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  1. Did some poking around, and found some good deals on the eTrex 20. That combined with a decent-sized memory card will probably work for me.




    My updated list of contenders:

    • eTrex 20
    • eTrex 30
    • GPSMAP 62s

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations, etc.



    I use the Garmin GPSMAP62s (most of the time)

    I also use the Garmin Oregon 450...... Sometimes..

    I also use (every now and again) a Garmin Vista HCX (old one...)

    GARMIN works for me.... !

  2. Howdy......

    I'd go with the 62s.

    Tell your friend to take his wife out caching and kind of wander away from her.

    Hide in a bush ahead of her and jump out naked holding the new GPS and....



    Vern / Foothills Drifter...

    P S... warped sense of humor required.... B)

  3. Hi all, I am wondering if it's ok to put a trackable into a cache that has been found or can I only put one in my own cache and let it go from there? I really want to send one off but not sure about placing my own cache yet. (Or Maybe I just need to be patient. ;-)


    My other question is what do I put in the log book when I find one? My own name or my geocach name on here?


    T.I.A! :-)



    You can put a trackable in in any cache that it will fit in.

    When you find one.... use your geocaching name.....


    Vern / Foothills Drifter...

  4. Wow!


    This just goes to show how thoroughly the San Diego geocaching community has shifted over to FaceBook. There was a time when "The San Diego Thread" was the most prolific and active thread in all of the Geocaching Forums. And on top of that, there were several other San Diego specific threads (*** This Just In*** San Diego County Cache Critters, Yrium's Geocacher Trading Cards, San Diego Banter. San Diego Whiners Thread, San Diego Congratulations Thread, etc.). At one point, there were so many SD Threads that the Forum Moderator shut some of them down because San Diego was dominating the West and Southwest Forum.


    Now it's nothing but tumbleweeds and crickets...



    I think the crickets left also......


    Vern / Foothills Drifter... B)

  5. Howdy......

    Always bring your writing thing with you.

    Then you will not have that problem.


    Vern / Foothills Drifter...

    It says many eyes are on GZ. In those cases I like to sign away from GZ (like at the car), so I leave my writing thing there.


    And let's not forget an umbrella to deal with sprinklers.



  6. Howdy......

    My phone is not very accurate.

    I prefer my Oregon 450 or the GPSMAP 62s. I use one or the other......


    Vern / Foothills Drifter...


    Smartphones are GPS capable devices. They objectively have the ability to be used as GPS devices and can be successfully used for geocaching, both finding and placing (as plenty will report first-hand, including myself). If it doesn't work for you, then either you just don't like the device experience, or you got a smartphone that doesn't objectively have the capability to a standard you prefer... or, God forbid, you were sold something under the wrong impression (shame on them).

    Either way, many will recommend a smartphone tool that is objectively more than sufficient to geocache successfully - if preferred, and if used properly. If you don't like it, that's perfectly fine. Use what you like. But you can't say "smartphones are not good for geocaching" (not that you specifically said that).


    You said:

    I find both my iPhone and my Android to be totally maddening for *finding* a cache and I can't imagine trying to *hide* a cache with either of them.

    And that's fine. But without knowing how you've used those devices or what models they were, we can say that you either a] weren't using them right, or b] your preference is not in favour of smartphones for finding, let alone hiding. Maybe c] the model you used was objectively below the technical standard you prefer.

    That doesn't mean "smartphones" are incapable of geocaching successfully. I believe you are intelligent, so I think it's more a matter of than [a] ;) and if it's [c], I highly recommend you upgrade, then determine if it's still over [a].



    I have a Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 5s. I did not acquire either of them to be replacements for my Oregon 450.


    The GPS in both phones works well enough to use for navigating streets or highways, but they are both maddeningly inaccurate on the ground while geocaching. This is true of both, and it is true for the different apps I have tried (including Groundspeak's own app). They simply cannot compete with the Oregon for accuracy. Out in the field, it is almost comical how bad they are compared to the Oregon.


    Finding a cache with them is a nuisance. Placing a cache with them would be ridiculous.

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