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  1. I just played D & D this weekend. I didn't cache but thought about it. I also finished LoTR for the ???th time a few months back (8th??), so I could see The Two Towers at the theater, and compare notes when I got home. Hmmm, looks kinda nerdy when I actually spell in out on a post....... Make a sanity check.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:hehe SLCDave...you mean those who post to complain about others who complain? When I say "I'd like to file a complaint about the above thread", I really mean " I am bored out of my skull at work, so I am making a good natured crack that will get me blasted". Make a sanity check.
  3. I took my fetus caching the other day, which is cool since my wife usually doesn't come along. So I am saying negative 5 months is a good age to start. Make a sanity check.
  4. I was caching in the 7-11 the other day. It seems that the police have named that "shoplifting". My cellmate is nice though, and he is really anxious to start caching, because all he talks about to me is "da booty". Add another to our sport! Make a sanity check.
  5. When they say "TN/LN". They mean that the crap in the cache they found was so bad it would make their "dogs playing poker" paint by number portrait look good if they took it home. Make a sanity check.
  6. I like to find stuff in the woods, and now I can use this site to do it. Yeah! Make a sanity check.
  7. I suggest buying a GPS unit, and finding some caches ! That is the best way to learn about the hobby. Make a sanity check.
  8. One of my hides is a book cache, so I suppose there was initial cost for the books, but once they were read, they sat for years on a shelf. So other than the $8 for a large ammo box and log book set-up, it was free to me. Make a sanity check.
  9. Ahhhhh, but the Altoids tin can be put to use as a stage in a multi cache.......beauty is in the eye of the storm, grasshopper.. Make a sanity check.
  10. "Those who still have lives before discovering tinkets in the forest" Make a sanity check. [This message was edited by TMAN264 on August 27, 2003 at 06:27 AM.]
  11. At least your wife will go with you! Make a sanity check.
  12. I recently drove through PA into MAryland, on I-70 from Breezewood to the Maryland border. Can someone tell me the name of the valley you go through on that stretch. The view was amazing. Thank you.
  13. It couldn't have been me who was drinking, since I don't have a computer at the bar. Make a sanity check.
  14. It's in really small print. Stare at your screen for awhile. Make a sanity check.
  15. I bought a cool Michigan trail Atlas for my father, and after he scouted out some areas, he hid 2 caches in the area. Both caches have been well received by the finders so far. I think taking folks into an otherwise unknown area is my favorit caching experience. Even roadside parks off of busy highways can be a cool place to cache, as some of those trails can be really long.
  16. A log by Woodster Outdoors. Make a sanity check.
  17. I am really sick of the people defending the pirate (2 people in particular, one of which is so annoying I wish very bad things upon him). I liked how the pirate included the physical threats made against him in his letter. See, that got his attention. Come to Michigan pirate, I'll even send you the co-ords to the caches I have hidden. We can have fun! Make a sanity check.
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