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  1. I have now responded. Those who know me personally know that it has been a tough year. I'm sorry these players have been left fretting over their TB, but sometimes real life (and death) gets in the way of play.
  2. If you were to sustain an injury from a discarded needle the first thing you would need to do is go to your doctors or A&E for a tetanus shot. I'm fairly certain that they would then take some blood and conduct a whole barrage of tests just to make sure you hadn't contracted anything nasty. Fortunately, I've not come across anything like this, or even been to areas where I've suspected it might be a problem, but it should be one of those things we bear in mind. We really are mad just to go poking about in bushes and undergrowth!
  3. *waves* Hello hello, Good to hear from you! Caching? Out there? You must be chuffin' nuts! You take care, and keep us posted on the antics. We'll see you back in the wet and windy part of the world soon. -AT-
  4. Yep, time to venture into the unknown (for me) and raise a forum thread .... Congratulations to TOS (the_other_Stu) of Team Phoebe on achieving his 300th cache. After a failed attempt to achieve said goal of getting 13 on a very miserable and hail-stoning Sunday afternoon at the weekend, we only managed 11 and were left with two to get. We picked up a nice easy cache and dash yesterday evening, and rounded off nicely this evening (with one of Stu's favourites - a multi!) with his nearest unfound cache. The owner made us work for it, but we got there with just enough light left to find it :-) Congratulations
  5. LOL, so it would, but you may just find that it wont be the goebabes in tights in the panto !!! *whistles innocently*
  6. ooh, lucky I have someone who pointed this discussion out to me .... I believe I may be classed as one of the original geobabes (but someone better check with the 'founding father') For those who dont already have them, let me know and you can have a geobabes bracelet to go with your t-shirt .... (alternatively, coming soon, will be the opportunity to find them in the wild) ... and finally, can someone post the lyrics to the geobabes song as well (now that we have the tune) as poor Liane is being a little synthed out AutumnTiger
  7. I definitely have to agree with Hokes' post - Get back in there! I only found out about geocaching a couple of weeks ago, and was lucky enough to find chat thanks to an invite. It is a little strange at first, but you soon get into the 'nonsense' of conversation I think the others in there would agree that it seems like I've been around for ages, they're such a friendly bunch and you soon feel right at home. I always know if I havent had my daily chat Yes, sometimes it is a little inane, but we're mostly busy people who just like to pop by the chatroom and share, and sometimes be a bit silly for a while, before returning to the demands of real life. Do pop by again soon, AutumnTiger, aka Dawn
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