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  1. I'm not sure who to mention this to, I was just noticing that a cache of mine (GC1K2FD) which has been found by 3 cachers, shows 2 cachers as making a find in the summery at the top of the logs. DEFinitely not a biggy, but a nice distraction from my Mutual Funds. ...if anyone uses those figures for stat purposes, I suppose it might matter...maybe it's just on this one cache.
  2. What a fantastic way to make Geography interesting....great idea. I don't think you'll have any problem getting people to upload photos, and maybe add some quick local history or point of interest when they log a find. You might want to write up your request, perhaps laminate it, attach it to the TB and place both in a secure clear bag. Anyone deciding to take it will know ahead of time what's requested. (...but you probably already thought of that). Have fun!
  3. I still want to get a set of chains, though, as not having them means arriving at the cottage with poopy pants from the sheer terror of driving up 300 feet of a 45 degree ice-covered hill on the way in. They're not road legal here either, but I'd happily stop and strap them on at the beginning of the cottage road, in fact, I'd probably go up more frequently, just having more confidence. I've just heard that Princess Auto parts is in these parts, so I'll be checking them out. Many thanks.
  4. Many thanks for these helpful replies. Time ran out for getting any chains at all, and it turned out Sammy was really all we needed. Here's a shot of him having a good stretch after getting us up all those hills....down, further down...no, way down there, near the bottom of the photo....yep, there he is. This city kid had never even HEARD of most of these stores you guys recommended....I checked the TSC website however, and I'm telling you, any fellow urbanites, this place ROCKS....they've got cow bells, ear tags, and all sorts of other home decorating goodies. Check it out....I live, I learn
  5. Oh my goodness, that's cute. Here's a shot of Sammy at 15 weeks..."Breakfast time, Jake!" [/img]
  6. I have a van outfitted with winter tires, but I want to do some cottage-country caches, and suspect I'll feel more confident if I have Tire Chains. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could purchase some? Canadian Tire sometimes has a set or two (usually not in Toronto stores), but I've got one of those and they're not large enough for my tires.
  7. Here's another one, also in the Rouge...that's the hill with August 14, 1947 (or whatever that darn cache is called) in the background. We really got into it this day....I couldn't resist wearing the racing tunic.
  8. http://www.poodleforum.com/attachment.php?...mp;d=1230844255 Things have really progressed with this Poodle thing....here's a shot of us getting trained for some caching. And before you ask, we're in the Rouge.
  9. Hamgran, you're after my own heart with those fine pups (we call dogs of any age a Pup around here:). Yep, it was a real leap of faith to go from always owning black or yellow Labs in my life (one Samoyed in there) to a toy...poodle at that! I decided I wanted someone I could pick up, and one who wouldn't take up so much real estate in the van and house (no offense, Katie). Thus far we couldn't be happier, mind you we haven't taken him out for a run on the trails yet...he might fall into a footprint in the snow and disappear! He's a little cannon ball in the house though. Now...you, over there.... stop smirking about Poodles .....did you know that the reason they put those silly ribbons in their top knots was originally so duck hunters could see which dog in the water was theirs? And the pom poms (which Sammy as already made us SWEAR not to even think about for him...done), they were originally to protect various joints and vital organs from the cold water. No, I didn't know that either. Okay, just one more schmarmy shot of Sammy ...in a sweater no less Tequila, I think we've got a future Search Dog here
  10. Yee HAA, it woiked. Here's the Awesome, Amazing, Inimitable Katie, on the trails and close-up....and 3.5 pound, 11-week-old Sammy, geohound in training (size as is).
  11. I didn't do that right...must have done something wrong.
  12. Kind of you to ask, but after 1/2 hour, I have to admit that I just can't figure out how to place a photo in this reply
  13. Cool mystery. I don't have any information about it, but you're definitely not barking up the wrong tree. Over to you, B C!
  14. K, I've clicked on this entry a few times now, and having just teared up at looking at a photo of my Awesome, Amazing, and Inimitable 19-year-old Black Lab Katie, who passed away a year ago, this really does deserve a comment. I propose a toast to all those amazing, awesome and inimitable best friends that our dogs are...you know who you are. Cheers!
  15. Load 10 caches manually, and the value of a Premium Membership and the ability it gives to load a couple of hundred with the click of a button will become ABUNdantly obvious.
  16. Here you go, Isle Bizard can be found with GCZ1VR. In fact, I'm just remembering I made my Isle Bizard finds on New Years eve '06 with SurvivorGirl. Full moon night, loads of snow, windless, heaven. And the evening drive from the caches was gorgeous, with lights reflecting off of water. One of my favourite caching ventures.
  17. If you're going to be in Montreal, and enjoy forest trail hides, I can HIGHLY recommend the Bois de Liesse caches. A gorgeous forest with dozens of caches in this forest. I've cross-country skied and cycled to get this caches. Awesome area GCZ19W will get you in the middle. I also just noticed there's an equally-huge # in another forest not far from there. Don't know what it's called, but GCZDQ7 will put you there. Another terrific area is on Isle Bizard, just north of the Dollard area of the Island of Montreal. Enjoy!
  18. Many thanks for that description of co-ordinate conversions, Ibycus. I've been meaning to get to the bottom of that mystery, but never think of it when I'm near my computer. Nevertheless, I'd figured it was WAY more complex that it actually is. Thanks.
  19. Hello all, is there somewhere in London to walk in and purchase European Maps for my Garmin Nuvi? Many thanks in advance
  20. Does anyone know where I could purchase Garmin European Maps in the Toronto area? Like walk into a store and purchase the old-fashioned way? Thanks in advance
  21. Well hello from Canada! I'm going to be in the UK for 2 1/2 weeks in August, so I'm peering through the keyhole at your forums.....I have to ask The Blorenges, that screen shot was amAZing ... What's an MM? A Maggie something?
  22. LOL you should have seen the mocking sneers on the face of someone I told about Geocaching....their hobby? They race cars around, and around, and around, and around, and around the same track....I'd rather be caching...maintenance is a whole lot cheaper too.
  23. Out looking for a Tequila cache a month or so ago, 5 other cachers showed up, mostly one-by-one. After a length-of-time-which-shall-never-be-divulged, one cacher made the find. We were all looking within the same, say, 20-square-foot area, so of course we all noticed, especially after the, ahem, certain finder, began their happy dance, which for some reason included extremely athletic war woops, and several "I found it and you didn't, I found it and you didn't" to the tune of Yankee Doodle....like what were we to do? We each signed the log and moved on to the next cache, of course.
  24. Oak Island has a terrific mystic about it. I think it would be a fantastic spot for a Caching Event. It's a bit too far for me though, unfortunately. Good luck with it. It's a great idea.
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