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  1. How on earth did you get that through?! I have drafted on similar things (hard to make JavaScript do good positioning though), but with the ambition to do it as a mystery or Wherigo, but I am not sure if the reviewers would like the demand of of accessing a web page even for that. For a virtual, the thought didn't even cross my mind! I don't think that would be allowed by our reviewers. Did you have any arguments with reviewers? No objections about this way to do a virtual?
  2. True, I definitely make caches to be enjoyable, but I am quite fed up with "this was one more during the trip"-logs (in other words, couldn't care less for the point with the cache) and I fear that a virtual would be one. Especially now that they are rather many. I will have to think twice whether my original idea can work as a non-mandatory one or not.
  3. Oh, I did. But it wasn't approved. Thanks to all that gave pointers to good examples! I will check all out.
  4. Thanks, I have seen that list, but the only thing *close* to fun is a mountain top, but a physical cache is usually a better choise for those places. I have seen what the local virtuals are about, and the new ones are generally rather boring. "Go to a somewhat famous place and take a photo there." I wish I could do something better. Sorry for being negative, I just don't want to make something that the visitors find dull.
  5. I need some help. I was given a virtual reward, and this quote summarizes my problems with it. I had some fun ideas, but... what can I do? Ask people to go and look at this church/whatever? Nothing more? Must a virtual be a D1? In what way is this something I would want to create? Is there any way that I can make this *fun* to visitors? Is it impossible to make a fun virtual? Should I just reach for "archive" and get it over with? I am not angry, I just feel helpless. I am given a once-in-a-lifetime to create... nothing? Or should I go for the last statement and humbly hope that people follow my non-mandatory wish? Are there other COs with odd virtuals that share that experience? Suggestions, please!
  6. 4 years ago and no conclusion? I was just trying to add "field puzzle" to a few letterboxes with pretty hard field puzzles. Considering that letterboxes can be anything, it seems especially valuable to include here. But no, I can't add it. No problem on a multi.
  7. Groundspeak, can you please remember that geocaching is a highly diverse hobby that is not only about quantity? This campaign seems like a power trail promotion to me. I that what you want to promote, quantity? I have suggestions for future quests/challenges: - Log 10 different D/T combinations in a week. Or 15-20 in a month. 10 is nice, you can do that even on a wheelchair! - Log 20 different attributes in a week. Or month. - Log one multi every week for a month. The numbers are not so important. The diversity and some level of challenge is. One more thing: Make souvenirs interesting. Getting a souvenir for logging one cache is a bit too easy, right? Even for a beginner. Just a suggestion.
  8. (I stop this discussion. It made me upset.)
  9. [potty language removed by moderator.] The remainder of the post had no meaning so I remove it. Sorry about the language, it will not happen again.
  10. But if it is published as a mystery cache and not a Wherigo?
  11. Intercaching has been suggested to me (see my post from tuesday) but it isn't really in my plan to rebuild my complete and tested Wherigo to an Intercache slightly more than one week before the deadline. I was *done* and now I can't pass the finish line one step ahead... I havn't tried Intercaching but from what I understand it is doesn't give much more freedom than Wherigos, right?
  12. Speaking of lack of progress on Wherigos, the documentation is a major point where it is lacking. There are most likely big possibilities that I just don't know how to access. And too many Wherigos are junk Wherigos. You can slap one together in Wherigo\\kit in no time at all, but it will be rubbish. With my first, I went far beyond that, and with my second, that I now try to upload, I am still doing things that are sadly uncommon, although basically just using the "inventory" a tiny bit. That shouldn't be hard, and it isn't, but most Wherigos don't touch on even such basic functionality, and that gives the whole concept a bad name. And I am still waiting for the compiler to come back.
  13. But does that imply that a Wherigo on another site would be legal as a mystery cache? And, for that matter, programs (e.g. web scripts) that do something similar? Like that... whatever it was called. I don't think it is legal to demand installation of programs on your computer or phone, but running a web script seems fine. And downloading a Wherigo could be, too. And now it is tuesday and it still isn't working. :/
  14. Yes, I guess it is tuesday. But is it not legal to make a Wherigo geocache where the Wherigo is downloaded from somewhere else.
  15. If I could get some kind of estimate when to try again I would be happier. Now all I can do is to repeatedly submit to the site hoping for something to happen.
  16. This is BAD news for me. I have a working, tested Wherigo that I need to upload for an event in two weeks where I promised to have it ready. It already exists in a compiled version, runs just fine on my phone, tested live in the woods. But I can't upload it! Is it possible to get a temporary OK to upload it to my own site, strictly only until HQ gets it together and I can upload it properly? Or are new wherigos simply locked out for an unknown amount of time?
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