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  1. This almost sounds like the mailbox caches that started in Canada, but instead of postcards pictures.... Dont know for sure, still trying to figure it all out...
  2. Ken Carly and webster intersection is in the 80123 Zip code Go to hide and seek a cache on your opening page and type in that zip... A lot of caches around there 127 caches listed within 5 miles of that intersection
  3. Ken Carly and webster intersection is in the 80123 Zip code Go to hide and seek a cache on your opening page and type in that zip... A lot of caches around there
  4. On a good caching day, Bloody Marys work fine replenish body with vitamins and minerals from the tomato juice and salt also..... On a no caching day nitcap is a couple beers On a DNF day its Jack and Coke
  5. Usually not much blood in my alcohol system. But I start the day with 2 pots coffee then switch to Pepsi untill evening.
  6. If I remeber seeing on an old forum, possible UK Thread... They had top ten geocaching songs..... Will try to find the link try this Top 50 not 10 hehehehe
  7. Being how DIA owns so much land the closet I could find which seems like a far walk for a short layover is Here Or do a search for zip code 80249..... Maybe someone else can find a closer one...
  8. Had thought about a front yard cache, but there was listed till a few minutes ago, a cache 467 feet from me. But in last few minutes it was archived(it was also a front yard cache). So maybe I will put a small micro out on flower garden bench next to street
  9. Is there a way to start trackable coins and TBs from your home coords instead of going back to nearest cache to log them.? Trying to get actually mileage on them and not clutter someones cache log book. Thanks in advance
  10. Mike go here Geocaching Colorado You should be able to get help there
  11. When you have to drive 35 miles in a rural area to a walmart and try to figure how and where to hide 350 caches on the drive...(1/10 rule you know) You dream about hiding caches and wake up in the morning and cant find them so you just realized you got your first DNF
  12. Recieved my Colorado 2006 coins today....
  13. Great way to start the day.... Went to PO early...Picked up pins and admiring them over my first cup of coffee. I can see a lot of hard work and many hours of planning for this coin and for The new Geocaching Colorado web site is adding to the geo caching community... Thanks guys, Dave and Lil from Team_Talisman Oh now to figure out which goes where hehehehe Hum maybe have one encased in hard plastic and wear on chain when geocaching, and if I meet other caches on my hunt they can "discover" it... Don't know if that is a right thing to do or not.....
  14. I always carry an extra log book with me double sealed in two zip logs bags.... I sign the book and leave it in the cache for others to sign...
  15. This is the line that has me wondering,::: Does he mean I log a find the first time I find it: But can't log a note saying I dropped of a new Colorado Geo coin....at a later date confuzzled
  16. Line 2 seems to be outa place with line 3 would like a better explaination of your request
  17. I was traying to see why people were reporting no travel bugs in a cache that has 2 listed.. So when going through old online logs I stumbled across this "I am using this note to do a "Virtual" drop of a Travel Bug ( BarLazyM Travel Bug 2 -- TBKJZV ) that needs attention by its owner. It is not really here.... He will soon do a "Virtual" retrieve." Does someone want to explain. Thanks in advance
  18. I have heard of people cutting the number off from regular dog tag and placing it in small micro, but never have seen one ... and I don,t know if GC likes that....
  19. I hear they like to eat frogs hummmm Hide the CheshireFrog hehehe
  20. Most I log as DNFs, but sometimes I get to an area and see that due to 5 miles of snow drifts it should have a DNL (did Not Look) ... but I usually post a note for these
  21. Hrry neiter one of those Jims are close to where this one is... I have about 10 days off before knee surgery so will go check it out while I can and get image and such for this forum... Thanks Guys, for all the suggestions....Most benchmarks I have on list to find is on state property and not private...
  22. Maybe, this has been answered somewhere else that I could not find... When you find a witness marker, Is it right to dig in the dirt to actually find marker??? 2nd Question would be a marked with the description JIM on it was found and no JIM marker on GCs list for colorado... By using co ordinates on gps the GC search came up with a benchmark number fitting the description... How do we find out if JIM is right or the GC number is right for this benchmark....
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