results which were not so carefully tabulated and left in a hermeticaly sealed mayonaise jar on the porch of Funk and Wagnalls are......




    so buckle up and keep your arms inside the ride at all times

  10. I've talked with the Lanes and I suggest we be there early to get shoes pick the right ball and whatnot ie; pitcher of beer. It's Sunset Lanes in Beaverton on Walker and Cedar Hills blvd. behind Crazy Chef Sato's, apparently he's not just mentaly challenged, he's CRAZY. Lane time is 7pm to 9pm with the winner getting the spike. I plan on being there around 630pm. It's 10 bucks with shoes included. Hope to see you all there.

  11. Thanks for jumping in Joe, perhaps you will be the candle, or should I say the GOURD that attracts the cachers to the flame. Perhaps we could do some no tap night caching afterwards. My night skills have proved a bit rusty.



    Girls just wanna have fun

  12. Here's how it shapes up at this time. I was told by a certain bowling alley that we could bowl from 7pm to 9pm for 10 bucks each including shoes. I also arranged a little wrinkle to ensure better scores. The bowling alley is Sunset Lanes at the corner of walker rd. and cedar hills blvd. in Beaverton. Sorry Family-O but I work Thusday nights and need to save some vacation for the summer.

  13. How many people, if any,would be interested in some Tuesday the 24th bowling. Winner gets the spike-o-gold. I've been way too busy with STUFF to come up with any event type thingy. This will happen in the PDX area. So anyway, Mousekateer roll call count off now.


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