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  1. Might not be a bad item to be listed in the 'import box' along with the other counts of what was/wasnot imported? waypoints ignored: xx
  2. I just plugged 'bmgpx' into google and got the answer for you: Fuzzy's Geocaching Page o' Wonders... details. If you hunt benchmarks. If you hunt benchmarks and wish you could get pocket queries for them, BMGPX is the next best thing. ... www.parkrrrr.com/ - 4k - Cached - Similar pages
  3. Yes, you would get pics too. I have a T3 and it is great to be able to see the page with pics and I have it set to also pull pictures linked in the cache description. Pics that are in logs are not included (probably not in the .gpx file).
  4. Mine have always been approved quickly too - until the last one! When I asked what took so long they had some lame excuse that they had been out of town geocaching!! I think that approvers should not be allowed to have a life
  5. I was doing the same, but found I could save a step by just 'opening' the .gpx file when I see it in my e-mail. Opening the file automatically calls GSAK and the data is imported. Done.
  6. Sax "File" "Export" "HTML" Is that just for Pocket PC's or will that work with my Palm, too? You will then need to convert the HTML to a format compatible with your palm. I use Plucker. The desktop version. I think there are other programs out there. If you do a search for plucker here in the forums I am sure you will get the full description of what to do. BTW GSAK 3.04 is great! Clyde added some great features!
  7. Another feature I would like to see in GSAK would be the ability to ABORT the HTML export. Not sure if it is needed in the other exports but every so often I use the wrong filter and it is not until I hit GENERATE that I realize it is going to create the output for 3000 records - and no way to stop it.
  8. Have you looked at USA Photo Maps? If not, just plug that in google and it should give you the home page.
  9. Clyde, While playing with GSAK I was wondering what you and others would think about changing the HTML 'Location Indices' display. I am thinking one of two things. As a minimum make it so that the locations that are checked would remain checked - I run the same output most times - it is a pain to have to recheck them each time - also when the new 'automated' running of GSAK from the command line will need to know what locations are 'checked'. Also the 'radius' option should be displayed after the location name, so that it has BOX name, radius. Otherwise there is no way to tell if you have a radius or what it is unless you open the locations for editing. Better yet (but maybe a step back from a GUI perspective) would be to make it look like the 'arc' filter and let us just #comment out lines we don't want to use. This would give the advantage of a constant list, plus allow comments in the text, and the 'radius' field is quite evident. Plus the 'automated' function should be easier to run. The current format is 'prettier' but I think the raw form is much more functional. Just 2 more of my cents Thanks!
  10. If you just want to use the .gpx that you get from gc.com then I would look for a 'simpler' solution than importing to gsak and then back out. You probably just need to find out where that 'right' directory is, and create a shortcut to it on your desktop or in 'my documents' so that you can just drop the file in there everytime. I have a directory I named 'shortcuts' in 'my documents' that contains shortcuts to the many different directories I need to drop files into. I can rename the shortcuts to something that makes sense to me - and now I never have to browse to the right spot again - just to the 'shortcut' directory and then drop the file onto the correct shortcut. Now - if you want your .gpx to contain more than the 5 last logs, or you want to do some other manipulation of the .gpx files you download - then GSAK is the answer, and I think it remembers the last directory you saved a file to, so again it makes it easy.
  11. Is there a way to configure GSAK to do this with my pocket PC? If I am understanding your question correctly, Yes, you can export a .gpx file from GSAK and then use it in your pocket pc just like you would use the .gpx file you get from GC.com Am sure some pocket pc users will give you an idea here of what they do.
  12. YeOleImposter


    Great idea! I will implement that right away, one .ini for caches and another for benchmarks. Similar to what I had to do for our client management system at the office until the software impletmented a command line switch that allowed specifying the .ini file that was to be used, ie "gsak /cfg:gc.ini" or "gsak /cfg:bm.ini"
  13. Darn, and here I've been clicking on the "last post" link to jump to the bottom. Learned something new. Wow. Had not seen that either. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for that (I have since stopped the stripping out of the comma). However, don't forget you are using the 3.04 development version of GSAK which is not available to the public yet. But when it is .... Another handy URL if you want to automatically add caches to your watch list from GSAK is: Add Watch=http://www.geocaching.com/my/watchlist.aspx?w=%gcid Ooops, my bad. This one I have had for a long time, for all the Benchmark Hunters: BM DataSheet=http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_mark.prl?PidBox=%code
  15. You mean like driving by the Space Needle in Seattle and snapping a picture?
  16. I am sure others have come up with their own custom URLs that they have added to GSAK - here are the two I use (and now work even better since GSAK recognizes more % tags on the export: LostOutDoors Topo=http://www.lostoutdoors.com/map.php?map=%lat%2C%lon&t=2&z=1&s=3&id=&mark=%lat%2C%lon%2C255%2C0%2C0%2C,14%2C%code-%name* LostOutDoors Photo=http://www.lostoutdoors.com/map.php?map=%lat%2C%lon&t=1&z=1&s=3&id=&mark=%lat%2C%lon%2C255%2C0%2C0%2C,14%2C%code-%name* Sorry for all the %2Cs but appears commas are stripped. Probably something I have set somewhere - (edited for typo)
  17. YeOleImposter


    Could you explain about "Comment Lines"? They start with a '.' - don't have an example handy, but all these were ones I kept adding after finding them in the datasheets.
  18. YeOleImposter


    Not quite so. The key to not having your finds wiped out lies in your setting of "Manual update of cache found status" (Tools=>Options) If you have this box checked, GSAK takes the view that you are updating your finds and therefore don't want an incoming GPX file removing them (it will flag a not found as found, but not the reverse) Is this "Manual update of cache found status" kept on a per database or is it global for all of GSAK? If Global -- and maybe even if not - How hard would it be for someone to have 2 seperate copies of GSAK? I am thinking I want to keep one set of settings for Caches and another for Benchmarks. Most of the settings are so different for export etc that I am always having to experiment every time to get my settings back to the way I want them after going from one to the other.
  19. It has just been pointed out to me over in the gpsBabel discussion group that there is a utility available called st2gpx that will extract route-points from s&t files into gpx. This gpx file can then be imported into the 'arc' filter directly. Too Cool! Now I can plot my course along the highways and byways that I plan to travel, convert that to a gpx file, import it as an arc filter, and then only export those caches within XX number of miles of my route! I hope to be able to copy the arc filter text over to the HTML reference locations so then I will have all the caches within 2 miles of every highway exit along my travels this summer. GSAK - GpsBabel - and now st2gpx - Thanks Clyde, Robert, and James!
  20. Non Esential Suggestion: On import GSAK gives the pop up message: Total Waypoints Added: xxx Total Waypoints Updated: xxx It would be nice to have a line: Total Waypoints Processed: xxx or Total Waypoints Unchanged: xxx This way one would know at a glance how many waypoints were in a .gpx file. A number of times I have thought there was a problem because 0 waypoints were added and only 2 were updated when I ran a new .gpx file through the system, thinking (or not) that there were only 2 waypoints in the .gpx and not realizing that the other 243 waypoints were duplicated in a previous download.
  21. YeOleImposter


    I have written a little perl script that 'cleans up' the County Data Sheets if you get them directly from NGS that I run before I run it through bmgpx. If anyone is interested I could post it here or just forward the file. It removes the following lines: ELLIP HEIGHT DYNAMIC HT MODELED GRAV LAPLACE CORR VERT ORDER HORZ ORDER SUPERSEDED SURVEY CONTROL NGVD ELLIP U.S. NATIONAL GRID SPATIAL ADDRESS STABILITY SATELLITE MAGNETIC Lines that begin with these: -|:; Comment Lines I have not found use for these - so it cleans up my data sheet that I use.
  22. Next month we will have a BBQ get-together on Saturday, July 10th. At Sluggo's house in Richland. I will post a note here to invite anyone who might want to drop over.
  23. I thought it was available on the Magellan web site? If not, you can use Cetus instead. Just do a 'google' search to find it.
  24. Anyone wanting to travel east to the Tri-Cities is welcome to our monthly gathering. Details on the cache page: East Cascades Geocaching Society Meeting We have folks from all over SE Washington and it would be great if some of you could drop down and visit. Sluggo and I dropped in to one of your meetings last fall at the Pizza place and had a good time meeting some of you-all. Gary aka YeOleImposter
  25. Just found out that GSAK does handle this!! My HTML 'locations' has these lines: # Victoria Trip Seattle - Roosevelt Hotel, 47.61181, -122.33359, 10 Butchart Gardens, 48.56308, -123.46410, 20 Victoria - Grand Pacific, 48.42092, -123.37069, 50 As you can see, if you add a comma and the distance you want to go out from that point, GSAK will only index distances and bearings out that far - so you don't end up with caches 500 miles away when you only need them close. I have used this for stops along a trip, interstate exits, etc. Theoretically, you could have all the caches in your state in GSAK, but limit the indexes to 2 miles of each interstate offramp - boom - a great travel index. Now to find out where to get the lat/long of all interstate exits
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