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  1. The outofgas is a bit harder...I'm stuck. found many items but now I'm lost.
  2. Ok I found the game. I guess you can download it. They had multiple series with this game. Hugo's House of Horrors! Try it, it's somewhat fun, although it does get old afterawhile. I also enjoyed this game from a show on adult swim called Habeas Dorkus. Have fun!
  3. Hey what a great idea. I loved those things. they got better...one that I used to play had graphics...what was it called...can't remember but you had to find penelope. Anyway, I played just for fun and got the coords and completed my rounds. Loved it.
  4. Yes...that's the one! Awesome! How can you hate it?!
  5. I was going on a little trip tomorrow, and was doing research on local caches around. While doing so, I stumbled on the google map link...I love it! I don't know if it's new or not, but it's very cool.
  6. I guess I just don't get it....It confuses me, I don't even know where to begin. Perhaps you have to know the area or something. I'm just glad that there isn't on like that around here.
  7. interesting......do you have a family?? and the bigger question is what time do you go to bed on fri.?
  8. well, since I'm sort of my own boss...ummm, I ride to work on my motorcycle, work half a day and then wish I could go caching, but my family needs me. haha otherwise, I would just wing it
  9. Thanks to everyone's suggestions...now, I have to think of a good cache to use some of the ideas!
  10. No that summer is comming around, I figure, I'll be out more! On my motorcycle!
  11. That's a great idea....wish I had thought of that....
  12. Anyway, this is what I do...I log a DNF on my first attempt. If I still can't find it on my 2nd, 3rd, etc. attempts I post a note. Until the favorable smiley can be posted.
  13. Wow, that was some post. Suffice it to say that I don't make it a habit to tell people how to play the game. Read a few threads and you'll see that this is true. Except, of course that you just did. I have no need or desire to justify anything to you. This is exactly why I don't log finds most of the time- aside from just not wanting to be bothered doing something again (I already signed the physical logbook), I just don't see the need. And then I end up having to deal with people like yourself who place themselves in a position to pass judgement on my behavior, as though you had that right- which you don't. It's also why I don't go to events. Maybe I'm just an iconoclast, but people who perceive rudeness in others because they don't follow their way of doing things really get my hackles up. If the cache owner is concerned about the state of their cache, they should hump out to it and check on it. If they want to see who's visited it, they should change out the log book and go home to read the old one with a glass of singlemalt. I reject categorically the notion that not logging online is rude. Online logs are a numbers game and cache owners can delete them at will- they're absolutely meaningless. I stand by the way I do things. I seek carefully, I CITO, I don't damage the environment or the cache, I trade up (sometimes I trade WAY up, because I love to leave stuff that people enjoy finding), and I play the game in all respects as it should be played. A cache is a container and a logbook at a minimum, and I don't have to do anything other than visit the container and sign the logbook in order to satisfy the "rules" of the "game". The online logs are a useful tool, but it gets my back up when people start attaching some sort of expected behavior based on their own patterns of play and thought and then have the audacity- the outright arrogance- to claim other people are being rude for not following said "rules". Tell you what. Just to be consistent, from now on, I won't log anything online at all. If I think a cache is gone, muggled, damaged or destroyed, I'll email the cache owner. And no, I don't need to explain my reasoning in such matters to you or anyone else. To those who think I'm overreacting or just being rude, you have to understand something about me. I'm a FIERCELY independent person. I don't react well to being told what to do. I react even more poorly to condescending pronouncements based on nothing more than some sort of groupthink. One way to get me hacked off really quickly is to imply that I'm somehow lacking in some way because I don't share your precepts. As far as I'm concerned, if you hide a cache, I'll try to find it. But you have no right to expect that I'll do anything more than that. It's not impolite to follow the rules of the game and seek the cache, take something, leave something and sign the logbook. It's also not impolite to seek the cache, fail to find it and move on to another one. Simple courtesy means that I'll let you know if it looks like the cache is really gone or something. But that's it. The implied contract doesn't go any further than that. If I ever hide a cache that got zero finds online, but a hundred in the physical log, I'd consider that a successful and popular cache. But the very last thing I'd do was hide a cache just to see blobs of text on a web site- frankly, that's just silly and my opinion is that if you're hiding a cache to get the online logs, you're hiding it for the wrong reason. You're entitled to your opinion on the matter, but I'm entitled to mine as well. Holy smokes! Just think of all the online logs you could have done in the time you took to write that!
  14. Thanks! I wasn't sure when or if the cacher was going to log the TB at all, that's why I went ahead and logged it. Now, hopefully, everything will be good. I felt a little bad that this happened...oh well
  15. So, I logged a TB and a fellow cacher didn't have enough time to log it that the TB was at the cache that I got the TB from. Is there any way that they can now log it even after I logged it as "grabbed it"? Advise would be appreciated!
  16. You gotta tell me how to solve that puzzle? It confuses me still. I live in FL, so you can give me a big hint, since I probably won't be up in your area.
  17. So I have some ideas for a nano container, but I don't know how in the world to make a log small enough to fit , yet big enough for people to sign . I put together some logs, but they just seemed so so. I figured I would ask here to get some advise, suggestions, past experience, etc.... I might have to just use them to hold coords.
  18. I would also suggest "practicing" at home. This can be done by setting up an object and marking it on your gps. and then walk away 50-100 feet and try to go back to the object using your gps. This well help in getting to know your gps better and how it works.
  19. First of all, I don't even know if this is allowed. Second, I don't know how well it would work. You find a place that can support multiple "cache sites". Perhaps 10 or maybe less. Then you have a general cache that you post online. The FTF goes to the general site which contains a log and the "traveling cache". There's also a "cheat sheet" which has all the locations and the corresponding coordinates. They then log the cache and take the "traveling cache" to a predestinated spot of their choice, and writes down which spot it's at. Then opens the "traveling cache" and reads the instructions of where the cache location is that they want to place it at. And hides it, again in a predestinated spot. The next cacher goes to the general cache and looks at the last log. Which says (John Doe - Cache 3). The cacher looks up the cache on the "cheat sheet" and goes to find it. Once found, they get to choose where it's next hiding spot is. And then goes back to the "general site" and writes down which cache site it's at. You can set up different difficulties. It will take time, but it sounds fun. What do you think? Confusing?
  20. Oh yeah! I'm a hardwood floor craftsman....
  21. Will I be seeing some GOOD swag in some of my local caches soon?
  22. Thanks to everyone's reply. I did email the owner and she was cool about it...in fact happy, because I was the first to log in almost a year I guess. I was curious to see what other people thought about it...and what better way than the forums!
  23. So, I found my first mystery cache(GCHA43). I couldn't find one of the many spots to get the full coordinates. I think it's missing, but unsure. But, it could only be in a general area, so that's where I searched. I was able to locate it fairly quickly. So, my question is this: Do you think that it's ok to log a cache, even though you couldn't find all the points that you where suppost to find? I mean, I found all but one.
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