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  1. Garmin Topo will never have satisfactory accuracy until the US once again has the resources to produce 24K data. I think I'll hold off in this lifetime.
  2. You need to allow your Firewall to accept the current page just before the download. If your using the default Windows firewall XP, I think you need to add the page as a trusted site. I was having the same problem before I did this.
  3. Addresses can be sent via POILoader from Mapsource to the GPSr but not the other way around. Also, 4 lines of data can be sent from POILoader via cvs file to the GPSr, but not from Mapsource. Data sent to the GPSr via POILoader cannot be sent back to Mapsource.
  4. What about that stupid electronic compass??? Needs to be recalibrated every time you change the batteries. Is inaccurate, and to get a half decent reading, you need to be perfectly level and still. A dime store compass works better.
  5. Garmin is going backwards. Trading Mickey Mouse technology for real functionality.
  6. In summary, WG84 is universal and the default datum for all gpsr units. However, the NAD83 datum is used in the US and for current USGS topo maps. However.........the datum is so close to the WG84 datium that is is much more accurate then the location given by your unit. At worst the difference is within inches (at most).
  7. Go with Topo hands down! Much better coast line detail. CN only shows generic coast detail primarily for auto vehicle navigation. I have both and I should know. P.S. Please don't post a bunch of gueses and protrude ignorance, it doesn't do any good.
  8. Need more information. You downloaded your maps? Did you have the Mapsource install CD? If so, your Mapsource will only know the location as your CD drive that you installed the maps. This means that your registry is pointing to the CD drive as the location of your topo. This can easily be changed by saving your maps from the CD to your hard drive and re-directing your registry to that location. The other issue you state only recognizes your seriel port. If you have installed your maps from the mapsource CD, and its not a registry issue, then it may be you don't have the necessary USB driver for the transfer of your topo to your unit. If you have an older Mapsource installation CD, then you will need to download the necessary driver from Garmin. This is especially true if you are using Vista. Otherwise, it sounds like if you had the serial cabel, it wouldn't be a problem. Please elaborate.
  9. I bought a c320 from them about 3 years ago. It was really much lower than anywhere else. When I didn't see any shipping status from them after a few days, I contacted them. The rep indicated that they had made a mistake on the price and "they wouldn't ship to me". Obviously, I was aghast and after almost blowing my top, they relented and shipped it for the advertised price. The price was about the price of the lowest priced units in about 4 months. That's my only experience with them.
  10. GPSmapedit new version now recognizes Mapsource V6.12.3 gdb files.
  11. How would heavy rain be a threat to a satellite??? Up, down links maybe? duh........Cloud cover, tree cover included
  12. A lot of companies do that. For example, I got a free replacement for my camping cook gear bag, a free repair on my Patagonia Fleece jacket that some marmot chewed through, a free replacement part on my Kohler kitchen faucet, free bumpers for my KraftMade cabinets, free internal locking mechanism replacements for my colapsable hiking poles from REI, free McDonalds Big Mac at closing time, etc. This is built into the cost that you pay for merchandise and makes real happy puppies.
  13. I use waypoint projection for obtaining locations of structures, cabins, dwellings that are on private property. Then I make my own maps.
  14. As a National Map Corp Volunteer, I've done an extensive survey of one map aready. This is now the most accurate map of this quandrangle in the world. All we need is someone to start the forum. Guidlines would have to be set for zoom and levels, etc., but its possible. Sounds like this could start with at least 2 up to date maps.
  15. A recent 60csx firmware update added a feature where a route can have an elevation profile. Garmin said the feature is for when future maps contain Digital Elevation Model data. Maybe the new topo will be one of the new maps that contains DEM data. All the 1:24K maps (National Parks) are DEM maps. I bought my 60cs years ago. The manual states that a profile can be obtained of a route. Unless it's changed for the x series, you can only see the route when in the navigation mode. And the only profile you get is from point A to B and not the actual route. When I pointed this out to Garmin techs, I had to walk through the steps to convince them that this was the case. May be Garmin will enhance the current DEMs so that the actual profile will be seen, or this is only a feature of the 60c(s)x. But if so, if Garmin updated the firmware, then why isn't this feature working now? Garmin should be shamed for its marketing practices. Anyway, I wouldn't expect to see any new topo mapping from Garmin for a long long time, if ever.
  16. If you purchase your unit in the US, you will have North America basemaps. You can use European maps, but you won't have the base map. If your using a routable map, I'm not sure what will happen.
  17. What happens when you are looking at your GPS while going 300 mph downhill and slam into a tree?
  18. Microcenter was selling a generic 1GB SD card for $9.99. I saw the 2GB for $19.99 and I said what the heck? I loaded all of CSV7 North America and all of 24K National Parks east and I still had gobs of space left. I did not notice any lack of performance on my c320 whatsoever.
  19. ha ha ha ha ha. Try using National Parks 24K topo. This is fully routable, but the only problem is that you will be bushwacking through a totally non-existant trail. Garmin makes me puke.
  20. I'm confused. I use Paint Express. 8 bit is 256 colors, but there is 24 and 32 bit in addition to 1 and 4 bit with 16.7 million colors, 16.7 million colors with alpha channel, 2 and 16 colors respectively.
  21. All the units that are still supported will get the upgrade soon. In the meantime, override the auto feature in for daylight savings to yes, and the current time will appear.
  22. The course jagged lines are the higher level lines. A Garmin topo usually has 3 levels containing the same line for certain features such as trails and streams. The first level which you see at a close zoom in on the unit, appears smooth as it should be. The jagged lines will appear on the unit at a high zoom out level, but will not look jagged at this level. Text will be placed independently on each polyline. This prevents all the text appearing at close zoom ins to also appear at high zoom outs. Do not start erasing the jagged lines unless you don't want them to appear when you zoom out. When you zoom in, the line should appear, but be dicated by the mapset setting for levels text descriptions.
  23. Couldn't see my avatar or anybody elses until I was logged in. Guess you need to be logged in.
  24. The Screen cap utility is XImage, and to show the shot, you must have a URL to post it. Grongo, GeoidPS Tree smasher.
  25. It will show all the streets as they were 20 years ago, but forget Garmin trying to update any topo. Why do you think we are all making our own maps?
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