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  1. I haven't had much time to play with it but the reception alone is amazing, it's pulling 8-10 satalites in places in my apt. where I could not even get a signal with my 76s, accuracy down to 15-20' and not even by the window. The new menu system is going to take some getting used to, I kinda liked the more simple menu of the older units. Another thing I noticed is the battery door seals look much better and it seems to fit tighter as well. I do notice it does not have as much options for the data fields as my old 76s did, you could get 3 small fields in a row across, so it was easy on like the compass page to get 9 fields of data as well. They were harder to see, but you could get a ton of data on one page. I haven't done any route or downloaded any topos yet, but so far overall very impressed. Part of me upgraded because I wanted color to make it easier to follow routes and such, and part for the enhanced reception. I will have to plug in my external antenna to see if that makes much difference on the accuracy level indoors.
  2. The floating factor is not that big of a deal to me, then again it would be if I dropped it in the water but the layout is. To me the 60 series is harder to use one handed because the buttons are all at the bottom of the unit, with the 76 series it sits very nice in the hand while being able to get to all the buttons. Before the "x" series came out the 60cs had half as much memory as the 76cs, so that was probably the big point, also I believe the basemap is/was better on the 76 series. Now with the cards I'd guess the main factor is the floating ability and to some the marine basemap. The 76csx comes with a 128 meg card and the 60csx only a 64 meg card. Otherwise the product comparison features are identical.
  3. I pick up my 76csx this afternoon from DHL (hopefully) I probably wont' have much time to play with it, but I'm sure I can give it a look over, I'm coming from a 76s so it should not be too bad to jump into. I know everyone is all over the 60 series, but to me the 76 is much better to use one handed as the buttons are more in the middle of the unit not at the bottom.
  4. Yeah you have to watch the shipping, however it is getting more expensive. I sold a nikon 5700 consumer camera with some accessories, send USPS priority with $300 worth of insurance and it cost me $15.30 to ship. It was in a box I suppose a little bigger than a shoebox and was only 4.5lbs because it had a lot of accessories in it, but it was still more than I thought it would be, it broke down to $10 for shipping and $5 for insurance. So while everyone is familar with thier $4 priority mail costs, if you add insurance and a package that is a little heavy it adds up. Insurance is the killer with usps, it costs more than the shipping most of the time. If you can get away with using one of thier free boxes where you can put anything in it for $3.95 that's great, but a little bigger or heavier box gets expensive in a hurry. Also a lot of times shippers use like the ups store quotes, that place is a HUGE rip off. I was quoted $80 to send in two camera lenses 2nd day to canon with $2000 worth of insurance. I guess where they get you is the insurance, the shipping rates are similar as if you go to your local UPS counter, but their insurance rates are sky high, also if they don't package it for you at the UPS Store they will charge you insurance but it's only against loss, not damage, so then you have to spend the extra $ to have them package it too. The same package sent at the ups counter was about $20 to send. Some are using it to pad the costs of fees for using paypal etc. and they know a lot of people do not check the shipping costs, though now if listed some ebay searches will list what the shipping is next to the auction price. I know I ran across a camera on ebay where the seller wanted $45 to ship it and $30 to insure it for $75 of shipping, I'm sure whoever bought that was less than happy.
  5. Anyone know of a case for the 76 series gps's that allows you to use the unit while it's in the case, similar to a cell phone case. Garmin makes one for the legend series that works very nice, but I see they don't for the 76's. Something similar to this: http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10314%2D00 I love this case on my legend because it offers some screen protection but it also because it has a good belt clip and laynard connection point.
  6. Sometimes I admit it is frustrating to see used units priced too high. It's not uncommon for me to see used items sold on ebay for more than I can buy them for new somewhere else online. It's also hard for the seller to take such a huge loss usually. If you think about it, a customer locally here (no one in town has the "x" units yet) goes and buys a 76cs for $500, not knowning that he can buy them online for nearly $350, so he decides to sell it in 2 months what is a fair used price $250 at best.... it's hard to swallow a 50% loss in 8 weeks. Digital cameras are the same way, the only plus is that while those things drop very quickly prices of the new units do as well. For example I sold a 5mp digital camera that cost me $800 in 2002 for $250, a huge loss, but I was able to buy a new 5mp camera with more zoom, vibration reduction, better image quality and performance for $400, so while I lost a lot of resale value, it only cost me $150 to upgrade to a much better unit. But I think in the end as others have said it's what the market will bear, I think the best sellers will try to name a fair price, but again everyone has a different idea of fair. Some sellers don't know what you can buy them for online as well. You can already order a 76csx for about $450 online if you look around. It also depends on if the seller is in a hurry, or motivated to sell, condition of the unit, accessories etc. It's just as frustrating to sellers I'm sure to list something at what you feel is a fair price, say $200 and get bombarded with emails asking if you will sell the unit for $75. Dealers are no better, for instance I've asked a few places in town about the new garmin "x" units that use memory cards and every sales guy I've asked has said they have not heard anything about a new unit coming out(I know this isn't true because a buddy works at one of the stores and gets product updates and has been aware of it for some time). So is it really any better for a store to try and mislead a customer to buy a 76cs for their $500 "on sale" price? Another store's hunting dept. manager who's corporate website specifically says their stores will price match internet sites, flat out told me they have never done that and would not do it. After a letter to the corporate office, the store manager assures me that "mistake" will not happen again. If you think gps units are bad, try camera lenses. This is one that really blows my mind. High end camera lenses used without warranty, as a mater of rule not exception get 90% of their new cost, if not more. Why people pay $1000 for a used lens with no warranty they can buy one new with warranty from a dealer for $1150 I have no idea, but it happens all the time. I think in the end, good/great deals will come along if you are patient and willing to shop around. As I'm sure is true of sellers, if you are patient you can probably get a higher price for your gps it just may take longer to sell.
  7. Topic pretty much covers it, I have a garmin 76s with the pc connection cable, manuals and case for auction on ebay, currently at $150. The unit is in great shape aside some rubber surround wear from going into and out of a RAM mount. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=5859216842
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