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  1. More like a double E. OK, I was doing my best without something to reference in the photo. double E? try a J.
  2. way too small for my needs. I'll wait for further down the alphabet first.
  3. I make scarves to put into geocaches for finds, but they have to be really good finds, not just the micro behind the sign finds. I've also made some window cling stuff that I plan on adding to my geocache trades bag. My kids dumped it out so I have to find all the pieces again. Then there's the beanie babies I also found on sale. I have some of those in my trades bag. I have a few other ideas too. But the worst thing I found in a cache was weed. The second worst thing was a flashlight that I brought home. Only then did I find out it was broken. I've "fixed" it but it don't turn off.
  4. I also found a bud. I flushed it down the toilet. Then there was the spider who had decided to make the cache his home. And when finding this one micro, I found a wasp nest. EEEEEEEK!
  5. One that a 2yo could find. Or a 4yo. I'd also like something that I could find.
  6. How about scarves? Nothing fancy, just something quick to make?
  7. its not that easy being green... <= for poor little Signal Cache as cache can be you'll never cache me!
  8. you have a late night (around midnight) argument with your spouse... and its about caching... cause there's a new puzzle cache in the area... that you just figured out... and its only a half hour away by car... and you just have to try for FTF! and finally, the spouse (husband for me) says "fine, on one condition..." and you don't argue about the condition because there's an FTF to be had. and when you come home with the FTF, you get p'o'd that the spouse in question is now asleep so you can't even have a private victory celebration.
  9. Cache I FTF last night was ... interesting. Somebody came by in a red car (cars go vroom and take people places) and took my photo of me in my car and then as I left the scene and was "following" it, took another photo of me in my car. Cacher in the area said to me that they do have an extreme block watch. Good to know, sorta. I can just see the cops running my plates and then coming over to ask me what I've been up to. I'm so glad I have the gc-u flyer laminated. somewhere. here... really I do.
  10. How about, if you use a peanut butter container, you say so in your post so that your peanut allergic cacher can choose not to go after it? I have a peanut butter one I plan on using. I've hand washed it once. Used the dishwasher twice. It is currently undergoing decon with baking soda. After that, it'll go through the dishwasher a few more times. Then I'll start camoing it and more. Would that help?
  11. I have a "micro" out there. Its only micro cause of how I can't really put anything for trades in it. I did put a few things. But I don't care about trades or anything I put in it. But it isn't a bison tube (and I have one i can use). It isn't a film cannister (and I could have used that) or an altoids tin (don't have one. I have a smaller mint tin I can use ) What it is is a decorative "marble" I found at a dollar store. I was looking for swag and found it instead. Its about the size of a tennis ball or baseball and because of the colour, it can and does dissapear into fallen leaves. I hope it hangs around for a while.
  12. we went after three caches today. One was a bison tube. woopee. One was a keykeeper micro. woopee. But the third one was supposed to be a "regular" cache with lots of swag. Yah. right. There was nothing I wanted except a toy car which I would have only gotten if DS had been with me right then and there. He wasn't so I didn't. My gf found two patches and used my trade bag to cover her trades. Not too impressed that she forgot her trade bag. Ah well, I'll get it out of her later. Anyway, I digress... I'd like to see kid stuff, neat stuff and more. I don't like opening up a cache and seeing junk. Doesn't matter how "weatherproof" the container is, you should make sure the stuff you put in is in a watertight container even just a gladdie or ziplock baggie. One of the things we found recently was a hedgehog that I would have loved to have kept, but passed it on cause it had a mouldy smell. If I could have, I would have kept it for myself, but I already have enough stuffies. In my swag bag at the moment is - baggies for fixing broken log baggies, Ty beanie babies, crystals, shells, some old jewelry, and a few other things. I plan on putting more things in soon.
  13. What a cool idea. . .a geocache disguised as a meteor crash site! I think TX Magic Lady meant this Stump Cooler. screw caching. I want that for camping!
  14. mine isn't that interested in finding the caches. He'll happily go on walks with me and the kids. But the actual hunt is all mine. He'll help me if I get stuck cause I'm the one carrying the baby on my back. Now, when it comes to placing the caches, and making and designing them, I can't get him to shut up. and he's far more evil than I could ever be! he's read some of the - other - threads over my shoulder and he's just... evil I tell ya. Eeeeeeeeevil!
  15. I got two FTFs at a meet and the games. The FTF king got 5. And people were glaring at me for getting 2. LOL
  16. This common sense you speak of... it allows you to let your three year old play on electrical boxes while you're somewhere else? You don't have kids do you? You must also have an electrical box for a cache? If you had your own, or knew some kids you would know what i am saying here, they do tend to get into things you would rather them not to. Married 33 years, Sons age 32, 29, 24 and 17, Daughters 25 and 15. Case Monitor for Department of Youth Services, Boy Scout since 1960, Council Chairman and Troop Leader for 11 years, Foster parent (to four kids so far), registered as a Neighborhood Safe House... nah, I guess you are right, I don't know squat about raising kids. And I don't have an electrical box cache. I wouldn't want one either and whether or not I have kids isn't the point. One of my exs used to work for the hydro company and I got a good lesson in electrical safety from one of his coworkers - a man who has spent 20 years working on the electrical lines. I don't like electrical caches even though I've found them. They just scare the bejesus out of me.
  17. i go into dollar stores for their quick cakes that my kids like to make so I haunt them. I found giant carbiners there - not good for climbing, but they look cool. I'm thinking about grabbing a bunch to add to my trades bag. a liquidation store I know of is getting rid of the inventory of a store that my hubby used to work at - the owner still owes him over 2K in overtime pay that was court ordered to pay. Every time we walk in there, he starts to snicker. Anyway, they have beanie babies from about 2000 in there. I've grabbed a bunch for my kids and for kids FTFs in my two big caches I have planned... I'm also trying to find micros. He and I have plans for them. I'm thinking about placing micros that are pre-camoed into caches as swag. I have a cunning plan... It involves glue, a router, stones and more. I need to buy a bunch of flat stones to make a "fairy house" for some kids to find. I have also painted up a "treasure box" and used enough varnish to paint the inside of my lungs (no sillies, I sprayed it outside!) and I painted the gc.c logo on it. Then there's the cache top that my hubby made for me. I can't talk about it because its an active cache, but he already has an order from another cacher.
  18. I am getting so many ideas. Worse... my other half, who doesn't want to find caches but hide them, is getting them too.
  19. He: 40 Me: 34 They: 4, 2, and 4 months. We're Canadian, eh!
  20. if I ever go visit my dad, I am SO going to visit Big Boy.
  21. if I have the means to repair it on the spot, I do it. I found a cache earlier this week that hadn't been logged online in about two - there were additional logs in the cache. A travel bug that is supposed to be in it is missing and when I found it, it wasn't where it was supposed to be - it was on the ground. I grabbed it. Inside, the baggies were torn so I replaced them at home. I inspected the contents, threw out a damaged keyring, and found weed at the bottom. Just because BC is weed tolerant does not mean that's something we want to find in our caches! Owner's been notified. The cache is safely in one of my caches. Yes, I now own two caches.
  22. you sure about that web page? I went there and found the Torino scale. *shudder*
  23. Right in front of a Hell's Angel's chapter house. Now that would be very dangerous.
  24. I found my first cache without a gpsr. I currently have it on my desk because I was teaching a gf of mine how to cache. I freaked cause I saw it on the ground and there was weed in it. So, being a girl is no big deal caching. I was pregnant for my first 20 some odd cache finds too.
  25. I hope a cacher local to me will forgive me for grabbing his cache. I found it on the ground under where it should have been hidden. I picked it up because I was just going to replace it and explain to my gf who I'm teaching the "how to find a cache" basics that replacing it was a good thing when I saw that one of the magnets had fallen off of it. I was not only after it to teach her my gpsr's find feature, but for a travel bug that was in it. So I brought it home with me to inspect it because a muggle was watching me. This was an urban cache and a sweet hide. One of the travel bugs that was supposed to be in it is gone. The baggie holding the log smelled of weed so I replace it. I also replace the pencil. I write a log to let the owner know that I think it was muggled. I dispose of a broken keychain (cito rules) and look in the bottom of the cache. There is a small bud, just enough for a couple of good hits if you have a pipe. I toss that into the "dirty" baggie and write in the log that I'm going to dispose of it. There's a meet in two days. I'm bringing it with me to give back to the owner if he's going to be there. Hey... at least its weed, not meth.
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