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  1. :D Ahoy, matey! If'n yer plans fer cache talk 'n' fun 'cludes folks frum the Big Land 'swell's frum the Rock, the crew'd be 'appy ta 'tribute our dubloons' wurf! Thar be a growin' fell'rship o' dedicat'd, resourceful play'rs in this parrrt o' the province, whot seems itchin' ta ramp fings hup a notch an' keeps the scene challengin' an' 'joy'ble. 'opes they poipes up, too, an' ye welcomes the friendly riv'lry whot's we gots goin' in the Labradorrr! :laughing:

    (hinsert blarck eye emoticon 'ere) the Wench, fer No Beard 'n' the Pi Rats

  2. Arrr, mateys! Jest thinkin' o' givin' our 'trepid Norv'rn happrov'r, cache-tech, a 21 gun salute fer swabbin' the decks 'n' keepin' the powd'r dry 'n' sech, when this thread catches me glarss eye! Perf'c' hopp'rtun'ty ta foires hoff the crew's sincere fanks fer a jab well dun! Good on them 'prov'r-toypes, I sez--sumbuddy bouys 'em a round, will 'e? Tell the 'keep the Wench sez ye kin putt'r on the Cap'n's tab! :rolleyes:


    Cheers ta hev'rybuddy we've 'ad the pleasure ta cross swords wiv, an' ye's we've yet ta board! [insert blarck heye emoticon 'ere!] tW, fer No Beard & the Pi Rats

  3. Avast ye scurvy lan' lub'r...Tis tu tru, thar wunce be a wunnerf'l week'nd hevent at NooCastle Hisland....If'n ye've not read the ships logs, 'ere's a link...


    Van-Isle Cachers Get Together


    Was horgranized by a few of us back in th' good ole days, it were a blast.

    Hunfortun'tly, we've b'en transport'd to the oth'r coast, elsin' we'd be tryin' t' 'ave 'er agin fer this year!


    Twer a bit o' controversy o'er th' locayshun not bein' hacces'ble by tent trayler :ph34r:, but we still 'ad a dozen or so tents stayin' th' weekend.


    We 'ad a BBQ sup'r, Breakkie, sum hevents, a 5 stage multi, poker run wiv pryzes fer all (If'n anyones whats was thar reads this, I'd be facynated t' 'ear 'ow th' Bump'r stick'rs mayde out??).


    Ev'ry wun that were thar donayted sumfing fer a cuppla caches t' mark th' memries...


    Newcastle Van-Isle Cache #1


    Newcastle Van-Isle Cache #2


    Were a fun way t' spend th' layb'r day weekend...Brings a tear t' me glarss heye jus' a think'n o' it...


    It'd be nyce to 'ear o' somewun doin its agin sumtime, jus' wish we wasn't a few thousan' myles away, be a bit much t' git thar I'm 'fraid.


    The udd'r horganyzers was, as I recall, BCRockcrawler and Dagg, wiv sum 'elp frum many udd'rs...


    Summa th' great'st Geocachers in th' Werld be from VI, We's hencourage ye t' meet as many o' 'em as ye can...an' an hevent is wunna th' best ways t' do that!

    (O' course, now that we be'n so lucky as t' spend a year in the Birth City o' Cachin', followed by a Year in a city whar thar be 2 caches wivin 100 miles and startin' from scraytch, geocachers ev'ry whar be great folk)...ye've chosin' a great sport, Welcome t' th' werld o' chachin kahunajay, 'opes ye git t' do th' rest o' our still hactive caches out thar, an' MANY thanks to bcrockcrawler for keepin' them halive!!!


    (Insert Eye-Patch Emoticon Here) Keep yer sails 'igh an' move swiftly

    Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  4. What a nifty idear this be! While I gots a "somewhat flat bottom", I sadly canna rest me machine on yer stake, fer it's currently seated in Goose Bay, Labrador (along wiv Cap'n No Beard 'n' the Pi Rats) :D On be'alf o' the 'ole crew, permits me ta wish all you wun'rful loc'ls a happy Christmas, and most henjoy'ble year o'cachin' in 2004! All the best to ye's, the Wench :D

  5. Avast ye scurvy lan-lubb'rs...

    Th' Cap'n 'n crew be pullin' anchor soon an' be headin' fer

    N 53 19.0 x W 60 25.5 which be a looong way away frum 'ere...'n fact thar only be a cuppla cache's wivin day's drive, so it be hup t' th' Cap'n an' crew to hestablish th' harea wiv new caches....which broughts us t' thinkin...wunder if anywuns would like thar Sig hitems distributed ways out thar???

    So if'n ye would, let me knows an wiv enuf int'rst we'll set up a cache nearbys fer th' next few weeks han ye 'll be hable to drop of some of yer sig hitems in it, when we set up new caches out thar, we'll let ye know whar abouts they hended up!!


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    <Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  6. quote:
    Plan on dropping one in Goose Bay soon

    Good noos gp...Th' Cap'n be saylin in on th' twenteenynth o' this month fer a 3 year stay in th' Goose. I'll shirly be glad fer a cache t' start out on right aways, then I'll be populatin' th' harea fer anywun to 'unt.


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    <Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  7. Avast ye mateys...Th' Cap'n's gott news whats mites bring a teer t' yer glarss ey'...

    On th' Labour Day Weekend (and fer a signif'cant tyme tharhafter) Th' Cap'n an' crew be in Labrador...yes sum 3000 miles frum Newcastle. Heven th' cap'n cannay mayke up that distance in a weekend!!


    If'n ye wanna do th' hevent, I be glad to 'and o'er ownership o' las' yars page to start 'er up...jus' shout!


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    <Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  8. Avast ye scurvy East Coasters...

    Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats be plannin' a move to Goose Bay in the Late Sum'r, e'rly ottum...Be thar much goin' hon habouts thar...when I's did a search, were most dis'pointin'!


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    <Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  9. Avast ye mateys...'ere's a wierd sorta thing that 'appen'd this weekend...


    Th Crew an me be out doin' a l'il 8 cache Sa'urday an' Picks up a l'il Travel Bugger...Figaro what's been dropped in a local cache by a visitor from a few 'undred miles up stream from 'ere...

    Figaro's Site


    We gits 'ome, dutifully logs 'im an a short whiles later gits an hemail from Figgie's owner...Seem's he's b'en ou' tday too, an picks up a travel bugger 'isself, strange thing is, it's one I released almost a year ago, 'as been through 9 different cachers 'ands an' were sittin' in ACME, WA.

    Rusty's Page


    I've got 'is bugger, he's got myne! Same Day, 300 miles apart...Go Figg'r!


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    <Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  10. I agree that there is no function to tell when is too long, just that there are quite a few around here like:

    This one...


    Last found...March 17, 2002!


    Since an email to admin will bring the cache back online, it seems courteous to archive them if it's too long between going inactive and today!


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    <Insert Black Eye Emoticon Here>Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  11. In th' spirit o' Trash ou'...how 'bouts thems with "old" currently unavailable caches harchive them...it's 10% of the space on my nearest.

    You can re-activate an archived cache with an email, so it's not like you lose it forever, but really...if it's not reactivated within 3 months...ok 6 months.

    Maybe if the Trash is out, someone else will put a cache in!!


    Just my eighth of a doubloon worth!


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    ;) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  12. Avast ye scurvy Knaves...th' Cap'n Finnish'd hoff sum hevent Bump'r Styk'rs an' as enuf t' feed th' first 30 or so ve'icles whats shows hup...Now ye all c'n 'BRAKE FER WAYPOINTS'




    Keep yer sails 'igh, an' move swiftly,


    <insert black eye emoticon here> Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  13. Avast ye mateys...'ere be a story whats 'll brin' a tear t' yer glars heye...

    Many tydes ago, th' crew released a TB crewman...that be Winnie th' Poop Deck...'is goal were to meet up wi' th' Cap'n an' Crew in th' Land 'o Ports...

    Months go bye an' low an be'old thar be a cacher whats bringin' 'im 'ere...On Thurday th' 27th o' March at exac'ly 8 pm, Th' Cap'n be meetin' "metalmaster" at th' McMenamins 205 (Corner o' Washington an' Hwy 205)...Th' Cap'n be byin a pint fer th' fyne lad what's deliverin' th crewman...jest thot some odder wayward cachers might wantsta show up an makes it an mem'rubble git tagether...let us know if'n ye thinks ye can mayke i'!


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    :D Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  14. Ahoy ye scurvy lott...Dagg 'as sayd i'...

    Are ye up fer Newcastle 2003???


    Labor Day Weekend (notyce th' 'merican spellin' thar).


    Maybe th' 'ole weeken' this yar...even Daggette 'as succumbed to the seductive po'ers o' th' group cachin...agreein' t' 'ave 'er ann'versary wi' us all, 'n all, 'n all...


    So Friday ni' dinn'r an' camp...

    Saturday all day cachin' fun...

    Sunday repeat above...

    Monday breakfast an go....th' Cap'n mi' even be perswayded t' make breakkie on som'o th' days...


    PARTY TIME....




    But a funner tyme be 'ard t' fynd...


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    ;) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  15. Don'ney bel'eve a werd tha' belly crawlin' scurvy dogg say...th' folks up thar only too glad t' git ridda th' Cap'n an' crew...'e's jus' tryin' t' psych ye out...


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    ;) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  16. quote:




    It's supported CSV for a long time and S&T2003 support was added just a few weeks ago.


    Thank ye agin!!!

    Now we rock!


    An' then I read that th' l'il devil be a' i' agin...more improvements...ye better quit befer I owe ye a whole case o' beer!! Wait a min'te, I thin' I alr'dy do!


    Now one Li'l thing, don't ye think we should stop tellin' anybody else 'bout this...if i' becomes too popul'r...yer server may git o'erloaded!...

    Shhhh everyone...i' can be our li'l secr't!!


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    :D Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  17. It be th' Cap'n's crew whats visited th' zoo...lookin' fer a fine exotic dinner fer toosday eve'.

    Th' cloak be off...it be true...we're 'ere now, so watch out fer th' scoundr'ls...ye'll be seein' more o' em.


    Th' Sticker be from the hevent we 'elped ou' wi' last Septemb'r up in our oth'r neck o' wood.

    Th' Pira'ical Press done up an 'andful an' distribu'ed 'em as prizes on th' weekend.


    Timing be interestin' tha' ye point ou' whats we makes J...cause today I be sendin' some samlpl's up t' Jeremy in Seattle t' look a', as 'e's hinterested in hexpanding th' hofferin's on th' website.


    Keep yer sails 'igh, an' watch in yer mirror now...


    Capain No Beard, the Wench and the Pi Rats


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    ;) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  18. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    Just finsihed installing Plucker and using your GPXspinner site to create my Syncable html...

    Having used Mobi for a while with many frustrations....



    What a dream, you have done a FABULOUS job and the whole crew thanks you from the bottom o' their rotten li'l 'arts!!!


    Beautifully done...Most impressed...Blown away...Did I mention we like it??


    Now a little question for ye?

    Is it possible to use GPX files in Streets and Trips??

    There was a guy up in Canada making S&T files. Was extremely handy for viewing all the caches nearby on a standard map.



    Thanks ag'in,

    If'n yer nearby Beaverton or Nanaimo, BC...Let me know...Th' Cap'n owes ye a drink or four...




    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    :D Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  19. Glad to see tha' a simple threat of havin' t' tangle wi' th' swashbuckl'rs sabre had ye all runnin' fer cuver...

    Now, enuf o' this flamin' yadderin', get on wi' th' game so's I donna havsta threatin' t' come ups thar an' get ye's back in line agin!




    Try to...


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    :rolleyes: Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  20. Th' Cap'n goes away fer just a few monfhs an' all 'ell breaks loose...

    Mutiny, accuasations...folks swingin' frem th' yardarm...effigies aburnin'...

    Is th' Cap'n gonna 'ave t' come up an' sort ye lots out?! Ye doesna wanna tryfle wi' NB now does ye...


    Now TRY an Keep yer sail 'igh, an' move swiftly...


    Th' Cap'n, tW and th' Pi Rats


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    :rolleyes: Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

  21. Hey, I've been t' sev'ral events in Reno...Not big and glitzy, same meal deals, cheaper 'otels, and lots of nearer wilderness...lots of fun, cheap airfare from most of the east...easy to drive to from NorthWest and SouthWest, convention type space is MUCH!!!cHEAPER...worth thinkin' 'bout


    Keep yer sail 'igh, 'nd move swiftly,

    :) Captain No Beard and the Pi Rats

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