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  1. I don't think you're going to get the desired results. I don't know of any application that will give you a direction and distance pointer. I'd also assume that the CF GPS unit will not have a magnetic compass, which means it relies on motion to determine direction - not very good for geocaching.

    This app would work: http://www.basicgps.co.uk/


    Also :unsure: speak for yourself on the "magnet/electronic" compass - I can't stand them and don't use them and I've cached for a long time.....


    That does look like a nice app! Thank you!! I really wouldn't use my pda as a GPSr for geocaching, but money has been tight. My wife and I had our first child and she isn't going back to work yet. I need a cheap GPS unit and getting a CF GPS receiver is the only thing I can think of. And besides...I have this PDA sitting around, I might as well use it for something!



  2. Here's my deal:


    I want to buy a compact flash gps receiver unit for my dell axim x51v. Yes...I'm saying that I want to use my Axim as a gps unit. Along with this though, I would need maps to be able to see the caches. Also would like to use cachemate for paperless caching with. Is this setup possible? Is anyone doing it now? I could use some help!


    Thank you!!



  3. I don/t use mine set up that way but know of some that do, sorry I dont remember which app they had. Be aware of battery life on the PDA if going that route. I use a Garmin 60csx for navigation and pda for information. Forgot to add gpxview as another app that works well on the pda.


    First off I appreciate the information about the apps that you use for you PDA. Any way you could tell me how the people you know set up their PDA as a GPSr unit?

  4. I want to be able to geocache with my Dell Axim x51v. What do I need to purchase as far as a GPS unit for it? Programs? Maps?


    Please help!!




    I have the same PDA. I use a 2 gig sd card. I have GPX Sonar stored on the card. Use GSAK to export gpx files and sync the PDA or copy the file to the card. GSAK also exports gpx files that work well on the PDA.

    Cachemate is available but there is a small charge for it.


    Do you use the PDA as your GPSr unit as well? If so, do you have a compact flast gps receiver that plugs into the pda? If so..what gps receiver do you use?

  5. I can't remember the forum and don't wish to spend time searching to Markwell this, but there was an informal survey of the jobs of geocachers and police officers were pretty high on the list (as was computers/tech people (as most people expect), fire and emergency personnel and teachers). I think the idea with the police, fire personnel, etc. was experience searching in the woods and all that.


    So it may not be so unusual for the cop to be familiar with caching after all.


    Interesing survey. I'm a teacher.

  6. They're ok. Lots of places to hide a cache and the muggles laying there aren't going to muggle it. It is kinda weird when you get to a graveyard cache and you see the graveyard attendant burying a person. As the case was for me today when I went to Watertown, SD to geocache...Historical Tour #1 Geocache.



  7. Well, I just splurged on the the Dell Axim X51v and souped it up a bit. Yeah, I had to add the GPS bundle to it...and the BlueTooth. I hope this will work for paperless geocaching plus a lot more! What do you recommend for software to put on it? I know you said something about the geocaching software, so I'll put that on the Axim when I get it sometime next week. Just wanted to see what you would also put on it in terms of software. This is my first PDA.


    Thank you,


    -Andy (mooka520)

  8. I was going to release a Travel Bug this past Friday in Minnesota while there on vacation. The caches I found though were way to small to put my TB in. My inexperience made me think that I could get my TB ready, so I activated it and said that the release date would be that Friday and it originated in Minnesota. Well, I will need to release it here in North Dakta now instead, but want to change the Origin and Release information to reflect this. Can anyone help me update my TB???


    Thank you in advance!!



  9. I'm new at GeoCaching and I was thinking of ideas of what I would like a Travel Bug to do. I'm an advid fisherman and so I would like a Travel Bug to travel to different lakes. The finder of the bug would go fishing, catch a fish, and place the TB in the fishes mouth, like it was used to catch the fish, snap a picture, and then place the bug in another cache. I would like to get the pictures though and I'm wondering how I would get them? Is there a special TB page that people would uplaod their pictures to, or would you just have people e-mail you the pictures they take?


    If you could give me some ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!


    Take care,

    -Andy (mooka520)

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