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  1. Well, what I was trying to do was move existing saved track logs from the unit's internal memory (of which there's little), to the MicroSD card where there's plenty. This would free up as much internal memory as possible.
  2. Have you actually loaded it yet to see if you can really transfer a previously saved track that's in the unit's internal memory , over to the data card? Ahhh, But check this out as of today with respect to Firmware 2.9 .
  3. But when you try to save a track log back to the unit, you have no option of whether you want to save it to the unit's internal memory or the data card. Looks like Garmin should fix this issue immediately via a software update, huh? Once you have converted a tracklog to a "Saved Log" it is stored in the 60Cx/CSx internal memory like they used to pre-microSD card. The original tracklog would still exist on the microSD and with the beta firmware v.2.71 you can transfer all tracklog data from the card to your PC and do anything you need to in MapSource. Now to get your saved track back onto the card, perhaps you can trick it by renaming it to follow the cards file naming convention such as "20060524.gpx" and copy/paste it onto the card when you are in the new USB mode (running v.2.71) on your 60x. Go to the main menu, and under Setup/Interface, there is the option for USB Device (or something like this. I don't have my Cx in hand). [Ed] I just thought to mention that when you have saved a tracklog it drops time, distance (I think) and elevation data; it compresses the active tracklog. So, I have to ask, why would you want to put a saved track on the card? You can't use it as a track thru the menu. It would simply be sitting on the mircoSD card for eventual downloading.
  4. Excuse my ignorance of this procedure, but is it possible, with the Garmin 60Cx & CSx, to transfer a saved track log from the units internal memory to the data card or does it have to be saved there initially? I haven't figured it out yet. Can someone tell me how if it's do-able?
  5. I have a Garmin 305 with heart monitor that I use for Nordic walking and it is a real sweetheart. It has the new SIRFstarIII processor and seems to pick up almost anywhere. The supplied software, Garmin Training Center, works flawlessly, opens automatically when the USB connection is plugged in, charges it's internal lithium ion battery by both a supplied AC adapter as well as the USB connection itself. If you don't need the heart monitor function, you can save a few bucks by getting the 205 instead. That's their only difference.
  6. Whatever the change Garmin has made concerning "lithium ion" or lithium cells, in its new firmware update v.2.70 for the 60CSx units, mine still won't operate properly with Eveready Lithium AA batteries. What happens in my unit is that the unit comes on to the welcome screen for a moment, then just slowly fades out and the unit goes off. What does this "improvement" actually mean?
  7. Hmmm... I didn't see the "ion" part when I checked, but then again, I only checked to make sure that my settings were still set to NiMH after updating. I just sent off an email to Garmin to see if they support using rechargable Li-Ion CR-V3 batteries in their units now... Hi, I don't know much about CR-V3 cells, but can you help me out with an answer to this:I have NiMH's with 2900 mAh. The highest CR-V3 I found at a web-shop has 1500 mAh. Wouldn't that mean that the GPS would only be online approx. 50% of the time than with my NiMH's, so e.g. only 10 hours instead of 20 ? If yes, what is the advantage of a Li-ION cell ? (My Ni-MH's work also very well in the cold). Thanks for any info, NZ Wow, where did you find 2900mAh NiMH batteries? the highest mAh I've heard of is 2650's!
  8. Has anyone noticed the description of one fix in Garmin's new version 2.70 firmware update as supposedly being: "Improve stability when using Lithium Ion Battery". When has anyone started making lithium ion AA's? I am familiar with the lithium AA's but never heard of a lithium ion AA.
  9. I'm starting to notice if I try to use lithium batteries in my Garmin 60 CSx, it comes on for a moment and starts to boot up, then the display just fades out and goes off as though the batteries were weak or dead. The first time it did this I thought I simply had old cells or ones that had died on the shelf, but when I checked them, they were putting out 1.78 v! I repeated this with 2 more sets of new lithium cells with the same results. The unit works fine on my rechargable NiMH cells that top off around 1.4 v. Are these cells just a little too hot for the unit and it is just bowing out rather than risk frying something inside?
  10. How long does it usually take Garmin to finalize their beta firmware versions. This current v2.62 beta for the 60CSx has been out there as a beta version now for almost a month now! Looks like they would be more prompt about getting the finished version available. Does this say they're really having some unforseen dificulties that they had not expected. I hear that many times there's many "little fixes" included within an update that Garmin doesn't even mention in the list of things that an update supposedly fix or correct. Does anyone have an inside track on this issue?
  11. I've used lithiums exclusively in my 60CSx since I got it a couple of months ago and never experienced any problem whatsoever. I do wish that Garmin would add a "lithium" choice in the battery type selection menu item if they truly give their blessing to using lithium cells in their 60 and 76 units. I keep hoping this might happen via a firmware update, along with the return of the alarm clock function and the "barometric pressure plotting with unit off" function, but it seems like they're never even going to finalize their Beta version 2.62, let alone make important corrections like these!
  12. An "unlock code" is a number supplied with the purchased Map Source software, not the GPSr unit. You will need the GPSr's serial # along with this unlock code supplied with the software in order to install detailed mapping to the GPS unit.
  13. I've been trying to see if my Garmin 60CSx suffers from the reported "failure to regain location after losing signal" syndrome by letting it locate outdoors and then covering its antenna with an inverted narrow stainless steel cup which extended about halfway down the display screen completly enclosing the antenna. To my surprise, I never could get it to drop signal by doing this! My understanding is that the radio waves upon which GPS operate have to hit the antenna via "line of sight" in order to triangulate properly, but in this case, doing this would have been seemingly impossible yet the unit retained signal level and position even several minutes (actually it never dropped as long as I tried to get it to). What's going on here and how can this happen?
  14. Just wondering how long it"ll be before Garmin's new v2.62 firmware update for the 60Cx & 60CSx will officially become a non-beta version? Has anyone heard anything concerning this?
  15. The new firmware udate provides these various lap times: last lap current lap total lap avg lap What else do you want? Counters for an infinite number of laps??? What I want to be able to do, is to simply go back and scroll thru individual lap times, lap by lap, after a timing event as you can do with any decent digital stopwatch. That should be a no-brainer in any "stopwatch"!
  16. But apparently Garmin is still side-stepping the issues that most users are concerned about such as: 1. No alarm function 2. No pressure plotting with the unit off 3. Not automatically regaining signal after a drop 4. "Wandering" position issue 5. No stopwatch memory for multiple laps
  17. Pretty straightforward actually. M.S gives you a choice when you click the "Save to Device" icon of where to send the data. On my machine, if I have the MIcro SD card in a slot or reader, it becomes one of those choices. Just select it and say go!
  18. I have noticed over many years of selling and using GPSr's that almost all unit's clocks become very inaccurate when the unit hasn't been allowed to locate and reset it's clock from the satelite data for some time. I have noticed this phenomen with several units that haven't been turned on for just a few days. When they're turned on somewhere where they can't receive GPS signals, such as deep inside a building, the time shown can be off by considerable amounts. Do GPSr's not have at least a cheap quartz clock chip that keeps fairly decent time with the unit turned off? I thought super accurate time was what GPS was centered around anyway?
  19. I guess this is a totally dumb question to the properly initiated, but I am seeing this term "GPSr" used constantly here in the forum. Why isn't a GPS unit simply called a GPS, what's this GPSr thing about anyway?
  20. Now after updating my 60CSx to version 2.60 and displaying the current firmware version on the GPS itself, I see a screen that says : Software Version 2.60/GPS SW Version 2.30 Maybe this happened before with 2.50 but I don't remember it. What's the deal with the "GPS SW 2.30" thing here? ( I've tried & tried to post the image of the screen here after capturing it with xImage but have yet to figure out the trick to it. It keeps asking me for a http://, not an image. I don't get it, why?)
  21. It's the fact that your position moves about erratically as seen in the map page when you're zoomed into the 20' or 30' screens even though the GPS unit remains perfectly stationary!
  22. Well, the alarm clock is minor. I'd liked to see them fix the "wandering" issue, pressure plotting with unit off, no icon or item for memory card, no lithium battery choice in menu, no improvement to stopwatch functions etc!
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