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  1. I use streets and trips 2006 or Delorme 2005 on my carputer, but since that's not your question... - Google Earth, Google Maps, and Mapquest. All free. earth.google.com , map.google.com , www.mapquest.com respectively. To find the page on mapquest that takes coordinates, go here: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/latlong.adp Hope that answers your question!
  2. [sigh...] Note to self, hurry up and publish all controlled sites with the anti-firefox code.
  3. I parse and redirect my own cell stuff, most especially new listings for FTF. So I'd prefer it NOT happen as it gives me an advantage. My #1 priority would also be routing. But I'm deep into working on my own right now anywya. . .
  4. Kinda simple when the tracks have been out of service for 30 years or so. . .
  5. Because there is no box to check on Pocket Queries for "Don't show caches that I've found but haven't logged." But there is with GSAK...
  6. <personal attacks removed by moderator>
  7. Point 1) Any moron can contribute to a Wiki. YOU could contribute to a wiki! You could make up any definition you wanted to - and clearly frequently do. Wiki's are rarely definitive. When a more definitive source exists (such as the actual log of the original invention), the Wiki needs to be updated. I respectfully suggest you not be the one to do so... Point 2) the definition of "incising" is to engrave or cut into, such as a stream or chisel. ROFL! See - I told you that no spell checker could do anything with it. Please now tell us how exactly you weren't doing a lot of engraving? Point 3) This is like having a battle of wits with an unarmed person... Poing 4) Weeding showers. ROFLMAO@HamsterNotInModRole
  8. In Internet terminology, a troll is someone who comes into an established community such as an online discussion forum, and posts inflammatory, rude or offensive messages designed to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion..... #1 what you did on the CCC thread was trolling. #2 As I have mentioned other then my intiseing I have been very nice and haven't done a whole lot that i or a couple of my friends that lurck to read it would call trolling... and like I said you keep feeding that also would make it apear that you're a troll.... read any other of my replies or threads and then try to call me a troll..... 1) Nice modified definition. The definitive definition is at alt.folklore.usenet - which existed long before "The Internet" and is where it originated. 2) I had been a member for months prior to that post. I have an equal right to comment on an illegal hide as any other paid member. So shove it. 4) You repetedly tried to convince scavok and myself to go at it further. Classic trolling. 5) You are inarticulate and can not maintain focus on a position for more than a few minutes. 6) What the flock is an "intiseing"?!?! Get a dictionary. There isn't a spellchecker on the planet that could make sense of that. . . [edited to add: HamsterMod - I want points for not carving her. You and I have bumped heads on the mod thing once, so I just want it clear that in my opinion, I'm being wicked-nice with her... ]
  9. Ok, let me clarify a couple things: Clarification 1: you're supporting masking of found-count. I'm countering with "don't log your finds if you don't want anyone looking at the found count. Clarification 2: yeah, well I think she's a booboohead. But that doesn't change the first point, now, does it? [edit to fix nested quote issues]
  10. I'm sure that some of us hunt caches in a Centurion Tank. I suggest that everyone that hunts caches in a Centurion Tank have their numbers masked. If you really want your numbers masked, how about you just don't log them? That will leave the game the same for everyone that likes it that way AND give you the thing you're looking for!
  11. Enough for what? To move the heap out of the way of cars with real horsepower-to-weight ratios, or enough to roll it up a small embankment and off the cliff-face onto the rocks below? "enough" indeed. An answer like that is invariably a shield for marketing to hide behind when their product is clearly inferior in the regard in which the question is asked... Well at least enough to beat the Luftwaffe. Grant you that. They had a different sort of "marketing" though.
  12. Most frequently, the troll is the thread starter. They need to create controversy when they can't find it already running. You found it already running, it was looking to die down, so you created a new thread for it. Scavok's and my participation was clearly "feeding the troll". You definition of trolling has only mild relation in context to The Internet (specifically, Usenet) definition of a troll and/or trolling in general. Nice try, though.
  13. Enough for what? To move the heap out of the way of cars with real horsepower-to-weight ratios, or enough to roll it up a small embankment and off the cliff-face onto the rocks below? "enough" indeed. An answer like that is invariably a shield for marketing to hide behind when their product is clearly inferior in the regard in which the question is asked...
  14. I'm afraid you don't know what a "troll" is as/per alt-dot folklore(usenet). It's a person who makes inflammatory and hostile comments designed to get people to respond to them. You and Cotati are the two prime examples I've seen. In fact, you even admit to trolling on numerous occasions. Alas, your vocabulary just isn't sufficient to call it for what it is. Now, in response to "sticking my nose in" - it is further evident that you don't understand the concept of "discussion" or "forum". Wildly unsurprising given your atrocious spelling, construction, and grammar.
  15. You could just ROT13 the data in the photo, and if you want to see the photo, you have to do the rotation and reassemble the jpeg in a hex editor. That'd be consistant.
  16. Yes. The regulator in any modern major-brand GPS that takes AA batteries can use NiMH. The exception would be the Magellans that use their own battery design and not AA.
  17. You know, that gives me an idea. You don't need an excavator that big, but you would need one. What you do is bury a potato gun with a spud er... cache in it. Then you drop lighter fluid down the cache and to retrieve the cache you drop a match down and duck. When the cache falls back to earth you catch it sign the log and drop it back down the hole. Maybe you do need an excavator that bid, you would need a manhole to access the rear of the spud gun to add the fluid and light it correctly. This has potential. Why not a fill-tube and igniter tube? Fill, cap off, ignite. Not so much a traditional excavator, a small posthole digger would do the job.
  18. Having read the prior recovery descriptions, yeah, sounds like it was necessary. "AND IT APPEARS THAT THE DISK HAS BEEN VANDALIZED IN THE PAST. SEVERAL UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPTS HAVE BEEN MADE TO PRY THE DISK OUT, BUT IT IS STILL INTACT." Seems to me they probably didn't want any "successful attempts to pry the disk out", no?
  19. The arrow always points at the waypoint - ie. where you're trying to end-up. You never have to "align the unit" - that's what the government spent billions of dollars to do for you. The unit will always give you a heading to the waypoint. It goes hand-in-hand with the arrow. When you stop, all it gives you is the heading. You can try using a compass to match that heading, but in truth, just keep moving the direction the arrow was pointing in...
  20. [edit] There's a troll that doesn't need feeding. Big and ugly enough already.
  21. When I'm done with the 72,000lb excavator, I could bring it down so you could use it to move the Tide-E-Bowl. We'd probably get a discount on the weekly rental rate. Or, you could use it to bury Team Misguided, the hider of the other cache, or anyone you didn't like...
  22. Wouldn't be hard, if it wasn't for the fact he has passed away... I'm feeling magnanimous today, wanda, so here's a nice big bowl for you! And here's a link to a dictionary: http://www.m-w.com so you can look up "magnanimous". Oh, and btw: Google toolbar has a really nice spell-checker. But http://www.spellcheck.net isn't bad either.
  23. Yes but if your ever vigilant reviewer noticed that your cache had moved to the spot previously denied that would be a violation of the listing guidelines and can lead to your cache being archived. Not to mention having your head smashed in and your heart cut out, your liver removed and your bowels unplugged and your nostrils raped and your bottom burned off and your pen.........
  24. Actually, I just didn't have room for it in my driveway at home. So I was just going to park it overnight on public land. If they wanna, they could have it towed away, I'd understand! (BWAHAHAHAHA! That'd be funny to watch!) Anyway, I had NO IDEA someone would actually dig a 27' deep 36' wide hole with a 33 metric ton excavator! That wasn't my intent at ALL! I was just parking it overnight! I wasn't even aware that a 72,700lb excavator was used to dig holes! I'm just a girl! TeeHee! But, since that hole is there now and all, might as well put a cache in it!
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