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  1. Really? AFAIK the reviewers are instructed to only unarchive archived listings for things like accidental archiving (due to hitting the wrong button on the smartphone) or other reasons that are mistakes or misunderstandings, but never for a listing archived because of inactivity from a CO. (This was possible in the past but not any more.) Does that not apply for unpublished caches? I have had a few unpublished listings archived because it took too much time and considered the listing dead. The question of unarchiving published caches is a question in itself but not relevant here. But it has some interest.
  2. I have similar thoughts. I have been offered to make an Adventure Lab, but as far as I can see, it is very similar to a Virtual and/or a Wherigo. And a little bit of Turf. I made a Virtual last year and I didn't do it well. It isn't popular, and I still can't figure out why. Now I don't want to repeat that mistake with an Adventure Lab. What do people like in Adventure Labs? Is it very common, and desirable, to connect the Adventure Lab with a bonus mystery cache? Is it just location, location, location like with Virtuals? Concerning the question of stages above, virtuals, too, can have stages, require multiple locations to be visited, and that seems to be my mistake with my virtual. I tried to make it funny, I should have made it long since people remember the long ones (naturally, with multiple interesting locations). Multis have multiple stages, Wherigos have multiple stages (often painfully many) so of course an Adventure Lab can have multiple stages. But there is one thing I can make with a Wherigo that I don't know if Adventure Labs can do: Customization. You can tweak Wherigos quite a bit. I havn't gotten started with Adventure Labs yet so forgive me for being ignorant, but I hope that Adventure Labs can at least have hidden stages. Right? So, any advice you can give me is welcome. I am trying to come up with a decent idea before the time runs out.
  3. 1. I thought we agreed that the thread was about encouragement, not obligation. 2. It is no big effort to me to have a few emergency logs (the far ends of the paper when I cut my logs, they go there instead of trashing them) in my wallet and two or three petling caps in my pocket when going out caching (put aside when I put a PET bottle in the recycling bin). The trick in IMHO to do the small and easy things that helps. Saving these emergency logs is as easy as putting them in the trash. The petling caps almost so. I won't always be able to fix every cache that needs it, but I can handle the easy ones.
  4. I frequently repurpose planned caches. I have a location, and an idea... and then I decide it wasn't good enough, or too much work, or too hard to get to, or I submit and it collides with a mystery. (Happens all the time.) If the idea felt good but has to wait, I print the whole page to a PDF to save the text and details, and then edit the page to what I want to do first. I have got some unfinished caches archived (by HQ, I think) because I was too slow. That hurts, but the problem was that I showed no signs of progress or planning in too long time.
  5. I understand the conflict. I would say that there is a certain difference between expectation and encouragement but it is also easy to confuse them. A related encouragement is that of encouraging cache maintenance. A friend of one made a "cache maintenance stash" with some items useful for maintaining caches (like log books and pencils) - with the undertones that we can help each other with cache maintenance. That is also not allowed according to the rules, but is there any real reason for it?
  6. Nice logs do count in the cache's favor, but they are harder to quantify. It isn't a competition, but the FPs is the only measure I have of whether a cache is enjoyable or not, which is important. Also, as CO I judge some of my caches as good even of the ratings are not so good. But I often question them and try to improve them. Why are they less popular, what can I do about it? And then, of course, there are many inofficial competitions, like FTFs, most founds, challenges etc. But there are so many things you can have as speciality, so we can all make our own niche.
  7. I would call this an error from the reviewer, or an error in the rules. 1) The cache encouraged finders to place their own. Suggested. It did not require it. Not a requirement, not an ALR. 2) How can geocaching be a disallowed agenda for geocaches??? Isn't the "agenda" rule to avoid propaganda for irrelevant activities? Besides, there are thousands of caches with agendas only in my region! Have you ever seen a mystery about a rock band? Of course it wants to promote the band! Or yet another online jigsaw with a photo of a nice tourist location? Agendas, agendas, just as strong as this. This rule needs to be clarified and focused on the actual problem it wants to solve.
  8. Thanks! Sorry for whining, I am tired. Much work. The Wilson score is my measure of popularity (together with nice logs), not the number of finds. I would rather want to make caches that are not necessarily found often but are entertaining than dull ones that are just yet another find among many. No, I don't mind that others go for quantity, that's their preference and diversity is an important strength of this hobby.
  9. It is Sweden's second worst, in Wilson score. I thought it was funny and different, but seeing it in the absolute bottom, that means it was not a good idea at all and not fun. 51 finds is more than enough to be statistically significant. It is less popular than count-windows-virtuals! I want to make caches that visitors like. It is really hard to know what will be popular and what will not. Mine is probably too easy, since I was not allowed to demand what I wanted to make it interesting. My guess is that you need to make it really long with multiple (interesting?) locations to make it popular.
  10. I wish I could put my virtual up for adoption, but that seems not to be possible. I am not very interested in it any more.
  11. I am still working on the second round on the D/T. High T is not a problem, the big problems are high D. I can solve that with jigsaw mysts, but that feels like cheating, it is trivial, just takes time. But where can I then find a 5/3 or a 4.5/5? They are rare and extremely hard, like unsolvable mysteries or descending down *very* high cliffs with a rope (meaning working a whole day with multiple descents for a DNF...). Maybe high D are unusually hard here? Sweden? Can it possibly be Match Stash or Americana?
  12. In my area, there has been a series of events with FTF hunts after the event for caches that are at the time unpublished, scheduled to be published in the night after the event. All attendants are given a link to a file with information about the new caches, and once they have the information, the whole gang sets off for FTF hunt. That means that FTF on the new caches are reserved for attendants! This is perfectly legal, but the local FTF hunters don't like it. They are locked out from FTFs if they don't attend the event, and an FTF hunt with 20 people isn't much of an achievement. FTF is a matter of agreement of inofficial rules. It is a pity when people disagree on them but that is hard to avoid.
  13. And I am a yellow cheese and that's all I want people to know. Age, sex, color of my skin... who cares? In this hobby, what counts is that I try to be polite to others and be ready to take criticism. Also, to never ever get a cache archived by a reviewer nor be left in the forest after archiving, and to make caches that are better than average. So far it works pretty well.
  14. I decided that in 2016, but when I felt that my body protested over too little exercise after a week of two, it gave me two choices: Go out and find some fairly tough cache, or find some other means of exercise. I took a reflex trail cache, pretty long and hard, and immediately felt better.
  15. It must be very tempting to post a "will attend"-style log to something like this. I mean, we log "will attend" to events, so a similar log on this feels natural, although not very desirable. I can mention here, instead, that this will be a snap to log, since I will be part of arranging a Mega in september. No problem finding Signal there! Well, as long as I don't have to wear the costume myself of course! (That could be an interesting log picture.)
  16. Please tell me that you mean mystery caches or field puzzles, and not online jigsaws. They are everywhere.
  17. Absolutely.. A clearly marked "on/off" switch takes care of this. I mostly use Li-Ion, but one cache is powered by a 9V alkaline. All of them hold their charge for months, and I mean many months. I was surprised that this was so easy. I thought the outdoors moisture would kill the battery in a matter of days, but it just runs and runs. Of course, there are no connectors exposed to the outside, everything is inside the box, but the box is not super tight. I also have one powered by a power bank, as Tungstène mentioned. This was not without problems though; with simple power banks it works just fine, but smarter power banks detect that too little power is drained from my low power circuit so it turns off! I had to add an extra resistor just to waste some energy!
  18. I have a few of these. All are multis, since clever electronic lock mechanisms are hard to build and easy to break. I use sensors, LEDs, 7-segment displays, LED displays... but no motors or solenoids. Sorry, one with a motor, but not for opening a hatch but for lowering a bison tube down a pipe. Also, I always use small, cheap Arduinos or ATinys, not full size Arduinos.
  19. I suppose a spoiler photo is a kind of hint, maybe. But quite a bit off the topic of strange usage of hints.
  20. This is way off topic, but I avoid NM or DNF on any cache where I know or suspect that the CO is inactive. This is particularly true for good or very old caches. Most caches from the early years, say 2000-2005, have inactive COs. Some can still be contacted, some may post OM if you fix the problem for them, but many don't reply or even turn off the possibility to send them messages. If I want these caches to remain, I need to maintain them myself and never, ever post DNF or NM on them. Caches with active COs, or filler caches like PTs, are a totally different matter.
  21. This was definitely one thing that got me going on this. If reviewers reject me for a hint not being a clear hint, why are others accepted when their hints are not hints at all? But live and let live... Let them have their fun confusing us.
  22. My goals are pretty clear: Make a decent contribution for the Mega event in september that I am involved in. Primarily electronic lab caches. Fill a few empty spaces in my D/T "placed" matrix. But that is getting hard. Archive about 50 caches in order to keep the maintenance reasonable. That includes removing all parts. And related to the previous, not having any caches archived by reviewers but maintaining or archiving myself. Organize a new T4.5 bathing event. Find some caches, primarily ones far out in the woods so I get some exercise, and some that sound particularly good, plus bunch of decent ones (no PTs!) to get FPs for the good ones.
  23. As everybody else say, permission, state clearly in the description that you have permission, and provide the reviewer with the address to your contact person. I think it is perfectly fine to state that one partial goal with the caches is to activate children at the hospital. And, again, to avoid the "commerical content" problem I would not mention the name of the hospital. I don't know how far you can say that it is a hospital. I have two caches near a restaurant, and I set the "food" attribute but I don't mention the restaurant explicitly. Finally, I would make sure that the area you are placing in is fully "safe", publicly accessible with no risk of being sensitive for the patients.
  24. Well, hiding the solution in a strange place is fine for a high-D mystery, but both cases of "required hint" are low D, D2 and D1.5. I must say that that adds to my feeling of a misused hint.
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