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  1. One more Pandora's box, since that's yet another thing that every vendor wants to do differently... heh By contrast, the up/down and 4 other hardware buttons send the exact same key codes for every Palm OS device out there, which make those a good universal solution. I can look into that for the next release, but at this point I'm not sure. If one of those other hardware buttons are for an application that you don't use as much, or don't switch from CacheMate to very often, though, you can use that. That's the whole reason that the choice was given, plus the fact that it's only active in the record view. If you hit the button that you've chosen for the view select function in the list view or anywhere else, it performs as you'd otherwise expect it to. I am sure I can make that work Too bad there is not easy way to read the keypress - so you could just ask the user to press the key they want to use and then store that. Must not be that easy because I have seen programs that let you pick a key and some of them have 32 choices, 5-8 for each type of palm, now I know why.
  2. One of the best things to do is go read the Cachemate threads on this forum. I would start with the 3.4 version thread and then read the 3.5 You will see all the questions people had on using the software - both newbies and hard core like embra
  3. Great! Here I have been worrying that I only could upload 500 waypoints to my Legend and the thing could hold 1000 all along. The newest version is 3.50 and I had 3.40 - nothing significant changed, but upgraded just in case. Thanks for the heads up that I was worried about an artificial limit. I think I went and did a web search and of course all the sales literature says 500 waypoints - so I just went with that - Anyone know of a way to tell how many waypoints are loaded?
  4. In the list view, there's an Edit Cache Types choice in the Options menu. Types are also automatically added to the list when you view a record with an imported type that isn't in the list. That's probably why there's 2 entries for letterbox caches... I must not have had the wording right for that one in the initial list. Ok, I was just hoping there was some way to filter by type and not just palm category. For now I will add a line to my import routine that changes the cache type in the gpx file from Traditional to BM-Adjusted and from Multi-Cache to BM-Scaled (until I can get Clyde to allow more 'types' to GSAK.
  5. Already there. Look in the popup where you chose the pushbutton selector, for an option called "view select key" Ok, found it under Record:Options:View Options But under 'View Selct Key' my only choices are: None, Datebook, Address, To Do, and Memopad Where is 'Direction Keys?' I would like to go left and right? All those keys I can choose from are programed to go to their programs. Up and Down scroll up and down when necesary, would be nice if Left and Right did the same thing?
  6. Here I go again - more on my 'wish list' Would be great if the left & right buttons / pad / whatever / would toggle through the 'screens'. I,D,H,L,P, and back to I again. I not sure it is possible - but would be cool if Log button could be a different shade or color if it had text / been modified / whatever. Actually would be real cool if all the buttons were shaded if they had been modified from the original download? Question: Is there a way to display only one type of cache? Say, Virtuals? Is there a way to add to this 'Type' list (noticed mine has Leterbox Hybrid in 2x? once with the word Cache attached to Hybrid). If so I could add Benchmark-Adjusted and Benchmark-Scaled, as well as Places (use this for center points).
  7. I modified my post above to for clarity - it now makes it more clear: For the Shortcut Name put: For the Shortcut Text put: (It has been noted that the @DTS must be the first thing in the Shortcut Text) Then after you export to a memo all you have to do is make the shortcut symbol (cursive L) and the letters gc That will date/time stamp your log, and leave you a template for the rest.
  8. Hmmm, you scare me. I must be in the twilight zone or something, because I was working on this very feature when your post suddenly pops up. Is there something about yourself you are not telling me I would say something about great minds...... but then if I was one I wouldn't just be making suggestions, I would be writing code
  9. Ok, I have been a nice guy and haven't made any suggestions for at least a day or so On the export - how about a 'custom' one? What I am thinking is that everyone has a different format they want - matter of fact, I was going to ask you about adding GPilotS - but then realized that gpsBabel under the hood you could make one or 2 custom ones where all that the user provided would be the 'output format' code for gpsBabel - you might be able to get rid of a couple of the choices that are not common and put in 2 or 3 (see I keep asking for more) user defined ones. Or even put all the non-hard coded ones as a check box that would fill in the blank for the user? Thanks!!
  10. ... I did not enter any notes in this example but they would obviously be displayed as well. It would be nice if there was some way of time stamping a memo but manually entering is no big deal. But you can in Shortcuts on your Palm Preferences add: For the Shortcut Name put: For the Shortcut Text put: (It has been noted that the @DTS must be the first thing in the Shortcut Text) Then after you export to a memo all you have to do is make the shortcut symbol (cursive L) and the letters gc That will date/time stamp your log, and leave you a template for the rest. Edited for clarity of what to put in and where
  11. Hmm. I know on my Legend I have about 3 times as many symbols to choose from than what Cachemate shows as 'available'. I will look though to see if there is a newer version out. I do know that GSAK has no trouble at all - I can pick from any of the available symbols and they transfer. The easiest way to do that would be to have a "save changes?" prompt, probably triggered when you exit from the record view and/or tapped the Done button. I would definitely make it an option, though... called "Confirm save changes" or something like that. As far as another button for Cancel, there's simply no room left down there Thinking over the "Cancel" option some more, I'm not sure about the feasibility of it, since there's other things besides tapping Done and exiting the app that'll cause the record to be saved. I'll think a little more on it, though. Yes, figured it may not be trivial - might even just be an option on the drop down menu to 'Undo' or 'Revert to Last'.
  12. Here is the info I found at GPilotS on the T3 bug: I think it would be a good idea to put something similar up on CacheMate's site - I spent a couple of hours trying to rework cables, testing, etc. And if I had not remembered seeing something about some T3 / serial problem - I would have guessed that it was my cabling - and sent off for a more expensive cable instead of the one I put together with a null modem connector and a gender changer. It is a known issue - so should be placed somewhere in the docs where it talks about exporting - and maybe, like GPilotS - adding it to the bugs page as a 'Known Issue'. It is similar to the Grafitti 2 problems that palm created. Point the finger at Palm - and show possible solutions.
  13. Sounds like you found the answer to that one, judging by your other thread on the matter. Since you mentioned creating a cable for it, I thought you might have been able to fix it there by making it look like a null modem to the PDA side... maybe not. On the Smittyware.com forums, that's how one user ended up handling it. I ended up downloading a patch - it has a 14 day trial period then will have to pay $10 to keep it. Will see if I end up using my T3 to xfer waypoints. I will post a link to what I found. You can choose a symbol for all records exported at one time. The cache type isn't sent to the export plugins, though, so there's not really any way to pull off type-specific symbols. Any chance the cache types will ever be able to be xfered to the export plugin? Also, I notice that most of the choices for cache symbols transfer over as just the 'dot' instead of the symbol on my Legend?? Huh? Where? As far as I know, I only had the predefined record type in there for that, but if you found another feature that's handy for benchmarking, I'd be interested in knowing what it is. Haven't quite gotten into that side of it yet, myself. You are right, but I guess just having that little bit makes it 'benchmark friendly. The field in CacheMate can do up to 10 characters, and there's no length limiting in the plugin support code, so I can only think of it being in the plugin or the GPSr. Unless the waypoint format (there's at least a dozen of those with Garmin) being used by the Legend is limiting that in some way, I don't think I'm limiting it to 6, but I can double-check the code tonight when I get home. I noticed that there is quite a bit of variation on the waypoint name. It only allows you to type 10 characters - but there is no limit when importing - so I have some that have 24+ charcter waypoint names. I don't think the 6 character limit is on my end - GSAK and all the other programs Xfer the 10 characters just fine. One more thing on my Wish List - Instead of just having 'Done' at the bottom - it would be nice if there was a 'Cancel' or at least an 'Undo' on the top. Am sure this would require quite a bit of diffent coding since it would require not commiting the change until either done or cancel is pressed - but I have messed up a couple of my caches and had no real way of restoring it. Thanks for a great program Thanks!
  14. Three posts in a row - a new record for me In playing some more with CacheMate I noticed that when I export nearest caches (benchmarks) not all of them seemed to xfer. I had 13 in my list - but only 10 came across. It appears that CacheMate can only handle transfering a 6 character waypoint name to the GPSr? So Caches1 and Caches2 are both sent to the GPS as CACHES and the first one gets overwritten by the 2nd. My GPSr will handle a 10 character name - so this should not be a problem, but it is. I believe CacheMate will replace plucker for carrying my cache/benchmark data with me - I had hoped it would also allow me to xfer data to my GPS while on the road - but am running into too many limitiations. Hope to have time to check out GPilotS tomorrow see if it will work as a waypoint manager or if there are similar limitations in it. Why did Garmin limit the legend to 500 waypoints argh!! 8 meg of memory and 500 lousy waypoints
  15. Clyde @ GSAK will be happy to see I now am bugging CacheMate instead of GSAK Quick question: Can CacheMate export different symbols for the different cache types instead of just one? I really like the fact that there is some stuff built in to CMate for benchmarking.
  16. Thanks, there does appear to be an answer - for $10.00 you can download a patch to the palm OS - hmmm. May give it a spin for the 14 day trial period if nothing else turns up.
  17. The T3 has a bug where it always wants to do CTS/RTS handshaking, for some unknown reason, whether the software requests it or not. This has no effect with NMEA, but it does impact a two-way conversation, which the Garmin protocol uses in all cases. As far as the baud rate, that's locked at 9600 for the Garmin protocol, per their specs. So, is there a solution to this "bug" or does the Garmin Xfer just not work for T3 users? I have tried setting up the CTS/RTS handshake at 9600 baud and still it does not work.
  18. Yea, I don't think Groundspeak would like it if each of us that are using GSAK would have it make 2000 individual html look ups every other day or so
  19. I am having a problem using the Garmin/GPS pluggin to work on my T3. If I set my Legend to NMEA the T3 can get the navigational data - so I am guessing my cable is not the problem. Then I set the garmin back to Garmin protocol and try to export a waypoint - but no luck I get "No Response from GPS" - I have tried multiple speed settings, etc, but with no luck. Any ideas?
  20. Correct. I am trying to get cachemate to export waypoints to my garmin - and it cannot make contact with the T3.
  21. I read somewhere and now I cannot google the answer. I have hooked up my Garmin -> PC cable to my Serial T3 -> PC cable with a null modem connector but they still won't talk. I remember reading somewhere that there is a software problem with the T3 and someone developed a little program to fix the interface on the T3... Any clues?
  22. Well, with what little I could tell running cachemate in cripple mode (10 caches) it looked good enough to throw $7 at. So far I am impressed. I have created a database of all unfound caches within 100 miles (400), a database of all the benchmarks within 10m (300) Then I threw in the caches long the way to portland and benchmarks around the caches (another 400). Then I threw in all the Interstate exits between the way. Now I can pick a freway exit as a 'center point' and find all the caches and benchmarks nearby. Now I need to create a cable so I can xfer the waypoints to my real gps so I don't have to pack my T3 with me in the field. PS. The stripped down benchmark datasheets don't look too bad.
  23. Yes, I have been using Plucker for nearly 2 years I think. I love the program. But I am not good at xfering my finds over to notes so that I will remember stuff. Not too bad on caches - but benchmarks blur in the mind real quickly.
  24. I know CacheMate can xfer waypoints from the palm to a garmin gps Is anyone using any other method? ie - is there a way to store a list of waypoints on the palm for later xfer to the garmin? I will be on some road trips and my legend will only hold 500 waypoints. Between caches and benchmarks that I might visit, the list is more than 500 and right now a laptop is out of the question.
  25. What steps to you use when you get home? Has the log been exported to a memo? How do you locate the caches you found that day in order to get them xfered to gc.com Normally only do 1 or 2 caches a week - so my brain can handle that - but this summer we will be making a couple of road trips so not only will I be doing more than 1 or 2 - it will be days before I get home and can log them on gc.com so am trying to figure out what I want to do. Right now I export the plucker page to a memo and delete all but the name then write my log in the memo. Also use the same procedure for Benchmarks I hunt
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