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  1. Agreed, 100% -- hold the page key down until it says the compass is off. You will still have the arrow -- just wont have the problems associated with the electronic compass pointing you the wrong way. Once you get a feel for using the thing, then you can turn the compass on and do the bumble bee dance each day before caching.
  2. I too like the idea of a micro-free event. Although there are some cool micros, for the most part they never show off the city, and when they do they are "micros in the woods" which some folk think are great because they are "difficult" but which I just find to be an annoying waste of good cache space A question: On the "II" series of caches, do you also eliminate caches done in the previous cache machine?
  3. Woot! We will be waiting for you! Kind of like the Olympics coming to town Time to start preparing. Get some more good caches out there and set up a hot chocolate stand next to your favorite cache (just so you can watch others be tormented).
  4. And some take the whole geocache -- why do we have a problem with that? They just play the game "differently" than others.
  5. I understand folks wanting a way to check off that they have done a cache in every county. For those that want a 'new' challenge how about starting a "WA County Challenge - 2008 Edition"? Only finds in 2008 will count. It can be archived in a year, and a new one started if there is interest?
  6. Bump. So many questions, so little time.
  7. I have a 60csx but leave the electronic compass off for 2 reasons: 1) I started with a legend and learned to use it without the compass. If it says that the cache is 20 feet away NW -- then it is 20' away NW, whether you have an electronic compass or not. If you take note of the cardinal directions as you are walking to the cache, just walk 20' NW no matter where the arrow is pointing. 2) The electronic compass never seems to stay calibrated. If I remembered to calibrate it every day then it might be better, but once I know which direction is North (while I am walking) then it does not matter if the gps is pointing me the right direction or not -- as long as it tells me which direction to go (kinda like analog and digital clocks)
  8. I wanted to doubt your MC1262 because of the '1961'visible on the disk but plugged the coordinates into the map and sure enough, someone made an error on the datasheet.
  9. Portland-area Maps For Garmin Gps Units I just saw this old topic after it was bumped, so if you would like to add some free, detailed topo maps of the Portland and much of the Vancouver area to your Garmin GPS, check it out.
  10. I would like a menu option that let me check which waypoint groups I would like displayed: - POIs from mapsource - user waypoints - different folders of user POIs Most of the time I do not need the mapsource POIs. I have my own sets of custom POIs that I need for different things, having them all displayed all the time clutters my screen and if I only load the ones I need today, then this afternoon I will wish I had the others.
  11. I like the option of being able to switch over to the new map. But either way would work.
  12. I would leave it as it is. Do not archive it. Some of us are working on it slowly but surely. Of course I guess if a new one started I would probably have the same number of pages ready to go. Any restriction would have to be just on those who actually completed Delorme #1 -- otherwise any time period counts. PS I looks like there are not all the little 28A pages on the new map
  13. Just like some unscrupulous people will steal artwork for their private collection, so also some unscrupulous cachers will steal coins for their private collection. Funny how they rationalize their theft.
  14. And the best method to test to see if the electric fence is live is to pee on it
  15. This looks to be just a difference in 'rounding' since the accuracy was obviously not enough to have decimal seconds. So if it was, say 114 35 34.4 it would round to 114 35 34. and with the adjustment it became 114 35 34.6 and was printed as 114 35 35. Only a 0.2 second change, but the data sheet shows 1 second of change. And if the scaled marks coordinates 'moved', then maybe they moved 100 feet closer As to which one to use? For scaled marks the coordinates are to help you find a parking spot, not the mark, so it doesn't matter.
  16. Thanks for explaining this cryptic message. I am not sure why the message had to be so cryptic unless you know who it is that has a grudge against you and are trying to send a private message in the public forum. Sad to see these caches destroyed before they even were a month old. Unless this is happening to everyone's caches in the area I would say you have made someone mad and they are trying to get even. A couple years ago we had a similar problem over here in south eastern washington therefore we all started hiding multis and offset caches. The 'hooligans' were not willing to 'work' to find the cache, they wanted to go right to it and vandalize it. Luckily they got bored with quickly.
  17. Cannot be sure, but I was having problem with a new Vista HCX until I turned off the compass (my new 60csx has the exact same problem). Since you are saying it does not jump around, I am guessing you have the magnetic compass turned on. Try turning it off, sure it will jump, but as long as you ignore the arrow and go N,S,E,orW it will work just like your Legend and put you at GZ. If you really want to use the magnetic compass, then I suggest calibrating it each day before you go out caching, away from your vehicle.
  18. Geocachers of South East Washington aka GCSEWA (GeeksWA) is having their December Gathering on December 20th. Last month had over 45 cachers. Not sure it will be quite so crowded this month so close to Christmas unless we give away free presents. Last month was fun because we announced the Tribute to Debiko cache.
  19. Looks like it is time to start working Priceline. I see that people have been successful for about $48 per night for the Red Lion at the Quay -- whatever that is
  20. Alaska has the misfortune that many of its datasheets don't contain county names, so their recoveries don't get added to the map. There are probably 20-30 recoveries in Alaska that aren't anywhere on the map. edit: Oops, there are actually almost 180 Alaskan recoveries that have no place on the map because there is no county on the datasheet. Something else I noticed about Alaska is that there are no 'scaled' benchmarks. They are all adjusted, or at least 99 out of 100 are.
  21. 400 days of sunshine a year over here in the Tri-Cities -- so come visit us if you get too wet or cold. Juniper Dunes (GC6E5) is waiting for you.
  22. I have looked at some programs that will match the date and time on from the photo exif with the date and time on your GPS tracking data and then put the matching GPS co-ordinates into the photo exif data. Just like gc.com reads the time data, some sites, Flickr?, will use the gps data to place the picture on a world map. Would be cool to have little icons around the country and you could just click on the icons of interest in your area and see the benchmark photos.
  23. Yes, a couple years ago I emailed photos after submitting the report on a handful of marks, in the required format, but never saw them 'attached' so quit submitting them to NGS.
  24. Hrm.. now I feel like an idiot. I somehow linked the wrong sheet. Twice. Brilliant, I am. This is the sheet I had meant to reference. Mike. Just another Senior Moment. I did see the correct page later when I read your post about photographs in the data sheet.
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