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  1. Jolly, what would the Knights do? I believe the answer is "waste her with my crossbow"! PS, no flames please, it's a KODT joke. Make a sanity check.
  2. Some dude at the horse track asked me to cash in his winning ticket, since I was going that way because I won a $2 place bet. His ticket cashed out at $540. I had never met the guy, he was just sharing a table with me and my friends. It's not the amount that is impressive, it's the fact he just gave me $540 to carry back to him, and he didn't know me from any one. Trust is a interesting situation. Make a sanity check.
  3. I feel left out. I am a tobacco chewer, but I am worried enough about a raccoon eating my discarded plug, that I do not do it on the trail. I always do it in the car. And I never use a Skoal can for a micro, although I have seen posts regarding that. Make a sanity check.
  4. Even a loyal and titheing follower of Cthulhu wouldn't do something like that. Will cache for food.
  5. No doubt, there are a bunch of posts missing, including my semi-funny rant. Of course i forgot what marginally funny thing I said, but that is beacuase a Star-Spawn has lodged itself in my brain. Go figure. Will cache for food.
  6. Post a note dude, an EVIL note. Will cache for food.
  7. I like my new one, if you stare at it long enough, you'll end up transported to Miskatonic University, in Arkham, MA. Plenty of caches to find there, but they are all evil caches. Who would have thunk it? Will cache for food.
  8. quote: If we meet on the trails there is no need for either of us to know if we are Democrat, Republican, Jewish or Christian. We are just two people enjoying nature. And the same goes for us Cthulhuian members of the Whig party! Will cache for food.
  9. As Helen prepared to plunge into the festering pool which conatined the ammo box, she wondered again if she should trust the cache's instructions that the water was deep enough to dive into. Will cache for food.
  10. dadgum, is it April already? Will cache for food.
  11. Yes, the punishment for breaking that rule is providing a picture of yourself for the next round of "you post the caption". Truly a heinous punishment........ Will cache for food.
  12. quote: posted March 31, 2003 08:04 PM Interesting little log for how bad I have the bug right now. Try THIS link. Yeah, but were you wearing Dockers and a trench coat? . Nice log, you rock....I wish we HAD gorges around here! Will cache for food.
  13. That's a good idea! My GPS and folder of unfound caches are already there! Sweet ! Will cache for food.
  14. GPS unit, check. DEET, check. Cache printout, check. Homicidal maniac, che........ Will cache for food.
  15. This a random thoughts post, on have bad you HAVE to cache sometimes. I am a CPA, who has been locked up in his office for the past 12 weeks. I found some time last night to hit a new cache in the area, so off I went. I took my tie off, but that was it. I got to the new park under construction where the cache was, and drove a 2 track under construction in my 1988 non-off road car. I got within 1000 feet of the cache, so off I went, down a 100 foot hill, falling twice. Did I mention it was 42 degrees and raining? The cache turned out to be on the banks of a pond, a really good location and hide, but hard to get to in wingtips. No worries though, since the mud and gunk off, at least that's what I told my wife. The pants are ruined though. And yes, I'd do it again, that's have bad I have the cache bug, Any other war stories? Will cache for food.
  16. Albert was embarassed that he was so late to the first annual Iraqi geo-convergence, and that he wouldn't get to hide his "MRE surprise" cache. Will cache for food.
  17. Young Lucifer's grade of D- on his science project seemed generous considering the lack of the 8 other planets, not to mention the Sun. Will cache for food.
  18. I caught something nasty to a pinata salesperson when attending a tupperware convention. This wouldn't have happened if I'd been using an ammo box..... Will cache for food.
  19. I did it to support the site. I also believe in the members only caches, and plan to hide a few once the snow is completely gone. There is one in my 100 mile area radius. Will cache for food.
  20. 1. How did you find out/start geocaching? From a comic book called "Knights of the Dinner Table", the author, Jolly Blackburn, put it in his editorial. They also did a strip on it in the comic soon after. If you like D & D, or other RPG's and/or board games, check it out! 2. Who/what got you started geocaching? See above, the comic inspired me. 3. How often you do it? As often as I can, usually once a week in the spring though fall, but snow and tax season limits me in the winter. 4. How long have you been doing it? Since May, 2002. 5. Spending amounts: a. Price of GPS Birthday present, Etex Yellow ($120) b. Placing a cache , $1 for log books and pencils, I put old CD's and books in my caches, so you make the call, to me it's nothing, since that money was spent years ago. c. other equipment and prices (lights, ropes, etc) Very little, just gas on the way I guess. I am not high tech......yet. Will cache for food.
  21. My name is (insert GC.com name here), and I am a Geocacher. Get used to saying this at your first local gathering.......the coffee is free. Will cache for food.
  22. Dude, tape an empty can of Altoids under one of it's arms, with a small pen and log book. (before the flamers hit me, it's a joke..........maybe.. Will cache for food.
  23. Little Jimmy just counldn't measure up to the John Holmes Memorial cache. He quickly deleted the co-ords to the Ron Jeremy Knothole cache. Will cache for food.
  24. My dad and I did 11 in one day at the 2003 Traverse City Geoconvergance. I may try to do a big day in Grand Rapids this spring with a new cacher, as I know some of the local cachers here in TC did 30+ in the Grand Rapids area. Way to go! Will cache for food.
  25. Hedonism 3 cache, Difficulty 6.5 inches, Terrain 72 and 3 months....... Will cache for food.
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